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Plum Knocked Out

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This story is No. 19 in the series "20 Minutes With Booster". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Stephanie’s latest bail bondee is proving a little difficult to handle. Part of Jinni’s 20 minutes with Gwen crossover challenge.

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Literature > Stephanie PlumBoosterFR151604052,71730 Aug 0430 Aug 04Yes
Title : Plum Knocked Out
Author : Booster
Rating : 15 for language.
Summary : Stephanie’s latest bail bondee is proving a little difficult to handle. Part of Jinni’s 20 minutes with Gwen crossover challenge.
Disclaimer : Gwen belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Stephanie and Lula are Janet Evanovitch’s.
Setting : Post Angel season three for Gwen. Around “To The Nines” for Stephanie Plum.
Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth. If anyone else wants it, just email and ask.
Feedback: Yes, please.

Dedicated to Houses, a fellow Plum lover.

I groaned, and slowly pushed myself to my knees.

I’m never normally this bad after a night’s drinking, but Morelli must have been doing his special cocktails again. Hopefully I hadn’t said anything too stupid.

My vision cleared a bit more and I focused across the room at Lula, also flat out on the floor. She was wearing a particularly scary tight pink spandex top which was threatening to burst at any minute. For my sake, I hoped it might last a couple of minutes longer, as I really didn’t want to see that as I tried to wake up.

The room came more into focus as I blinked. This wasn’t my apartment. Come to think of it, I was fairly sure it wasn’t Lula’s either. The time on my watch said 11.40 in the morning, so maybe we hadn’t been drinking….

The sight of my handcuffs and gun carefully placed on the table reminded me of something as I struggled to my feet. Did Vinny send us out on a FTA? That seemed to ring a bell.

I managed to stand up and moved over to the table. Grabbing my gun and cuffs back (it’s an acquired taste ever since I started working for Vinny. That, and constantly having cars explode around me), I saw a neatly written note underneath them.

“Dear Stephanie,

I’m very sorry that I will be unable to keep my court appointment today. If you could inform your boss that I’ll be contacting him soon to discuss repayments, I would be very grateful.


Gwen Raiden.”

Oh fuck.

It all came back then. Vinny agreeing to write a bail bond for a mutant over all our protests (We’re not bigots, but face it – ordinary crooks have screwed our lives up enough anyhow. Just imagine super-powers in the mix). And naturally, she hadn’t wanted to appear near our lovely unbiased courts at all.

So just as naturally I got sent to persuade her to turn herself in. She was smart enough to realize that having been publicly outed as a mutant in the middle of the mall’s Krispy Kreme foodcourt was not going to endear her to the public or court, and smart enough to try and arrange a deal. She refused to go immediately, but politely offered to shake hands on the deal. And that’s all I remember.

One glass of water later, and Lula was spluttering her way back to the land of the semi-living. I looked out of the window and cursed again.

My car was gone.

No signs of an explosion, so I had to assume that Gwen had stolen it. I smiled, and pulled out my cell phone. Finally, things were starting to go my way.

“Ranger? You know that car you lent me and sworn it wasn’t bugged in the least?” I said, enjoying the moment. “My FTA’s taken off in it, so if you can give me a lead from your non-existent bug, I’d appreciate it.”

As Ranger’s cool tones started to explain that there might possibly have been a back-up tracer he forgot to remove, I gazed across the room at the sink. The bucket was filling up with cold water quite nicely now.

I grinned evilly. Electrocute me, would she? One thing I did remember from High School – water and electricity really don’t mix well….

The End

You have reached the end of "Plum Knocked Out". This story is complete.

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