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The Potter Twins

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Summary: Harry grows up with a twin sister, and they go to hogwarts together.

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The Potter Twins

Title: The Potter Twins.

Rating: 15

Disclaimer: This world on what im writing about belongs to JKR... The name "Shilly" is a name from the most excellent and wonderful books called the stone mage and the sea by Sean Williams

Author: me... duh (Dale)


"Harry, Shilly get up. Now!!" a sharp voice said through the closed door.

Harry opened his eyes and looked around.

"Yes Aunt Petunia," Harry said as his eyes fell on his younger sister. His Aunt walked away, and Shilly stirred

Shilly said to Harry. But Shilly's mouth did not move. She said this in Harry's head. Harry groaned and got up.

Harry said back to his sister. They don't know how they can talk to each other this way, but they found themselves sometimes thinking that it was because of the identical scars that they both had on the foreheads.

Harry opened the door and walked down to the kitchen, to find His enormous cousin sitting down in front of the table, which now representing a lucky dip, but with bigger toys.

"Make the three of us coffee, now boy!" uncle Vernon roared as soon as Harry walked in the door.

"Yes sir," Harry said, then he said to Shilly:

Came Shilly's reply.

Harry busied himself in preparing coffee. Ten minutes later, He was walking out carrying the three coffees.

"Now get back in your room!" Uncle Vernon said.

"yes sir," Harry sighed. He walked back up to his and Shilly’s room. He opened the door and Found his twin sister Looking at the books on the shelf.

Harry said to her.

Shilly replied

They both looked out of the window.

But what they didn’t know, is that the answers to there prayers would be arriving in a few hours.


Hope that you all likey!?!?!

Please review!!! J
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