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*After the Night*

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Summary: Someones after Dawn and Willow needs help before it costs them their lives.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: AsherNakitaFR151112,09801615,46517 Feb 034 Nov 04No

*After the Night*

Takes place: After session five (after Buffy died). Giles went to England to find and train the new slayer. Xander and Willow has full custody of Dawn. Tara left after she got her mind back because she couldn’t handle Willows life.

Authors Notes 1: I’m all ways making up stories in my head but this is the pretty much the first story I have ever started to write down on paper and on a site. So I would greatly appreciate any comments you might have on it. Good or bad. Cause it’s not coming down on paper the same way it is in my head. So would like to know if I’m doing something wrong. As in writing it wrong or whatever you thing is wrong.

Authors Notes 2: I’m not sure who I want to pair Willow up with. I’m thinking Vamp but not sure which one. So I would like ideas, if it’s not to much trouble. Please reply so I know if I should continue. Cause if I don’t know if you like it or not, I don’t know if I should write more. Thanks ya muches. *Smiles*

*On with the story*

Chapter 1:

“Hey, Willster, my bestest buddy. How’s your day been? That outfit looks really nice on you; it brings out your skin tone. Is it new? Have you been losing weight? Cause you look fantastic!”

Oh goddess! What does Xander want now? He’s being way too nice for my liking. Not that he’s not nice. He’s very nice; it’s just that he being really, really nice, like he wants something. Not that he’s only really nice when he wants something. It’s just that he hasn’t been in a really good mood to be nice since, well since Bu…Buffy…. Buffy died saving the world about six months ago. Well, none of us have been in a good mood if you want to be exact. Okay, at this moment I need to stop thinking moppy thoughts, it just makes you and every one around you moppy. And that’s no fun!

Why does Xander have that weird look on his face? Oh, ya he was trying to suck up to me, and doing a lousy job at that. But he is trying to be cheerful, even if it is to gain something, so I guess I can humor him.

“Meaning I don’t usually look good?” But that doesn’t mean I have to cut him some slack. It just wouldn’t be any fun if I did.

“No!!! No, that’s not what I meant. You usually, I mean always look good. It’s just today you look really good. Not that I find you attracted or any thing. It’s just…”

Oh, this is too much fun. He looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. His eyes are twice as big then they usually are, his face is turning redder than a cherry, and he’s breathing hard. I love it!!!

“I thought you just said I was pretty. Where you lying to me, Xander?” I haven’t had this much fun since… well for a long time. This is just too good to pass up. I know I’m evil but I’m loving every minute of it.

“I think your pretty, Wills. I just don’t think you’re pretty in the way that if I did Anya would get vengeance by ripping my insides out but still keeping me alive, with magic, so I can see, what my insides look like and what it feels like.”

“Is it even possible to do that? Yuck! That’s one hell of a way to die. What would you do with some ones insides after you rip it out of them? Would you hang them around for decoration? Because if you can still keep someone alive after ripping there insides away from their body you can probably keep the insides fresh so they don’t smell, right? If you’re still alive after you get your insides ripped out does that mean if they take your heart out it would still be beating?”

“Jesus Willow, that’s disgusting! You’ve been hanging out with Spike way too long. It doesn’t even bother you any more when someone’s talking about torture. You actually seem to find it fascinating.”
“It’s called growing up on the Hellmouth. I’m not some monster, Xander. I do think it’s sick when an innocent, actually, gets tortured. It turns my insides. Well not literally turns my insides. But you know what I mean.” Now my happy moods bean ruined. That booty-head.

“Ya, I know what you mean. Growing up on the Hellmouth just does that to a person. That’s why”


Goddess! I hate it when people honk their horn when there not even on the road. If you wanted to tell someone you’re outside waiting all you have to do is walk up to the door and knock. Not sit outside like an irritating little bee and buzz away.

“That’s Anya.” Great now I’m going to have a picture of Anya in bee costume buzzing in my head all day. “I better go, but can I talk to you later?”

“What, about torture?”

“No, of course not! There’s just something I need to talk to you about.”

Oh goddess! He has that, this is series voice. Now, I’m worried.

“Is some thing wrong, Xander?”

“No, nothings wrong. There’s just some stuff I need to tell you.”


Ug…I’m going to rip the beeper thing out and shove it down Anya’s throat, if she keeps on beeping it!

“I got to go but how about I come over later tonight, say eleven and we can talk then, Kay?”

“Okay, then I guess I’ll see then. By”

“See ya!”

And there he goes. I am defiantly not looking forward to tonight. My gut tells me it’s not some thing I want to hear. He didn’t have the, you just won a trip to Vegas look, he had the, you’re about to get your heart stomped on look. I’m glad I’m not dating him cause then that look on his face would have meant we where breaking up. No, I take that back. I wish we where dating cause then I would know what he wanted to talk about and it wouldn’t hurt cause I don’t look at him that way any more. Ug….never mind. I’m just not going to think about what he wants to talk about until tonight, cause then I’ll know, cause he’ll be talking about it. Yep, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Uh….Anya makes a cute bee. She’s got that annoying buzzing thing down pat, that’s for sure. She even has the eyes for it.
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