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Bodyguard Buffy

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Summary: A response to Kei’s Bodyguard Challenge. The President has a bright idea to solve both SGC’s and the Scoobies problems. Season 8 spoilers.

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredPaBurkeFR151124,20987298191,42630 Aug 0412 Jan 08No

Presidents and Jack O'Neills

Title: Bodyguard Buffy
Author: PaBurke
Summary: A response to Kei's Bodyguard Challenge. The President has a bright idea to solve both SGC's and the Scoobies problems. Season 8 spoilers.
Disclaimer: As before, for pleasure only, no profit involved.
Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth
Crossover: Stargate SG1
Spoilers: Season Eight SG1 AU, Post-Season Seven BtVS
Rating: for a little language
AN: Thanks for all the great reviews. Twenty reviews for one chapter are a record for me. Discord asked for a phone call and, though I hadn't planned on it, I was suddenly inspired. So this is a short interlude before . . . stuff.

Part II: Presidents and Jack O'Neills

Jack O'Neill was still laughing as Daniel led Buffy out of the conference room for her base tour. Daniel's hands were flying through the air expressively. Daniel had changed tactics and was trying to wheedle the other two books out of Buffy, but she was standing firm. The books were securely tucked in her backpack slung over one shoulder. With her spunk, she would have Daniel jumping through her hoops in no time.

Jack chuckled again. Buffy had Daniel right where she wanted him. She was great as a babysitter, but as a bodyguard? Jack eyed the red phone for a moment before picking up the receiver. He used speed dial two and waited. If General Hammond could put the President on two, so could Jack, even if it meant that one was empty.

A secretary picked up the line on the other end.

"Yes, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill to speak with the President, please, it's not urgent . . . Yes, I'll hold." Jack started playing with a pencil and he waited. He did not expect to wait for long; the President liked talking to him.

As he waited, Jack contemplated the idea of getting his own stash of geeks bribes. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that it would not work. He wouldn't even know where to start looking for reference material that Daniel didn't already have. Worse, Daniel would want to endlessly discuss the newest find with Jack.

A familiar voice interrupted his thoughts. "General O'Neill, to what do I owe this pleasure?"

Jack smiled and dropped the pencil onto his desk. "Mr. President, thanks for speaking with me. Daniel's bodyguard arrived."

"Isn't she a piece of work?"

"Yes sir, she is. But she isn't really what I expected in a bodyguard."

"Have you certified her for Gate travel, yet?"

"Ah, no sir. I don't think she'd be able to . . ."

"Jack, people have been underestimating Miss Summers for a very long time. So don't. Certify her and make sure that no one else is around and no video, either."

Jack was mystified. "Sir?"

"That was an order. And if you want one over your team, just you and Teal'c do it."

Jack shook his head, trying to keep up. "Sir?"

The President changed the subject. "How are Miss Summers and Dr. Jackson getting along? I was worried about personality conflicts."

Jack smirked, finally knowing more than the President. The man definitely was taking delight in the upheaval Summers' arrival had brought. But he wasn't the only one. "She's good. She has Daniel eating out of her hand. She brought some books that she claims record the Go'uald's ejection from Earth. Daniel's desperate to get his hands on those books but she's just dangling them in front of his nose for now."

"If she brought books, than they probably are exactly what she says they are. Though I am surprised that the Council let her share those."

Jack latched onto the name. "The Council?"

"Her old employers. If she wants to, she'll tell you about it. And if she does, I want a very detailed report, hand-delivered, for my eyes-only. Actually, everything on Miss Summers is to be reported the same way."

Jack sat up straight in his chair. "Sir?" What had the President let into the SGC? Did the President know what he let into the SGC? Should Jack put a marine on Daniel just to watch Summers?

"Don't worry, Jack. Miss Summers has the best interests of Earth at heart."

"So does Kinsey and the Trust."

The President snorted. "You're not that naive, Jack."

Jack shrugged. Well, that was true. "Soooo, Summers?" he prompted.

"Think of her as the Jack O'Neill of the Council's SG1, sort of."

Jack was suddenly suspicious. "Are you helping karma, sir?"

The President laughed hard. "Rather like parents want their children to have children just like them, CO's wish for insubordinates on trouble-making officers."

"Something like that."

"Something like that," the President replied. "I'll have to speak with General Hammond about karma. I'm sure he'll have some choice words. Oh, the Secretary of State just walked in. I'll speak with you later."

"Mr. President? Mr. President!" Jack heard the dial tone and dropped the phone into place. Being irreverent had its disadvantages, like when the President wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine.

Jack sighed and then grinned. He picked up his phone a dialed a familiar number. "T-buddy. Whatcha doin'? What to help me test Daniel's new bodyguard? Thanks. I'll meet you in Daniel's office in two hours."

Jack set down the phone and glared at his paperwork. Why had he accepted this promotion again? Maybe with Buffy in the SGC, the Council would be interested in the Jack O'Neill to replace their Jack O'Neill-type? Jack pondered what kind of paperwork the Council produced.

Jack picked up a pen and started riffling through the stack of files. He had wasted most of the morning and would waste most of the afternoon, so he really should get some stuff done now. He glanced at the clock and wondered what Carter was up to.
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