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Michelle Who?

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Summary: Dawn and Kit get back from a movie and have a lovers quarrel. Sequel to "Study Date" (Dawn/Kit) [Femslash]

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Dawn/Kit(Past Donor)DanKnightFR1511,476221,48529 Aug 0429 Aug 04Yes
Title: Michelle Who?

Author: DanKnight (

Rating: PG or possibly PG-13. (teenage girls making out is about as sexual as it gets)

Pairing: Dawn/Kit

Spoilers: Minor general season 7 Buffy spoilers, possibly some minor spoilers for the movie Eurotrip.

Genre: Unconventional, Slash, AU

Feedback: Are you kidding? Of course I want feedback. Good, bad, indifferent, bring it on!

Synopsis: Dawn and Kit get back from a movie and have a lovers quarrel.

Distribution: Any of the list I post this story on obviously can post it on their archives if they want. Other then that I would appreciate if anyone asked first. Not because I am picky about who shows it, but I would like to actually see where it is going.

Authors Note: Beta read by Electronis Zappa. This is the third story in my Dawn/Kit series but like the other two it can be read separately. This is an AU fic, set in a world where the first was defeated without Sunnydale turning into a giant crater.

Disclaimer: Dawn, Kit, Buffy, Willow, etc. do not belong to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and some other people and companies that aren’t me. This story was made for the entertainment of fellow Buffy fans and I assure you I am not making a dime off of this story. So please don’t sue me. I am a good boy, really. I am also in no way affiliated with the movie Eurotrip, anyone involved in the making or releasing of that movie, nor am I am any way affiliated with Michelle Tracktenberg.


“Oh come on Dawn you can’t really be mad about this?” Kit asked as she and her girlfriend exited her car. They had just gotten back from seeing “Eurotrip”, which Kit had been saying she wanted to see forever. Dawn hadn’t seen anything about it before watching it, but once they were watching the movie it became annoyingly clear why Kit wanted to see it.

“About what?” Dawn said, annoyed, “The fact you were drooling every time that girl got on the screen. What is her name anyway, Michelle Tracker or something?” The brunette asked.

“Michelle Trachtenberg.” Kit corrected.

“Have it right on the tip of you’re tongue don’t you?” Dawn asked as the two girls get to the doorstep.

“This is ridiculous.” The goth teen said rolling her eyes.

“What? That we went on a date and you spent the time drooling over some slut on the screen?” Dawn inquired, still not giving it up.

“I did not drool over some slut.” Kit said protesting.

“Oh please, she started to take off that bikini and I could hear you gasping. And you paid REAL close attention whenever she was on screen.” Dawn said, enunciating her point.

“Oh come on. You’re being a big nerd.” Kit said starting to grow weary. It was like Dawn thought she was supposed to find everyone on the planet besides her repulsive. She was such a drama queen sometimes.

“Oh I am a nerd huh?” Dawn shouted dramatically, getting even more annoyed than before, “Well maybe you should talk to Michelle Trackerbing. I bet she is real cool.”

Dawn then started to walk away before Kit grabbed her, “Oh don’t storm off mad at me.” Kit said as she held Dawn’s arm and then after a minute of silence started caressing it. Dawn noticeably shivered as she did, “Come on Dawnie. You don’t really want to argue over this do you?” Kit asked seductively as she leaned in close. She then tilted her head as she started to kiss her girlfriend. Dawn closed her eyes and Kit’s lips came within an inch of hers. Then Dawn suddenly shot back and removed her arm from Kit’s grasp.

“Yes, I do.” Dawn said.

“What?” Kit asked amazed. “Dawn come on.” The teen was starting to get a little annoyed. There was a part of her that felt a little bad for making Dawn feel insecure, but it was checking out a girl in a movie. It wasn’t like they didn’t spend the whole movie trying to invoke that reaction from the people watching.

“Well you go on and on about wanting to see this movie, which by the way I now know why.” Dawn started what Kit knew would be an irrational explanation, “So I pay to take us to the movie. You know, because I have a job and you don’t.”

“Hey!” Kit snapped. That was a low blow.

“Then you spend it holding my hand while lusting over Michelle Trachkenberry. Or whoever the hell she is. What kind of a last name is that anyway.” Dawn said getting all huffed up, “It’s stupid.”

“Dawn…” Kit said as she walked over and then slowly pulled in Dawn by the waist. Her girlfriend got a grumpy look on her face but didn’t resist. “I wanted to go so I could spend some time with you for a chance. I mean, since you got all into the debate club thing I never see you anymore. You’re the only hottie I want to be around.” Kid said as she pulled in and Dawn started to loosen up. “and besides she looks just like you.”

With that Dawn tensed back up. Kit cursed, she said one thing too many. Now they were going to argue about it some more. “She does not.” Dawn said appalled at such an accusation.

“Oh come on, she looks just like you.” Kit said, “Well, except she is a little older than you.” Remarking on how Michelle Trachtenberg was 18 and Dawn still had a year to go before that.

“If she looks just like me then why weren’t you drooling over me?” Dawn stopped and before Kit could answer Dawn suddenly jumped, “AHA! I get it, you like her because I won’t sex it up like that for you?” Dawn asked.

“Sex it up?” Kit asked confused. “Since when do I not think you’re sexy?”

“Well I don’t wear some gold slinky things that show off my breasts. That what you want, me to dress like a slut?” Dawn asked.

“No! Dawn come on. It’s a stupid actress. I can’t believe you are so jealous over this. It isn’t like you weren’t gawking too.” Kit said.

“What?” Dawn asked aghast, “I so was not gawking at her.”

“Oh please.” Kit said annoyed not that Dawn looked too but that she still believed Kit didn’t know when she was lieing. It wasn’t like Dawn was good at it to begin with, “I saw the way your eyes were bugging out whenever she showed off that tight little ass of hers.”

“I…” Dawn answered as she avoided looking at Kit now. Kit smiled, she was totally busted, “No I wasn’t.” Dawn lied, unconvincingly.

“Don’t lie to me Dawn.” Kit said, enjoying that Dawn was finally the one on the defensive, “I know for a fact you are an ass woman.” Kit said. Remarking on the fact Dawn was totally into Kit’s own ass, which was no secret to either of them.

“And I don’t get all pissy whenever you start drooling over Jolene Blalock.” Kit said.

“Who?” Dawn asked looking confused.

“That Vulcan girl on Enterprise.” Kit explained rolling her eyes. “Gee, you don’t even bother to know the names of the celebrities you gawk at.”

“Well that’s different.” Dawn said, weakly defending herself.

“How is it different?” Kit said crossing her arms and waiting. She had to admit that while she could care less that Dawn occasionally looked twice at some girl on TV it was fun watching the tides turn.

“Because I…” Dawn started to explain and then trailed of, “I mean when…” Dawn tried again as Kit stood there waiting to hear Dawn’s explanation.

Kit couldn’t help it and started giggling. Dawn looked upset for a minute but then eventually let out a chuckle herself. “I am being a dork aren’t I.” Dawn said, a little embarrassed at her over reacting.

“Yeah.” Kit said as she grabbed Dawn’s hand and pulled her towards her, “But you’re a hottie of a dork. And you’re cute when you’re jealous.”

“Yeah I was being stupid.” Dawn finally admitted, “Sorry.”

“Well I’ll forgive you just this once.” Kit said as she then leaned in and gently kissed Dawn. “But be glad you are cute.”

“Cuter then Michelle Trackenburger?” Dawn asked, her eyes showing that she was clearly joking this time.

”Much.” Kit said smiling. “And I love the way you dress by the way.” She finished not minding soothing Dawn’s ego now that she was behaving rationally. Kit was rewarded by a much more sensual kiss than before.

“I really do need to get inside though. Willow and Buffy will worry if I am too late.” Dawn said not wanting to leave Kit’s embrace now that they had made up.

“I know. You sure you don’t want to go back to my place, have hot hot, sweaty sex, and then just get in trouble?” Kit asked only half joking. It wasn’t the first time that night she had made that offer.

“Kit!” Dawn said exasperated but clearly not at all upset.

“Just asking.” Kid smiled. She then reluctantly let Dawn go.

The two had one last kiss and then Dawn very reluctantly turned to walk away. As she did Kit watched and then noticed the way Dawn was walking. More specifically the way she was swaying her hips to show off her firm ass which was doing wonderful things to those jeans. Kit was sure her jaw had dropped at the sight too. Dawn then turned around as she opened the door.

“See…” Dawn said as she smiled mischievously, “I can flaunt my own tight little ass when I want to.” Dawn then winked and closed the door. Leaving a very flustered Kit.

“That was so mean.” Kit thought, although the truth was she liked Dawn’s teasing. Dawn was such a good girl most of the time the goth went crazy whenever hints of that bad girl trying to get out shone through. And she was going to be thinking about how hot it was tonight, as she went home for a very long cold shower. Very long, and very cold as visions of Dawn danced through her head, and maybe… just one or two images of Michelle Trachtenberg.

The End

You have reached the end of "Michelle Who?". This story is complete.

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