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On The Road Again

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Summary: Buffy Trigun crossover. Vash's brother is dead. Vash of course blames himself despite the fact his brother was psycho. During this, he trips and rolls through a portal. For some reason, another chap came to mind, despite this being completed.

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On The Road Again

I do not own Buffy or Trigun. Wish I did.

Vash stood at his brother’s grave. “I tried to take care of you.” Then he placed a desert flower on the mound. “I forgave you the instant we started the fight.”

He walked away, not caring about the direction.

As Vash continued walking through the desert, he tripped over a stone, and fell through what looked like a dust storm. As he yelled and rolled head over heels, he didn’t notice the guy whose face was bulging, and two sharp pointy teeth sticking out. He also didn’t see a blonde female with a pointy stick in her hand trying to stick it in the creature. If he had, the sight of it turning to dust as it was shoved into the stick would’ve been a shock.

Vash got up, dusting himself off as he did, wondering where the dirt had come from. Then looked at the girl.

“Hi.” Vash yelled.

“Ah, thanks… but I had it handled.” said the blonde, known as Buffy.

“Had what handled?” he said with a look of puzzlement on his face.

“The vampire, duh.”

“What’s a vampire? Did he run off?” Vash started looking around, finally noticing that he wasn’t in a desert.

“No, it’s an evil creature; you put it back to the grave. Don’t you know anything? And what’s with the gun at your side anyway?”

“I killed someone again?” He started to get teary eyed.

“It was already dead, you idiot. Just a demon possessed corpse with superhuman strength and a thirst for blood and terrorizing. Now, are you going to stand and talk all night, or am I going to take you home?”

“My home is the road, taking peace and love to all the people of the land.” Vash said while making a V with two fingers.

“Whatever, lets just go see Giles. Maybe we’ll find out you’re a demon or something, and I can put you out of my misery.”

“So,” Vash said. “Where are we? Care to tell me what a vampire is? And the most important question, got anything to eat?”

“You’re in Sunnydale, California, known to some as the mouth of hell. Vampires are a form of demon. Minor compared to most. This is Giles’ area to explain, so do you mind if we cut the Q and A down? As for something to eat, I’m sure there’s something where he is.” Buffy started walking faster, with Vash keeping up easily. “By the way, my name’s Buffy. What’s yours?”

“I’m Vash. Some call me the Stampede… others call me a disaster… I just want to live my life, without hurting anyone. One more question, then I’ll stop the Q and A as you called it. What planet is this?” he said with a look of perplexity on his face. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much green…”

“Planet? What are you talking about?”

“This wouldn’t happen to be Earth would it?” Vash asked. “I’ve never seen it. I’ve always wanted to.” at which point, about ten vampires, jumped out.

“Stay behind me!” yelled Buffy, taking out her stake. “And grab a branch or something in case they get past me. The only way you can kill one is with a stake thru the heart, or decapitation of the head. And since you’re a stranger here...” as she threw a vamp into a wall, and stabbed another one, dusting him “They do not negotiate, and I repeat, they’re already dead. So drop the, ‘I can’t kill’ thing. Anyone in a room with them is dead if they don’t act fast.” She said while roundhouse kicking three vampires, and throwing her second stake through a fourth.

Vash meanwhile, had gotten separated, and was dodging punches and kicks, and growls by three confused vampires.

“Can’t you hit him?” said one, who had just thrown a punch and hit one of the other two instead due to Vash’s dodging.

“He’s moving too fast, you hit him!”

“Can’t I relax for one day?” Vash yelled while ducking and dodging. Finally one vampire, attempting to grab one of Vash’s arms, got flipped as Vash stumbled over a bench and rolled, kicking out with both of his feet, causing it to fly straight into a tree and impale himself on a branch. Vash then drew his gun, and with six quick shots removed enough flesh from the second vampire’s neck to finish it off with a kick, sending the head flying and predictably, the vampire to dust. The third turned and ran straight into Buffy’s stake.

Buffy meanwhile, in a whirlwind of kicks and stake strikes had killed her opponents, then turned around and watched the fiasco. “No offense” she said after dusting his final opponent, “But we’d better move, firing a gun without a permit in the city limits is against the law. Even in this town, where a gun might come in handy in holding a ‘baddy’ off.”

(A stampede will roll through, to save the world from an evil that will enslave everything.)
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