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This story is No. 1 in the series "Romany Princes". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: **SLASH** Xander has a duty to his family, and must perform it regardless of his feelings. Part one of the Romany Princes Series

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Disclaimer: The Buffy characters are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, WB Network. The characters from the X-Files do not belong to me. They are the property of belong Chris Carter, 1013 and Fox.

Notes: This is set before Spike has a soul and Tara dies. Buffy was killed but she came back to life, Giles is back in Sunnydale. Anya never became human in our world

Italy December 1998

Xander pulled on his blue formal robes and looked in the mirror asking himself just what he was doing getting married to some guy he hasn’t seen since he was three was crazy but it was his duty. Xander knew his duty to his people and he would perform that duty, as had the people before him.

“You look beautiful, Alex. I know you will have a marriage full of love and joy. He will take care of you. I promise you will be happy although there will be some pain. Just promise me that the two of you will not forget,” Anita Harris said seriously as she looked at her grandson. She had seen a great deal of love in his life but there was also a lot of pain.

As he heard the sound of someone knocking on the door Xander stiffened before taking a deep breath. When he opened his eyes, he had a large smile on his face since it was his wedding day. He knew it was important that the clan did not think he was upset about the marriage. Walking out of the room Xander consciously relaxed his body before walking towards the ceremonial hall.

Emmanaia conducted the ceremony in silence, beside the Priestess stood one of the young unmarried girls holding a silk cord and a silver bladed knife. On the other side was Xander’s older unmarried cousin who was holding a bunch of twigs that came from seven sacred trees.

Chanting Emmanaia took the twigs from the girl, snapping them and throwing the parts to the winds. Once all the twigs were gone she instructed the pair on the importance of the marriage bond and that their bond could not be broken unless they died.

Alexei was silent as he held out his left arm, he watched slightly amused as Xander held out his right arm. Emmanaia took the knife from the girl and cut the wrists of the held out arms in silence, holding the bleeding wrists together. As their blood mingled, Emmanaia wrapped the silk cord around the wrists, tying it in three knots, one for constancy, the next for fertility and the last for long life.

Emmanaia unwrapped the cord and cut it in half. With a reverent nod at the pair she gave each one half of the bloodied cord, this would be kept with them for two years, during this time they could part company but only by Emmanaia, the elder of the clans. If the elder died then they could never be parted.

Stepping back from the pair the woman smiled, happy that the two warring clans had finally settled their differences. She knew that now the clans were joined by marriage the arguments between the Andree and the Lavelle Romany would stop, as they had become one clan and no clan fought amongst itself. Family and duty was the most important part of the Romany culture.

Her voice carrying to all the people in the room Emmanaia said seriously, “We are here today to see the joining of Alexei Andree Krycek and Alexander Lavelle Harris. Their marriage will join the Andree and Lavelle clans forever. When the Andree-Lavelle clan calls us on, we will answer their call. What once were two clans is now one clan, joined forever by blood. All of those in our clan must abide by the decisions of our new ruling royal couple; we are theirs to command until we die. Do you swear fealty to Alexei and Alexander Andree-Lavelle?”

“We are theirs to command until we die!” Every member of the clan shouted in three times as was the custom.

Xander looked over at his husband and gently gestured in the opposite direction, towards the private rooms. He grinned as Alexei smiled eagerly understanding the need to be away from the crowd of excited wedding guests. He supposed he should take the chance to learn about his husband for the rest of his life, as there was no way he would ever ask for a divorce. No member of the Lavelle royal family had ever been divorced and he wasn’t going to be the first.


“So how is your guardianship going?” Alexei asked seriously as he took the offered Jim Beam from Xander.

“It’s going but I think there will be problems soon. I fear the Slayer will not be strong enough to handle the problem herself. Lexi, please talk to me. This is me, why are you so distant?” Xander begged not liking the distant tone the older man was using.

Alexei smiled softly, “I’m sorry for upsetting you, Xan. I was just thinking of how different you are now and how weird it is that I feel at home with you when I haven't seen you since were twelve and that was only for a week.”

Xander admitted, “I’ve changed and so have you but I love you, Lexi. I’ve changed a lot yeah, but I want to make this work. I can feel a connection with you in my soul. Let go of your walls Lexi and give us a chance.”

Alexei was not the least bit surprised at Xander’s demanding tone, as royalty both of them had been groomed for leadership since the day they were born. The difference between them was that his role was to protect the earth from aliens while Xander was on the front of the supernatural battlefield. Xander had been given an honoured position, to watch over the vampire Angel. It was a dangerous position but he knew the man beside him could handle it since Xander was skilled in magic and was an accomplished fighter.

“We will learn to love each other, Xan. I want you to be a part of my life until I die. I thought you were seeing that Oz guy from Sunnydale. How are you coping with this?”

Xander sighed, “I was dating Oz for a couple of months but I knew I was destined to marry you and ended the relationship. Now I think we should work on this relationship before I have to go back to Sunnyhell so we are going away to Scilly where we shall spend all our time getting to know each other. Lexi, this marriage is for keeps. There is no way we are ever going to be divorced. How is everything going with the Resistance?”

“It is going but the big problem is that they think I’m an idiot child who doesn’t know what he’s doing.” Alexei answered knowing he would have been treated even worse if they knew his true age.

“Imagine how they would feel if they find out you are not twenty four as they think but only twenty. I have to say that your illusion spell is perfect but your creations always are, like the spell you made for my tenth birthday prank, remember?”

“Yeah, we made fire dragons chase Jack, Ingram and Peter around the room for hours. It served them right for calling you a disgrace. They are the ones that do not deserve to rule.”

“God that summer was fun, I missed you though. When I got back to Sunnydale I couldn’t tell anyone about you and that hurt. At least we’re together now, hey Lexi?”

“Yeah, love. Why don’t you grab your bags and we can leave right away?” Alexei suggested as he placed a couple of suitcases on the bed, not having bothered unpacking.

Minutes later Xander ran into the room with two black leather cases in his hands. He was so excited at the chance to finally have his Lexi all to himself. It was a shame that they wouldn’t be able to spend a lot of time together after the honeymoon.

“Let’s go and start our married life, Lexi.” Xander declared authoritatively as he wrapped an arm around his husband.

Alexei nodded seriously kissing Xander on the cheek as they walked out of the room and into their new life together. He knew it would be a difficult life for the two of them but he loved Xander and had done since he was ten years old.


The End

You have reached the end of "Duty". This story is complete.

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