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Who I Really Am

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Summary: Ginny Weasley is ignored be everyone. One night she makes a wish. Please read-I also fixed a few things in the first chapters.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsZakhynsiaFR1552,197095,0523 Sep 041 Nov 07No

Who I Really Am

Who I Really Am
by Zakhynsia

Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairings:Ginny/Draco, Xander/Spike, Dawn/Kit

Disclaimer:NOT MINE!!! The plot is all I own-Go Me:)

Chapter One

Ginny Weasley sat down in an overstuffed chair in the corner of the library. The Golden Trio walked by without noticing her as they laughed at one of the twin's pranks. She sighed and looked around, it wasn't the first time no one noticed her existance. Just once it would be nice to talk to someone about the changes that have been happening, even Moaning Myrtle ignored her because of first year.

Looking at the clock, Ginny noticed it was time for her private tutoring in Potions. Unlike all the other Gryffindors, she was fascinated by potions and their properties and uses. Professor Snape, recognizing the intellect and enthusiasm for potions in her offered to teach her on her own. Ginny had come to see him as her mentor but she still couldn't talk to him about some things.

She had surpassed the seventh years ages ago and was now allowed to create and improve without supervision, but Ginny needed some help improving her latest potion. Her invisiblity potion worked on the person completely-breathing, footsteps- and would be perfect for the Order if it didn't turn the weared neon blue when it wore off. She only had a few more days to perfect it before the term ended.

Chapter Two

Ginny stood off to the side of the group not wanting to become trampled as Harry, Ron, and Hermione were welcomed back like war heroes. Voldemort had not made an appearance this year, but they were so "brave" nonetheless.

As they drove home Ginny withdrew into her thoughts, contemplating the events of her sweet sixteen. There had been no presents or congratulations, but she hadn't been bothered by it, it had happened before. No, it was that night when she dreamed. She was bombarded by visions of death and vampires and evil. She had woken up in a sweat and batted the alarm clock that chose that moment to go off. Ginny was even more disturbed by the fact that the alarm clock had flown across the room to smash to bits against the far wall. Ginny, over the next week in the Room of Requirement tested her new skills and strengths. She found out that she could lift Hagrid if she wanted to and was expert at weapons the first time she tried them out.

Ginny was shaken from her thoughts by her brother, Charlie. "Hey Gin, come on we're home get your stuff into the house." "Sorry Charlie, I guess I spaced out for a minute there" Ginny replied only to see that her brother had already walked away. She sighed and took her things to her room.

That night, as Ginny looked out at the stars, she saw one fall. Looking at it she couldn't help herself as she did something that would forever change her life. She wished. But what she didn't know was that someone had heard her wish.............and granted it.

Well what do you think? Please review, but be kind this is my first fanfic.
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