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You Learn

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Summary: You gotta pick it up from somewhere, so you might as well learn it the hard way.

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You Learn

Title: You Learn

Author: J.Maria (Jill)

Rating: PG-13 - R-ish

Disclaimer / Spoilers: Joss, J.K. and a whole bunch of others own them all. . .and Alanis owns the title

Summary: It’s easier not to question the talking paper . . .I think?

A/N: My Mind has gone completely insane and refuses to let me work on anything else but new stuff. I was going through my old files when I found a bunch of challenges, and this one struck me. . . I have no clue who proposed it ( but I think it was Jinni) and I know Polgara did a story along the same lines (Across the Pond, awesome fic by the by) So here’s the challenge:

Challenge #4: Pen Pals

The BtVS/AtS character of your choice and the crossover character of your

choice become pen pals.

How does it happen?

Why do they discuss?

Do they ever meet?

Is romance in the air? Or just friendship? Maybe intense dislike?

You Learn

Part One

“How many times have I warned you, young lady, not to mess with things in Magic shops?” The man demanded, wagging the leather bound notebook at her. She was supposed to feel bad for it, but if he was honest with himself, he’d realize she had that same look he’d seen a million times on her sister’s face. She gave a small snort.

“Oh, please. Giles, it’s a harmless diary. The guy at the shop assured me that it wasn’t evil, or anything.”

“What shop was it, Dawn?” He asked, rubbing his eyes.

“Didn’t catch the name of it, but it had three W’s, kind like that wrestling show Xander used to watch.”

“I’ll be able to find it, then.”

“Find it? Why?”

“To return it, Dawn.” He sighed heavily.

“But you can’t, Giles!” Dawn couldn’t help whining a little bit. “It’s just a journal. C’mon, it’s harmless.”

“Just a journal? Five years ago, a girl was possessed by a magical diary. She very nearly died.”

“Fine.” Dawn rolled her eyes angrily, stomping out of the room and to her own.

“Teenagers.” Rupert Giles sighed heavily, closing the hotel room door behind him.

He wearily made his way down into the pub that led to the street where his young charge had purchased the journal. Personally, he wanted to wring the clod who sold the non-magical girl a most definitely enchanted text. But then, his mother might strangle him in retaliation. He clutched his cloak more tightly around himself to fend off the slight breeze that picked up.

He stopped in front of the store he’d come to loathe in the past twenty-five minutes since he’d found Dawn with the journal. Two red-haired men sat talking over an open till, their heads bent over two pieces of parchment.

“Sorry, mate, we’re closed.” The one with a quill in his hand said.

“We open at ten tomorrow, though.” The one floating the money into large bags with the Gringotts Bank crest on them continued.

“Be sure to come back then.” The first one looked up then, at Giles harsh reply.

“I shall certainly not leave. At least, not until you two wretched beasts take this monstrosity back.” He yelled, waving the journal at them.

The red haired men looked at each other before breaking out into huge grins. They quickly charmed the quill and money to finish out their tasks as they leaped over the counter. They rushed the older man, in a fashion that reminded him of two overeager pups.

“Oh, get off, you two. You act as if you haven’t seen me in decades.”

“Feels like that, Uncle Rupes.” George Weasley grinned broadly.

“Mum warned us you’d be back in town, told us to steer clear of her trouble making baby brother, she did.” Fred wore a grin identical to that of his twin.

Giles sighed heavily. Molly had never truly forgiven him for forsaking England for America when he’d been assigned to America eight years ago as watcher to Buffy Summers. But then, he’d been very deeply connected to the Council back then, and their father had instilled the strong work ethic for the council in his Squib son, just as he preached Dumbledore’s praise to Molly. Molly still held her loyalty to him on her sleeve. But Rupert himself had lost his faith in the Council long ago. Now, along with his slayer, he was head of the Council.

“Yes, well back to the matter at hand.” Giles shoved the journal into George’s hand and watched as the twins began tossing it about as if it burned their fingers. “You can take that back for one.” He barely caught the nervous glances they were shooting each other.

“Well, you see -”

“The thing is -”

“We Can’t.” They said emphatically, tossing the journal back at him.

“And for God’s sake, why not?”

“Orders.” They replied as one.

“From whom?” Giles narrowed his eyes.


“Dumbledore order you two to give an enchanted diary to a muggle girl? After that fiasco that your sister went through with Voldemort‘s diary, I‘d think you two would know better than too mess with such magics.”

“She was a muggle?”

“What was she doing in Diagon Alley, then?”

“She is under my charge. And it’s none of your business.”

“So, she’s a slayer then?” George asked.

“No. She is not. And you two are avoiding answering me.”

“Dumbledore got the idea from the Diary. Only a dozen or so are getting them. Only two people can actually use the diaries, cos there are two copies of each diary. And Dumbledore knows who’s getting what.” George explained.

“It’s all triggered by emotional distress and auras or something.”

“And since in these times, so many people are looking for a cheap -” George continued.

“But well constructed.” Fred interjected.

“Gag in their life, he figured we’d be the best place to distribute them.”

“Which also gives us a minor -” Fred began

“But significant and well placed -”

“Role in the fight against evil. ‘Specially since Mum’s banned us and Percy -” Fred couldn’t quite help muttering that name.

“If that filthy wanker ever rejoins us -” George spat venomously

“Out of the battles.”

“But Ginny and Ron get to go off to battle.” George rolled his eyes. When they noticed that their uncle hadn’t said anything in quite a few minutes, George continued, “And Ginny got one as well. Journal, so we had to fill her in about it. If she’d comfortable with it, you should be as well.”

“Yeah, George and I know everyone who’s gotten a journal.”

“Harry, Ginny, and a couple other respectable people.” George replied.

“And this journal’s mate probably hasn’t been given out yet.”

“We only passed out five, and the rest weren’t purple. And believe us, we had a hell of a time explaining why they were getting it. Harry got the watered down truth, and Ginny got the full truth.”

“But it is safe? It’s not going to be like that candy you two gave me that mad me hallucinate that I was a Canary, now is it?”


“Fine. I’ve got to get going.” Giles said grudgingly. “Tell your Mum that I’ll try and pop by the Burrow for supper or something.”

“We’ll have her owl you.”

With that, he hugged his nephews and turned to leave. The journal was tucked firmly under his arm. Giles had been gone for several minutes before the twins spoke amongst themselves.

“Do you think we should have told him that Malfoy got one as well?” Fred asked as George picked up the quill again.

“Naw, ‘sides Malfoy’s was green and had a different symbol.”

“That’s what worries me.”

“What is?”

“Well, Ginny had the same one as him.”

“I thought she had a red one, like Harry?”

“No, that Hufflepuff girl had the red one.”

“Hmm. I wonder who’ll get the other purple one then.”

“I guess we’ll find out.”

“Guess we will. C’mon then. Let’s get the till over to Gringotts. They close in five.” George grinned as he apparated out of the shop. Fred grinned as he disappeared from the shop with a large popping noise. They would never get sick of being able to do that.
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