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You Learn

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Summary: You gotta pick it up from somewhere, so you might as well learn it the hard way.

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Title: You Learn

Author: J.Maria

Rating: PG-13 - R-ish

Disclaimer / Spoilers: Joss, J.K. and a whole bunch of others own them all. . .and Alanis owns the title

Summary: What are you playing at?

A/N: Okay, so here’s the sitch. I know the challenge (see part one) says to limit the focus on just two people, but there’s gonna be snippets from each of the groupings. And there is also no slash or femslash. I don’t write it well, so I‘ve held off trying to write it. This also focuses on characters you might not care for, or think are kinda stupid. Another thing, certain facts in the story are being tweaked, specially about certain characters. Don’t like that, well then tough. I also don’t know how many parts this will be so, well. . . on with the show


Part Two

Dawn was ecstatic that Giles had relented and let her keep the journal. She all but jumped up and down with joy. These last few weeks had been very rough, adjusting to L.A., then Cleveland, then London, and now, as Buffy told her, she’d have to pack up everything again to get ready to move to Rome. Dawn wished desperately that she could just stay here in London, but Buffy was all wigged out about the Council bombing the year before. So now she was off to Rome in two days. She sighed, but at least those cute red-headed guys had given her the journal. She wondered just what they had told Giles to make him let her have the journal. She reached for the key to the small brass lock on the journal, but it wasn’t where she had left it.

“That’s just freaky.” she muttered, as she made a mad dash around the room to try and find it.


Luna Lovegood was not the kind of girl the Weasley twins expected to see in their shop. For one, they’d spent a fair amount of her life calling her Loony Lovegood. For another, the black journal was positively vibrating to fly to her. They half-expected the purple one or the blue one to call to her, but instead the black (and yet unpaired one). Luna put her items on the counter and pulled the few sickles from her pocket.

“Hullo Luna.” Fred said politely.

“Fred.” she replied, nodding to him. “Afternoon, George.” Luna nodded to him as well.

“That’ll be ten sickles total.” George said hurriedly, prodding his brother under the counter.

“And as a special gift, we’ve been handing out prototypes of our newest project.” Fred added, pulling the black journal out and laying it on the counter for her to take.

“I’ve heard about your prototypes. No thank you.” she pushed the sickles toward to register.

“No, Luna this one isn’t like the canary creams or anything.” George said.

“They’re kinda like normal diaries -” Fred added.

“Ginny told me about You-Know-Who’s diary. No thank you.” Luna pushed her money forward.

“Ginny’s got one of them. Harry as well. They’re safe.” George blurted.

“What have you done to them?”

“Enchanted them. They’re communication devices, like Hermione’s DA coins -”

“’Cept you actually write in them rather than press them -”

“She and Gin actually gave us the idea -”

“And it’s free.”

“You really want me to have it?” Luna’s eyes narrowed.

“Merlin, yes.”

“We can expect a decent review of them from you.”

“Who has the matching one?” Luna asked.

“No one.”

“Yet, but it’s still early.”

Luna gently fingered the spine as if it would bite her. She withdrew her hand as if it had been burnt. She thought it over for a few minutes.

“Knock three sickles off my bill and I’ll take it.”

“Three sickles?!” They cried.

“You’re awfully eager for me to take it. How do I know it’s not a mean and cruel trick you want to play. Knock off three sickles or I walk out of here with all ten in my pocket and without the journal.”

“Fine.” George said grudgingly.


Albus Dumbledore rubbed tiredly at his eyes. Fawkes nudged his head against his hand. Albus spared the phoenix a tired smile as the parchment glowed brightly before him as another name was added to his list. He had given the Weasley twins nine journals, leaving five in his possession. A silver one, a black one, two copper ones, and a blue one. The Weasleys had already given out their red and green pairs, a purple, and a black diary. Albus’ copper one was being delivered as he idly scratched Fawkes’ crest. He wondered how the girl was coping.


Faith pressed her head against the cool wood below her. It was one of many wooden objects surrounding her young and hostile life. It was the wood of the stake that pierced the vicious vampires that would kill her, it was in the sturdy branch where her Mama used to push her on the old tire swing, it was in the baseball bat that had connected with her face when she was thirteen and mouthed off to one of her Mama’s old men. The ones who beat her Mama. It was in the wooden two by four she’d rammed in the chest of Kakistos, that sick bastard who’d killed her watcher Jessica Hastings. It was the cheap wooden coffin her Mama laid in, rotting away to nothing.

And it was the coffin her head was leaning on now. The coffin of one of the only man would made her ever think she was worth something, and worth an effort to get to know. Now she was as much an outcast as she’d been before among the Scoobies. She was out of sync. And all because Wood was gone from her forever.

She’d only known him for a few very short months, but it felt nice to be known as something other than evil Faith. And now because she hadn’t been quick enough, he was gone. Now she waited, seeing if he would come back from death like the monster that had killed him. She waited hours, her head pressed against the coffin. She didn’t know if she had the strength to kill him if it came to that.

The sun came up on the third day, but he didn’t. His coffin hadn’t moved, he hadn’t risen. Only then did she let them bury him in the slayer’s cemetery, his body buried beside his mother’s.

As she mourned, a snowy white owl flew overhead, a copper colored journal attached to it’s leg. The letter went to Giles and the journal to her.


A/N: Okay, rundown on who’s got what.

Red: Harry, Hufflepuff girl

Green: Draco, Ginny

Blue: ?, ?

Purple: Dawn, ?

Black: Luna, ?

Silver: ?, ?

Copper: Faith, ?

The End?

You have reached the end of "You Learn" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jul 05.

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