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10 Short Fics About Stargate

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Summary: 10 100 word drabbles, some femslash

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Stargate > Multiple Pairings > Slash PairingsElectroniszappaFR15111,130066,47230 Aug 0430 Aug 04Yes

10 Short Fics About Stargate

Title: 10 Short Films About Stargate
Author: Electronis
Rating: Dunno, 13 at the highest I would say
Pairings: see below
Spoilers: Nothing recent really
Feedback: But of course
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to people who are not me
Archive: My site Anyone else, just let me know where it's going
Summary: Saw the challenge on Twisting The Hellmouth ( Ten 100 word drabbles
Note: Sort of strayed a bit, a couple of the fics, one more so than the other, are multiple crossings. But I was still inspired by the challenge, so I am posting them here.

Chapter 01: this right here
Chapter 02: Blair (from the episode ‘Helpless’)
Chapter 03: Virginia (The woman Wesley dated in season 2 of Angel)
Chapter 04: Cordelia/Josie McCoy (femslash)
Chapter 05: Anya & Giles (not as a couple)
Chapter 06: Dawn/Cassie Fraiser (femslash)
Chapter 07: The Cheese Guy (Sam/Janet) (femslash)
Chapter 08: Jenny Calendar/Sam (femslash)
Chapter 09: Marcie Ross (the invisible girl)
Chapter 10: Buffy & Faith
Chapter 11: Hopefully never. I mean Glory
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