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A Haven For Freaks

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Summary: A multi-verse fic, with BtVS characters (of course), X-men, and Harry Potter characters. Lots of things have changed from end of series 7, book 5 and god only knows where in the X-men verse

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ZiraFR131314,43201313,87429 Aug 0412 Apr 05No


Title: Chapter Thirteen - Rebellion

Feedback: PLEASE!!! And thank you to EVERYONE who has so far! Including: Lurker001, kaleecat, Kneazles, boo, Missk, Dreamweaver, Natala and pari. I love you all!!!

Quick Update:

The characters we have so far are: Luna, Draco, Blaise and Tracey from the HP universe, Xander, Dawn, Connor and Kit from the BtVS/AtS universe and Remy and Penny from the X-men universe.
Xander is a warlock.

Kit, Remy and Penny are mutants.

Draco and Luna were expelled from Hogwarts, and so don’t have their wands.

Blaise and Tracey escaped, with Luna’s help, before they could be officially expelled, and so have their wands.

Dawn is the Key, and kinda crazy.

Connor: son of two vamps, tried the normal life thing for a while, and then left – everything up to the end of Angel, in other words.

This is NOT meant to be taken with complete and utter seriousness. I am not that great of a writer, and I admit I overstretched myself by adding so many characters. I promise each of them will get their 'screen time' as it were. There are more characters being added from those three ‘verses, but I will NOT add any characters from any other universes. If you have a favourite character from either the BtVS/AtS series, the HP series, or the X-men universe, feel free to tell me, and I’ll add it in.

Dead characters (those I will not add in!): Anya, Darla, Doyle, Wesley, Dumbledore (Read Draco and Luna’s history! I killed him off!), Sirius, Cedric, Tara, Jesse, Cordelia, Fred, Gunn (He had a mortal wound in the final battle, for cryin’ out loud!)


“How many people, ‘xactly, are we ‘xpecting ta turn up?” Remy asked, once the expanded group had seated themselves around a large table in the dining room. When they had left the mansion that morning, most of them hadn’t thought they’d be gaining another five people – none of them older than eighteen. Diablo had buried his head in his arms, and looked like he was having a nervous breakdown.

Xander felt Diablo’s pain. He still wasn’t sure exactly what was going on – and he was having second doubts about the whole save-the-world-get-a-cookie thing. He’d had enough of the jerking around by someone more powerful than he was when he had been in Sunnydale. Well, not any more. He was a powerful warlock now, for the love of all things sugary, and he was determined that at the first sign of something not looking quite right, he was grabbing Dawn, Remy and the rest and hightailing it out of there.

Not to be paranoid or anything.

“Maybe another nine?” Diablo said, sounding kind of muffled from his hiding place. His agitation meant that his tail had reappeared, and his ears were having a decidedly cat-like look about the tops.

“Nine!” Draco grimaced. “No offence, but from what I saw last night, it doesn’t look like there’s that many available rooms.” Diablo groaned.

“We’ve got unlimited space.” He peeked up at them. “You do realise this is a punishment, for me?”

“Brilliant.” Blaise exclaimed. “Why am I not surprised?”

Well, he was definitely taking Draco and Blaise with him when he left…if – if he left. They were funny, but not so you’d notice. It was subtle, and certainly snide-y – reminded him a bit of Spike. Well, Malfoy did, quite a lot actually, and it was more than the attitude. If Draco was aged a few years, and had the scar cutting through his left eyebrow…he’d be a dead-ringer for the vampire. Xander shivered as he caught a look of the younger man. Creepy, but familiar at the same time.

“Look, this isn’t exactly fun and games for me either.” Diablo said, standing up with his tail slashing the air in anger. “I don’t know what’s coming. I just know it’s going to be big…and that for some ridiculous reason the Powers that Be have chosen a bunch of kids to sort things out.”

“Diablo, mon ami. Calm down, heh?” Remy was sprawled in his chair, apparently completely relaxed. The card he was flipping through his fingers over and over gave the lie to this. “Mebbe we all need to calm down.” It wasn’t a question, and he peered over the top of his glasses, glaring around the table. “Now, we’ve all faced de big bad before, heh? What makes dis time so different?”

“This is worse than anything you’ve ever faced, boy.” Diablo sneered back, making several people tense up. “Okay, I’ve let you all have your fun, but the real work’s about to start, and none of you seem to be taking this seriously.”

It was true – outside it had all been about the meetings of old friends. Kit had joined up with Dawn now, and Dawn refused to be separated from Xander or Connor – and Kit had dragged Blaise and Tracey over with her – and Blaise hadn’t let go of Draco since they’d come in – and Draco had Luna kept firmly near him. This last was in spite of the extremely violent protests Luna had given up. Apparently the delicate-looking witch didn’t like being protected.

Xander sighed under his breath. Then he sighed again, just ‘cause he could. Sunnydale chicks were tough – but this little British witch, barely old enough to vote, looked like she could have given them a run for their money. It sort of reminded him of Buffy – she had been small, and blonde, and yet still fully capable of kicking some serious butt when she needed to.

He scowled. They’d parted on bad terms with Buffy – mainly involving her on one side of the argument, and Xander and Dawn on the other. It hadn’t been pretty…but that was just about enough dwelling on the past – any more, and he’d turn into Angel the second. Well, Angel the third. Connor was doing a fairly good job of keep the brooding up on the other side of Dawn.


This was not going well…at all. It was the stress – the level of it had raised so much so in the room that it seemed to fill it up to the ceiling like an angry grey smoke. Of course, Dawn reasoned, that was probably because she was insane.

She knew she was insane – even Drusilla had had her moments of clarity after all. Dawn sighed. She missed her pseudo-grandmother. At least then she had had someone to compare craziness to. Connor was sweet – not that she’d ever tell him that! – but not exactly the person to tell about the lime-green monkeys that followed them.

Dawn paused. It was quite possible that the monkeys were the result of a little too much of the pretty tablets one of their ‘friends’ had given them in London. Well…not friends, exactly. More like people Connor, and Dru, when she had been with them, had threatened into giving them a place to bunk down for the night.

It was funny, though. The longer she was in this house, the more she could feel the tangled candyfloss – cobwebs were just too gross an analogy – clearing from her mind. Being with Xander probably had a lot to do with that. Connor tried, but things were always just too tense around him. He was always looking for the next threat, but Xander seemed to be fairly relaxed around these people. Being with Remy and Penny and Kit didn’t hurt – Remy had a certain air around him that made everyone relax.


“Now, ev’rybody jus’ sit y’selves back down, and mebbe everyone gonna listen ta me?” Slowly, seats were regained, and he glared at Tracey and Connor when they remained standing one second too long. “Merci. Okay, now, what de situation be, homme?”

Diablo sighed.

“Something’s coming, and you lot have been ‘headhunted’ to form an elite team to stop it from destroying the world, probably killing yourselves and me in the process.”

“‘Headhunted’?” Draco glared. “Why would anyone want my head?”

“Because it’s a very attractive head?” Tracey supplied; smirking until both Blaise and Draco reached over to smack the back of his head.

“Figure of speech, Malfoy.” Connor grinned slightly, de-tensing somewhat.

“Right, so…how do we know we can trust you?” Blaise asked, all serious again.

“Can you honestly tell me you have a reason not to?” Diablo asked.

“Well, we really don’t know a thing about you, you’re a demon, and we have no idea who you’re working for.” Blaise answered, one eyebrow raised.

“Oh, please.” Diablo rolled his eyes. “I invented that look. Anyway, why would you believe me if I told you about me, or the powers I work for?”

“Maybe because something would be better than nothing?” Luna offered. “It’s like Daddy always said – even the wildest stories have a shred of truth behind them.”

Kit had been observing this all in silence.

“Give me one reason why we shouldn’t just walk out of here right now.” She glared up, her gaze even more menacing because of the eyeliner surrounding her eyes.

“Umm…” Diablo began, and then stopped. “Nope, I’ve got nothing.” Kit nodded for a moment, and then stood.

“Right. See ya around – have a great life.” She moved towards the doorway.

Dawn looked around, shrugged, and got up to join her best friend in her walk out. Tracey grinned, and got up, dragging Blaise, and consequently Luna and Draco, with him.

“Y-you…you can’t do this!” Diablo exclaimed.

“Why not?” Xander asked, facing him down with one cool brown eye. “Seems to me that you and your Powers are asking all of us to put our lives on the line – again. Now, I don’t know about the Brits, but I know that Dawnie, Kit and I faced a lot in Sunnydale, and Remy’s been to other dimensions and planets trying to fight the good fight. I don’t think you have any right to tell us what to do.”

“Are you willing to risk the fate of this world? Just because of your immaturity?” Diablo spluttered, no longer the smooth guardian demon they had first met.

Xander tilted his head, and exchanged a smirk with Remy. Fully aware of the six young adults in the doorway, and the three people still by the table, he turned back to Diablo.

“Let me tell you a little story.” He began, standing up and resting his hands on the table in front of him. “It’s about something a friend of mine once realised. It’s all about the power – those who have it, and those who want it. You want something from us, and you’re trying to take it from us by wrapping it up in a nice little package with ‘heroism’ on the ribbon. I’ve noticed that all of us have some kind of power that you want. Now, why don’t you tell us exactly what’s going on, and we’ll tell you if we’re prepared to do it.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Haven For Freaks" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Apr 05.

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