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The Walk Home

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Summary: Dawn and Kit find some danger and a new dimension to their relationship during a walk home. (Dawn/Kit) [Femslash]

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Dawn/Kit(Past Donor)DanKnightFR1512,573211,33429 Aug 0429 Aug 04Yes
Title: The Walk Home

Author: DanKnight (

Rating: PG or possibly PG-13. (teenage girls making out is about as sexual as it gets, and some minor violence)

Pairing: Dawn/Kit

Spoilers: Minor spoilers for the Buffy season 7 episode "Lessons"

Genre: Unconventional, Slash, Action-Adventure

Archive: ask first, but I am sure I will say yes

Feedback: Are you kidding? Of course I want feedback. Good, bad, indifferent, bring it on!

Synopsis: Dawn and Kit find some danger and a new dimension to their relationship during a walk home.

Distribution: Any of the list I post this story on obviously can post it on their archives if they want. Other then that I would appreciate if anyone asked first. Not because I am picky about who shows it, but I would like to actually see where it is going.

Authors Note: Beta read by Electronis Zappa and Misty. Thanks guys.

Disclaimer: Dawn, Kit, Carlos, Willow, Buffy, etc. do not belong to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and some other people and companies that aren’t me. This story was made for the entertainment of fellow Buffy fans and I assure you I am not making a dime off of this story. So please don’t sue me. I am a good boy, really.


"Carlos? Oh my god Kit! You like Carlos?" Dawn said, unable to hide the excitement in her voice at this new bit of information. "Does he know? Have you told him?"

"I didn't say I liked him Dawn." Kit replied frustrated. She was starting to regret Dawn offering to walk her home after detention. Dawn had insisted on it, as roaming the streets alone in Sunnydale bordered right up there with running into a burning gasoline plant on the "things you don't want to do list". Kit questioned that Dawn could protect her as much as her best friend thought she could, but it was a sweet gesture. Kit wouldn't deny she was also excited at the prospect of spending time with Dawn. However, this wasn't quite the way she wanted a moonlit walk with Dawn to go.

"Come on Kit. You just said you like someone, but it could complicate things if you pursued it because it was your best friend. I'm not completely oblivious to clues girl here."

"Dawn…" Kit tried to interrupt.

"Come on Kit. I think it's great. Carlos is a great guy and a real cutie."


"Got the hot Latin brooding thing going too. Way sexy…"


"It would be so cool if you two were like, a couple and stuff. Then it would be my best friends in…"

"Dawn!" Kit shouted, this time finally getting Dawn's attention. Dawn was cute but jeez she never shuts up sometimes "It isn't Carlos I like."

"It's not? Ok, I'm confused then." Dawn replied, looking puzzled.

Kit exhaled. She hadn't planned on the conversation going this way at all. But the door was open, so she might as well take it. Dawn was cool. Sure, she was probably the queen of straight girls but she was friends with Willow after all, surely this wouldn't wreck a friendship, and at least then she would have it off her chest.

"Dawn…" Kit said. The two teenage girls had completely stopped walking by this point. "Carlos isn't my only friend. He also isn't my best friend…" Kit stopped for a second, gathering her nerves. It was now or never, "You are."

"Oh." Dawn said, not quite letting it sink in what Kit was trying to tell her for a second. Kit kept looking at her though, Clearly expecting some kind of a reply. Then suddenly, it hit Dawn what her Goth friend had just said, "Oh!" Dawn replied. Finally getting it. "You mean…" Dawn was taken off guard by that one. It never even occurred to her for a second that Kit swung that way. Although after quickly thinking back it occurred to her for the first time that Kit never, ever joined in when Dawn started to talk about boys. "Kit I…"

"AWWWW!" A male voice said from the alley that the two girls had walked right in front of. Dawn and Kit turned around as two vampires, in all their demon faced glory, walked out in front of them. Dawn grabbed Kit's arm to turn and run, but ended up almost running into the arms of another vampire that had made their way behind them. Dawn and Kit now had three vampires surrounding them as Dawn cursed herself for not paying attention and letting them get the drop on them like this. "Isn't this sweet." said the vampire standing in the alley. He was a young man, probably in his mid 20's wearing a leather jacket. Assuming the bumps of the demon form exposed in his face didn't take off 10 years. Who knew? "Isn't this sweet? I just love the sight of young love. Hey Karl!" the vampire yelled to one of his buddies who had now moved to circle the two girls. "Don't you love the sight of young love?"

"Teenage lesbians are hot!" the overweight vampire answered.

"Think if we promise not to eat them they will make out for us Mike?" the third vampire asked the leader.

Mike sighed, then looked at Dawn. "See what I have to put up with? Couple of idiots." Mike looked at his friends now. "See guys, that is why you were stupid enough to get turned in the first place." he shot at them. He then looked at Kit, who was holding onto Dawn's arm now, leaning so close in fear some would think she was trying to hide by actually burrowing inside Dawn's skin. "I do apologize for my friends…" Mike continued, "I totally don't support bigotry. I mean if you're here, and you're queer, we should all get used to it."

Dawn's eyes narrowed at the vampire, angry that he would have the nerve to talk to her friend like this. "Shut up." Dawn scowled, reaching into her jacket and pulling out a stake that she now carried whenever she went to school. She did go to Sunnydale High after all.

"Ohh look at that." Karl said in mock fear. "She has a stake Mike. Maybe we should run."

"You better!" Dawn said looking more sure of herself than she actually was.

"Uhmm Dawn." Kit whispered nervously. "There are three of them. Can you really take them out?"

"Of course. I was trained by Buffy. This will be a piece of cake." Suddenly Dawn felt a fist from one of the vampires behind her slamming into the back of her head as she fell forward. "Ok." Dawn said, trying to shake the stars away. "Maybe a piece of very big, dry cake." Dawn was brought back to reality as she heard a scream. Mike and the lackey who had yet to grace Dawn with the presence of his name were grabbing Kit, who was struggling for all it was worth.

Dawn got to her feet, but before she could go for Kit she felt a large hand grab her arm. She looked behind her to see Karl grabbing her. "Where you going sweet thing? Your girlfriend is more than being taken care of." Dawn shot her elbow back, smashing the vampire in the nose. His fat ass stumbled backwards releasing Dawn who spun around, kicking the vamp in the face. Unfortunately, this made the vampire more angry than anything else. He grabbed Dawn and shoved her into the wall, the young girl grunting as her back hit the hard concrete. Luckily for Dawn, Mike wasn't joking when he said Karl was stupid. The vampire charged at her with his arms raised, and Dawn took full advantage of it. With one step, she lunged her stake forward stabbing the fat bastard right in the heart, instantly turning him into a pile of dust.

Hearing the noise, Mike and his lackey looked towards Dawn just in time to see their friend turn to dust. Realizing they may have underestimated the frail looking teen, they tossed Kit to the ground like so much trash and advanced towards Dawn. "You Bitch!" Mike said as he advanced toward Dawn, "Do you have any idea how much blood I had to suck from that guy's fat ass just to turn him?" The head vampire then lunged at Dawn, grabbing her by the arms. Dawn cried in pain from his grip as he neared his face towards Dawn's neck, ready to bite into her… before falling to the ground in pain. It was amazing what a knee to the crotch could do to a guy, even a vamped one. Dawn then advanced toward the third vampire and attempted to stake it in the heart. The vampire was too quick, however, and grabbed Dawn's arm. Dawn was ready for this one though. Remembering Buffy's training, she struck the vampire right in the elbow, bending it at the joint as he howled in pain. Dawn then drove the stake into his heart and the second vamp "bit the dust" as it were.

Mike got to his feet, but Dawn was ready this time and spun around hurtling the stake right towards the vampire's chest. Dawn fully expected for it to land square in his chest and for the vamp to dissolve into his dust before he even knew what happened. That is exactly what would have happened too, had Mike not caught it in mid air. Mike laughed as Dawn wasn't able to hide the look of fear and surprise in her eyes as she realized she was now unarmed. She mentally made a memo to herself to remember that showing off is bad. Of course that is assuming she makes it out of this fight alive. How did Buffy do this every day?

Mike advanced on Dawn, easily deflecting Dawn's attempts to strike him as he grabbed her and tackled her to the ground. Dawn struggled to get him off her, but he was too big, too strong, and had all the leverage on his side. "You killed my boys." Mike said in anger, before growing calm, "Oh well. More for me then." He grinned, then leaned in.

Dawn closed her eyes, realizing this was the end. She prayed that Kit at least got away and was safe now. Then Dawn noticed that she wasn't being bitten into. She opened her eyes and saw Kit on top of the vamp's back, grabbing at his arm where the stake was. Dawn grabbed his hand to try and pry the stake out as Mike stumbled. The three of them fell awkwardly to the ground. Dawn then bit the vamps hand.

He yelled out, finally dropping the stake. She then grabbed it and went for his heart, but Mike grabbed Dawn's hand, stopping the blow. Kit reached around, still on Mike's back and pushed forward with Dawn. In what seemed like an eternity, the two girls struggled to push the stake into the vamp's heart. Dawn finally reached up and in a true "fight like a girl" moment clawed Mikes eyes. It worked though, and the distraction caused Mike to stop fighting them. Dawn quickly shoved the stake, with all three still gripping it, into Mike's chest. With the vampire dusted, Kit fell forward right onto Dawn. So much for Dawn being badass vampire butt kicking girl.

Dawn then realized that Kit was lying on top of her, pressed right against her. Kit's face was now right in front of her, her lips couldn't be more then a couple inches from Dawn's. She could feel Kit's breath on them. "Kit." Dawn said a lot more huskily then than she meant to. "Are… are you ok."

"I am now." Kit answered, still staring into Dawn's eyes. "You… you saved my life. You were amazing."

"You… you umm." Dawn was suddenly finding it really hard to think. Did she save Kit from something? Right now she couldn't remember. All she could notice right now was Kit. Her beautiful eyes staring right at her, her hair all messed, even with that bruise she had on her cheek, apparently from the fight, she was still gorgeous. Dawn had never noticed how beautiful Kit was. How could she not have noticed that? The woman was like a Goth model. Dawn was also wondering how she didn't notice how firm and voluptuous her breasts were, but then again it was hard to not notice it now since they were currently pressed right against her. Suddenly realizing that made it hard for her to think again. She had to say something though, "Kit. You're kind of on top of me." Yeah that's good, Kit could get off, and maybe Dawn could remember how to think.

"I know." Kit said, leaning her face further towards Dawn. This wasn't getting off, but in a sense, it was. Finally, Kit leaned in and her lips met Dawn's. Gently they pressed against Dawn's. At first, Dawn was shocked. She had only kissed once in her life, now she was being kissed by a girl, her best friend even. Then Dawn felt Kit's tongue prying open her mouth, and suddenly she didn't care anymore. She opened her mouth, her tongue ready to meet Kit's. Then Kit stopped. She stopped? Why the hell did she just stop? And then she was getting up and suddenly Dawn wasn't feeling her weight on top of her anymore, a fact that caused a small groan from the teen.

"Oh crap." Kit said, panicking now. "I… I… I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. You just saved me and I was all..."

"Kit." Dawn said sitting up, trying to calm her friend down.

"I didn't mean it. I was just… I was just kidding. I mean I wasn't but…"

"Kit." Dawn said a little louder.

"I won't do it again. Please don't be mad. It just happened. I know you're not…"

"Kit!" Dawn yelled. This time it was her friend who wouldn't stop rambling.

Kit looked at Dawn. The poor girl looked like she was about ready to cry. "It's ok." Dawn said smiling as Kit continued to look unsure. Dawn then sat up and reached towards Kit's face. She slowly ran her hand down her friend's cheek. Kit's eyes closed and she shivered slightly at Dawn's soft touch. "It's really ok." Dawn said.

Then she leaned in, hesitating a little as her lips moved towards Kits. It's wasn't because she didn't want to kiss her, but it wasn't everyday she kissed another girl. She worried for a brief minute she was going to screw this up and hit her nose or something. Then she leaned in and her lips met Kit's. Kit kissed back almost instantly, clearly not about to let this opportunity pass her up. She then grabbed Dawn's waist and pulled the taller girl towards her. She started kissing Dawn back hungrily.

Dawn's head was spinning. She briefly thought this must not be the first time Kit has done this. Then she felt Kit's tongue part her lips again. Once again, Dawn forgot how to think, and she didn't care much to remember. Their tongues wrestled as Dawn moaned into Kit's mouth.

After what seemed all too short of a time, Dawn somehow found the strength to pull away. She was breathing heavily now as Kit smiled, clearly pleased with herself. "Kit" Dawn let out breathlessly as Kit leaned in giving her a quick peck on the lips. "Kit we can't…" then kissed again briefly. ”We can't stay on the…" Kit kissed her again as Dawn started to feel her head spinning. This girl was relentless. "We can't stay out here. More vampires could come." Dawn said at a mile a minute hoping to beat Kit to another kiss. Kit released Dawn from her arms and smiled at her clearly flustered friend. After a second to compose herself, Dawn took the girl's hand in her own and the two resumed walking towards Kit's home. "We need to get some ice on that bruise too" Dawn said pointing to her friend.

Kit felt the bruise, not noticing it until now. "Well," Kit answered with a sly grin, "Mom and Daddy aren't home yet. Care to nurse me back to health?" Kit asked, winking at Dawn. Her earlier nervousness was clearly gone.

Dawn smiled. She had never been anyone's girlfriend before, but she had a feeling by the time the night was over that was going to change.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Walk Home". This story is complete.

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