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Study Date

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Summary: Dawn is trying her hardest to help Kit pass her classes, but her hormones and Kit’s creative attempts to avoid work keep getting in the way. (Dawn/Kit) [Femslash]

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Dawn/Kit(Past Donor)DanKnightFR1511,989221,80029 Aug 0429 Aug 04Yes
Title: Study Date

Author: DanKnight (

Rating: PG-13 (heavy making out and sexual innuendo between two teenage girls.)

Pairing: Dawn/Kit

Spoilers: Minor spoilers for the Buffy season 7 episode "Lessons"

Genre: Unconventional, Slash.

Archive/Distribution: Any archives for the various list I post this one on obviously. Anyone else please ask first. I will almost surely say yes but I like to know where my fic is going.

Feedback: Any and all is welcome. Even if you want to tell me it sucks feel free. I welcome all feedback.

Synopsis: Dawn is trying her hardest to help Kit pass her classes, but her hormones and Kit’s creative attempts to avoid work keep getting in the way.

Authors Note: This is a sequel to my other fic, “The Walk Home” but it can be read by itself. Beta read by Electronis Zappa.

Disclaimer: Dawn, Kit, Buffy, and Carlos do not belong to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and some other people and companies that aren’t me. This story was made for the entertainment of fellow Buffy fans and I assure you I am not making a dime off of this story. So please don’t sue me. I am a good boy, really.


“Kit we need to stop fooling around.” Dawn said starting to get just a little annoyed at her girlfriend.

“We’re not fooling around Dawn. You keep stopping me when I try, remember?” Kit said smiling at Dawn.

Dawn rolled her eyes. Kit’s parents were away for the weekend. She wasn’t even sure where they went. Kit’s mom had some kind of business trip and it seemed wherever Kit’s mom went her Dad was sure to follow. It was sickening the way her parents were constantly joined at the hip and kind of sweet. Somehow Dawn’s rebellious girlfriend managed to have a pair of nuclear parent prototypes as a mom and dad. Not for the first time Dawn was a little jealous of Kit. As great as Buffy and Willow were in being a family for her she would give anything to have what Kit had with her parents. To just have them still around and there for her all the time.

Tonight the parents in question were out however, and for some reason they trusted Kit alone. Go figure. They had barely left the door when Kit was on the phone insisting that Dawn come over. Dawn accepted, she would go anywhere with Kit, but when she came over with schoolbooks Kit’s buzz was killed.

Kit was not doing well in school at all. She was smart enough but wouldn’t apply herself. Dawn had no intention of letting any girlfriend of hers get held back in school. So she insisted that they use the time to study. Kit wasn’t happy but Dawn blackmailed her by threatening to leave and that was that. However, Kit was the master at avoiding things and was putting all her efforts into distracting Dawn from studying instead.

“Come on Kit. This stuff isn’t that hard.”

“Great!” Kit said, “then we don’t have to worry about it right now, since it will be easy.”

Dawn sighed, exasperated, “Kit! We really need to study for this algebra test. It’s in two days and you already flunked the last two tests Mrs. Chavez gave us. You’re going to fail the semester if you flunk another one.”

“Dawn. It’s sweet of you to worry about me. It really is. But come on, you have me alone, in my bedroom…” Kit lay to her side doing her best to look seductive, and succeeding as far as Dawn was concerned, “…lying on my nice, big, empty bed.” Kit started moving her hands up and down the sheets. “Do you really want to study? There are so many other things we could be doing right now.”

Dawn tried to answer but didn’t get anything but possibly an, “umm” out. Damn! Kit was sexy. Not so much in the traditional blond bombshell sense, more of the dark, goth, black haired, bad girl sense. Dawn shook it off though. She knew what Kit was trying to do, aside from the obvious. She was trying to get out of studying. “We can do that after we study.” Dawn answered.

“Or…” Kit said sitting on the bed and grabbing Dawn’s hands and slowly pulling her to her feet from her sitting position off the floor. She then pulled Dawn forward in front of the bed. “We could not study…” Kit pulled Dawn in for a kiss. Dawn was starting to weaken. Hey, she had her girlfriend alone in her bedroom, she wasn’t made of stone, and neither were her hormones. “…and then we could do it twice.” Kit then lied down on the bed pulling Dawn on top of her. That was it. Dawn was done. Forget studying, she was lying on top of the bed in her hot girlfriend’s arms. Dawn started kissing Kit, first slowly then more hungrily. Her hands moved up Kit’s waist now as the young goth started moving to kiss Dawn’s jaw line, then her neck. Kit ran her pierced tongue up and down Dawn’s neck as Dawn let out a small groan. Kit’s mouth then moved back to attacking Dawn’s lips as her hands reached for Dawn’s purple tank top frantically pulling it free from Dawn’s jeans.

Then the phone rang. The phone rang! Who the hell was calling now? Dawn cursed and released the kiss but Kit wasn’t going to be denied so easily as she kept hold of Dawn and continued kissing her, “Ignore it.” Kit said more then a little breathlessly, clearly not about to let something like a loud ringing interrupt her attempts to get to second base with Dawn. The phone kept ringing and Dawn finally released the kiss and got up off of Kit.

“Kit you have to answer it.”

“No. I really don’t.” Kit said grabbing Dawn to try and pull her back into her arms but Dawn resisted. Dawn Grinned at Kit, clearly enjoying the other girls eagerness.

“What if it’s your parents?” Dawn said.

Kit stopped for a minute, then angrily grabbed the phone. “This better not be Carlos calling in the middle of the night to bullshit once again!” Kit put the receiver to her mouth. “What!” Kit snapped into the phone. Then her eyes got wide, “Oh Buffy!” Dawn couldn’t help but giggle as Kit tried to save herself. “No you didn’t interrupt anything I was just. Studying. The phone distracted me right as I was about to get it. Get the lesson I mean just kind of frustrating is all.” Dawn rolled her eyes as Kit kept talking, “You want to talk to Dawn!” Kit said, clearly more than happy to get off the phone. “Sure. She is right here. Studying. You know, because we had a study date. We like studying and… What? Oh right you want to talk to her, here.” Kit handed the phone to Dawn who was full out giggling now.

“Hey Buffy!” Dawn answered after composing herself, “What’s up?” As Dawn started to answer the phone call she saw Kit out of the corner of her eyes mouthing that she was going to get some ice cream. Great! Dawn was distracted so Kit was back into ‘avoiding homework girl’ mode, “Wait!” Dawn called as Kit left the room. “No, not you Buffy.”


Dawn had finished the phone call and started down the stairs. Buffy had called to tell her that the house would be empty while Buffy scoped out the demon threat of the moment. She insisted on Dawn staying with Kit. On the one hand Dawn wasn’t thrilled that Buffy didn’t feel more comfortable with her walking home alone. Dawn did defeat three vamps just a month ago. A fight where she not only stopped three vampires, but also got the girl, in the form of Kit. Not bad for a non-slayer. Of course, Buffy didn’t know about that last part. Dawn still wasn’t sure why she hadn’t told Buffy about her and Kit. Her sister was best friends with a lesbian and all. She just didn’t quite feel ready to let Buffy know everything.

Dawn came down to the kitchen to see Kit rummaging through the pantry. As she did, Dawn took a moment to notice Kit, standing on her tip-toes reaching for a bowl and the wonderful way her butt moved as she did it. Dawn felt a little naughty so blatantly ogling her like that, but god Kit was hot. How did it ever take her so long to notice that?

Kit turned around, smiling as she saw Dawn in the room. “So, what did Buffy want?”

“She actually called to ask me to stay over.” Dawn said.

“She what?” Kit said smiling as she finished making her bowel of ice cream. “You have got to be kidding?”

“Well…” Dawn answered, “It isn’t like she knows what she is really doing. Or that we are here alone.” Dawn momentarily felt guilty about lying to Buffy, about Kit’s parents being out of town, and about her and Kit. Then she remembered that she got to spend the night alone with her girlfriend out of it. Sometimes lying gets you something good? Not exactly an after school special message.

“So…” Kit said, holding her bowl of ice cream as she moved towards her girlfriend, “I have you all to myself tonight. What ever should we do?” Kit said with a mischievous little grin that Dawn had learned to love seeing.

“For starters, we need to finish studying.” Dawn answered.

“We what?” Kit said, suddenly killing some of her mood. “You’re not really back to this are you?”

“Kit!” Dawn answered frustrated, “Why do you keep avoiding this? You’re smart, you could get this stuff in a minute but you keep blowing it off and slowly flunking. Is it so wrong that I want my girlfriend to pass her classes so I won’t be dating an underclassman next year?”

“Dawn.” Kit answered as she slowly started rubbing her girlfriends arm. Something that proved to be a bigger distraction to Dawn than it would seem, although the fact it was being done by a hot, gothic teenager with a talented pierced tongue probably had something to do with it. “I know you’re worried about my class work and it’s sweet, but come on. Mom and Daddy won’t be home until well into tomorrow. Is homework really what you want to be doing at this moment?” Kit then flashed Dawn her best seductive smile.

Dawn was torn, on the one hand she could definitely think of things to be doing with Kit that were a lot more fun than homework. On the other hand Dawn’s love for school and wanting Kit to do well were trying to keep her from letting her hormones completely control her. They were slowly losing the battle, but damned if they weren’t trying. Suddenly Dawn got an idea. A way to have her cake and eat Kit too. It! Eat it too! She was so glad that part wasn’t out loud.

“I got an idea Kit.” Dawn answered with a gleam in her eyes, “If you go back there and study.” Dawn said leaning in towards Kit’s ear, “Then after we are done we will…” Dawn then leaned in and softly whispered into Kit’s ear, so soft that no one but Kit would have heard it, if anyone else was in the room. Which no one was so whispering was kind of pointless but she knew Kit was a sucker for having Dawn blow into her ear. Besides, she wasn’t quit willing to say EVERYTHING out loud. Kit hadn’t completely corrupted her, despite her efforts.

Kit listened to Dawn’s proposal, then her eyes suddenly got bigger, and bigger, then Kit dropped her bowl with a loud crash breaking the silence. “You! You’re serious?” Kit said, “You mean you will really…” Kit was suddenly speechless, and for once it wasn’t because Dawn was talking too much for her to get a word in edgewise. Dawn smiled seductively at Kit as she nodded, enjoying that for once it was her making Kit crazy.

“Sure. So lets just clean up your mess and then we can study.” Dawn started to lean down to pick up the pieces of the bowl when she felt Kit’s arm grab her and yank her so fast towards the stairs that Dawn almost lost her footing.

“Fuck the mess!” Kit said, still dragging her girlfriend up the stairs, “We were on chapter 11. Come on we got to study!” Kit said frantically. Dawn giggled, it looks like even Kit could be inspired to study. She just needed the right motivation to apply herself.

The End

You have reached the end of "Study Date". This story is complete.

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