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On The Road Again

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Summary: Buffy Trigun crossover. Vash's brother is dead. Vash of course blames himself despite the fact his brother was psycho. During this, he trips and rolls through a portal. For some reason, another chap came to mind, despite this being completed.

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“Come on; don’t tell me you didn’t know you have to have a permit for a weapon. Even I have to conceal mine when a police officer roams by. Saves me the trouble of having to spend hours explaining.”

They were walking through the main part of town, on their way to the Magic Box where Giles was staying late. Vash was giving it a serious look. He’d seen towns before, but this was well built. He was also staring at the restaurants.

“You did catch my question about what planet we’re on didn’t you?” Vash asked as he finally concentrated fully on the conversation.

“Hah, you look too human to be an alien, and I don’t feel any vibes coming from you so if you are a demon, you’re not planning on attacking right this second, and I’d rather have you around so I can ask questions. Though I must admit, you’re running around and dodging almost seemed as if it were planned. If so, you were pretty fast. Why were you yelling though?”

“I’m pretty much tired of being called on to save the day all the time; every time… maybe if I yelled enough they’d just go home.” Vash smiled sadly and slightly humorously, and then stared ahead toward a store with a sign above it ‘Magic Box’.

Finally reaching the Magic Box, Buffy opened the door and walked in. Vash followed.

“And what exactly have you been called on to do, saving the day I mean?” Buffy asked, as Giles came down the steps from the restricted book section. “Hi Giles. Got an enigma for you. This idiot...” she said smiling.

“HEY!” said Vash in mock indignation.

“Tumbled out of nowhere, I’m thinking a portal, and rolled right into a vampire. Shoving him into my stake. I decided that despite the gun, he wasn’t dangerous for me, thought we’d walk back here. And some baddies attacked. He might be an idiot, but he’s faster than normal, and can hold himself in a fight, though…” she said, then looked toward the person in question with irritation in her eyes “I did tell you to use a piece of wood. It’s somewhat more effective than what you were doing. Firing a gun, what if you missed?”

“I’m a better shot than you think; you DID say that decapitation or a stake thru the heart killed them. Well, that branch I kicked the one into worked well, and I tore enough flesh out of the second one’s neck with the bullets to remove his head with my foot. You’re right though…” he presses on his right boot, and a blade pops out “I should’ve used the knife after shooting. I would’ve had a better chance.”

“I’m sure this is an interesting discussion, but I do need to speak to Buffy. My name is Giles by the way. You are?” He asked while debating in his head whether or not to snap someone’s head off. He’d just got finished reading a prophecy, and wanted to talk to Buffy about it.

“Vash, at your service.” He said as he took in his surroundings. “What do you sell here anyway? Do you have any food?”

Sighing in exasperation, Giles shoved a pamphlet with a short description of the store at him and said, “If you have questions, please wait for about fifteen minutes while I talk to Buffy. As for the food, there’s a refrigerator. You might as well eat my sandwich that’s there, since I’m not going to have time for it. Do not touch any of the books upstairs, and don’t try anything in the books down here until you consult with me first.” He and Buffy walked away.

”What about the portal he came through?”

“We don’t have time right now.”

”But he said he’s from another planet, I don’t know if I should believe him or not, but that ‘appearing out of thin air’ thing was a shocker” Buffy said as she and Giles walk to the back room.

Vash found the refrigerator, and pulled out the sandwich, as well as a bottle of water. Then sat and ate, pondering what had happened. The last thing he’d remembered, he had buried his brother, and started walking. About ten miles away, or more, he tripped and rolled through something that Buffy called a portal. Onto what looked to be earth. Even though he’d never been here in his life, and it looked way different from what had been described to him. Mainly, because it had been described as running out of space and raw materials for fuel etc… This place looked to have plenty of room, city, or no city. He could be wrong, but he didn’t think that earth had sent any seed ships out yet. As for how long it’d be before that happened, who knew.

“Only two possibilities”, he thought. Then he dropped the bottle, and half the water into his lap and frantically tried to grab it and wipe his lap with the paper towels that were nearby at the same time. In the process, he almost knocked his sandwich ten different ways across the counter. “1) This is another dimension; 2) This is the past.” Either was possible, since no one seemed to think that there was a possibility of him visiting from a human colonized world. Maybe if he’d explained that to Buffy… Vash decided to go see, after eating of course. “Food is definitely important,” he thought to himself, and proceeded to devour the rest of his dinner.
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