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All Hail the Queen

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Summary: Written for tthdrabbles; all 100 words exactly. Challenge: '10 things that never happened to... Cordelia'.

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Multiple Crossings > Cordelia-CenteredarganteFR18101,085073,96330 Aug 0430 Aug 04Yes

Viva la Christa!

title: Viva la Christa!
crossing: BtVS/Tracking the Tiger
summary: Cordy never... spoke Richard.


“So, did you pluck the pickle?” She looked up from her lunch, confused, eyebrows raised in question towards the teenager before her.


“I’ll knip your meyer.”

“Excuse me?”

“From Christa.”

“From Therese,” supplied the girl to Richard’s left, Lauren. Or Jessie. No, Lauren. Shorter hair, more piercings, no tattoos. She was finally learning to tell them apart; it had only taken her about a year.

“Lifejacket, where’s the cyber spanking your pen pushing pickle promised?” Lauren rolled her eyes, gulping her orange juice and ignoring Richard -- which caused him to turn back to her.

“Have you seen Jaishree?”




The End

You have reached the end of "All Hail the Queen". This story is complete.

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