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All Hail the Queen

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Summary: Written for tthdrabbles; all 100 words exactly. Challenge: '10 things that never happened to... Cordelia'.

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All His Problems

series: All Hail The Queen

author: argante

rating: R ((for language))

x-over: BtVS... /The OC; /Charmed; /HP; /LoTR; /PotC; /Merry Gentry; /X-Men; /Southern Vampire Series; /King Arthur; /Tracking the Tiger.

challenge: “10 things that never happened to... Cordelia”

disclaimer: Not mine, not mine, not mine. Please, don’t sue.

a/n: each part on this challenge is exactly 100 words in length.

a/n 2: I need y’all to vote. Tell me which drabble you’d most like to see/think would work best as a full-length story. My muse needs a firm kick in the pants.



title: All His Problems

crossing: BtVS/The OC

summary: Cordy never... just showed up on the doorstep.


Friday night, and the Cohen’s were all busy. Seth was geeking-out. Sandy was working. Kirstin was in the kitchen, drinking one of the beers he’d hidden beneath his bed.

And Ryan? He was on the couch, brooding. Or he was, until the doorbell rang.

“I’ve got it!” Maybe it was Marisa with another math question she could do fine herself. The thought made him smile, before he remembered Marisa wasn’t his problem anymore.

And then he opened the door, and found himself wishing that she was. That she was his biggest problem.

It was Cordy.

A very pregnant Cordy.




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