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Summary: : a region or scene of simple pleasure and quiet

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Television > Joan of ArcadiaSweetNorahFR2111,564021,5084 Sep 044 Sep 04No

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Arcadia by

Pronunciation: är-'kA-dE-&

Function: noun

Usage: often capitalized

Etymology: Arcadia, region of ancient Greece frequently chosen as background
for pastoral poetry

: a region or scene of simple pleasure and quiet

Fandom: BtVS/AtS/JoA

Category: Crossover

Warnings: Violence/Sex

Spoilers: Season 7 of Buffy, Season 5 of Angel,
Season one of Joan of Arcadia

Rating: R, for a lot of Spike’s potty
mouth, but will become NC-17 eventually.

Pairing: Multiple, but mostly cannon.

Feedback: Sure, I would love some

Archive: If you want it take it, just tell
me where it’s going

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Angel
for that matter and surely not god. And I would take this time to tell god that
if he/she/it or whatever it is politically correct in referring to an almighty
being these days, happens to read this story or maybe just knows about it as
I’m typing this disclaimer… well it doesn’t really matter
how he knows but if you ever see this good. I really don’t mean any respect
and if you feel the need to strike down anyone with a bolt of lightning or you
know turn us into salt. Just… well you shouldn’t cast the first
stone, after all you made me and as such you should have known this would be
the result and anyway Barbara Hall is way more blameworthy than me.

A/N: I need a beta bad, if you want the job
drop me a line at

Chapter One: Leaving all battles behind

May 21, 2004 Downtown LA

The scythe
was raised high above her head, and against the backdrop of fighting warriors
and monster accentuated by the odd lighting bolt or magical fire, she looked
like a vengeful goddess.

He was on his knees, the dragon-like demon hovering above him
when he saw her. She came tearing down the hillside with a band of teenage slayers
on her heals and for a second he could do little else but stare at her in all
her savage beauty.

“Buffy,” Her name was a mere whisper as it slipped
from his lips, and then there was only darkness.

When he came to his first sensation was pain, wild flaring pain that seemed
to be coursing trough his body like a fire, his every nerve protesting against
the abuse. He groaned as he tried to turn over, in some vain attempt to ease
the pain flaring up and down his back.

He couldn’t see the hands that eased him gently down against
the pillows, not could he see the face of those who stood around the hospital
bed. But he knew with unbearable certainty who was and wasn’t there.

“Wes?” he croaked out, in a hesitant voice. Pretty
sure he didn’t want the answer.

“He is dead.” Came the cool emotionless voice of
the goddess that had been the bane of his existence for the past months.

He hesitated for a long time, wondering if he could survive
the answer to his next question. “And… And Buffy?”

Angel felt his throat close with loss as he told his grand childe
the words that would take his love away from him forever. “She’s
still in ICU… But she’s going to be fine.”

Spike slumped back against his pillows, breathing a sigh of
relief. Buffy was going to be fine, she wasn’t dead. And nether was he.

Two days later Buffy was released from Cedars-Sinai only to find Spike waiting
for her in the lobby.

“So…” She looked up at him from the wheelchair
the nurses had insisted on. He looked good she registered even tough she really
didn’t want to.

“Yeah…” He looked away from her wide eyes
that seemed to be brimming with anger.

“So back to being alive, undead… whatever”


Buffy felt like she could hardly breathe, she had hoped and
prayed so long for just a glimpse of him, but now all she could feel was cold
hard betrayal. “And the thought of giving me a call never struck you?”


“You… You don’t know what it was like. I watched
you burn that day Spike.”

“I know.”

“NO!” She sobbed. “No you don’t. You
died and I had to go on.”

“I know.”

“And now… Now I find out that all along when I was
hurting and trying to breathe. You were here.” She looked away.


“Was this some sort of joke you played on me?”

Her voice was quiet, just above a whisper. So vulnerable, Spike
had to reach out in an attempt to give her some sort of comfort. “No!
Buffy, please…”

“Like ha-ha I finally got Buffy to love me now lets see
how miserable we can make her.”

He felt his anger starting to heat up “Damnit Buffy it
wasn’t like that”

“Then how could you!”

“They told me you where happy.”

“Happy?” She looked at him with disbelief evident
in those soulful eyes of her “Happy! I was miserable.”

“Yeah? Well it didn’t take you long to move on.”
Spike announced coldly


“Yeah I was there, I saw you.”

“Excuse me?”

“I saw you with that sodding im-fucking-mortal.”

Buffy looked at him as if he had lost his mind.

“You saw me with the immortal?”


“And that made you… what? Angry? I’m not allowed
to have friends?”

“The immortal is not your bleedin’ friend.”

“And you know this because you didn’t even bother
sending me a postcard when you were resurrected perhaps?”

“No cause the Immortal is nobody’s friend.”

“Fine,” Buffy raised her arms in defeat. “Henrich
is not my friend, he is my new vamp-toy and we meet every night so that we can
make wet wild vampire love, because even tough I felt guilty over having a relationship
with you and Angel who had a soul… eventually. I managed to let all those
pesky feelings of wrongness slip away so that I could become the vampire layer
instead of the slayer, as soon as my fucking soulmate died to save the world.”

“Your soulmate?” Spike could hardly string the words
together as one thought resonated in his mind.


Buffy just called him her soulmate.

It was almost a week later that Buffy and Spike emerged from the hospitality
suite of W&H’s offices, hand in hand, giggling like teenagers; they
made their way towards Angels offices where the survivors of their latest
battle had convened now that mostly everyone who had survived had been released
from the hospital in various stages of healing.

Giles and the slayers sat at the largest table discussing the
latest events while the people from LA and Willow were immersed in some kind
of discussion about the merits of magical shields in battle.

The two of them paused in the doorway looking over the people
they knew and in some cases loved.

Buffy coughed softly and just like that all the talk stilled
as every head in the room turned towards them.

Dawn rose from her seat at the conference table and made her
way towards her sister, already knowing what she was about to say.

She had been one of the few people that had been allowed into
the suite during what the SiT’s had dubbed “The Buffy/Spike love
fest of 2004”.

She took her place next to her sister and the vampire who was
more of a father to her than anything else. Ready to ride the storm that would
follow Buffy’s announcement.

Buffy looked around at the familiar faces of friends and loved ones; she had
been fighting the good fight for almost nine years now, eight of then alongside
her watcher and her friends.

But things were
different now, she was no longer a teenager nor was she the only one equipped
to fight this fight. She had a sister who depended on her, and by some act of
good the man she could no longer deny loving had been returned to her.

She cleared her
throat. Taking a deep breath trying to soothe her frazzled nerves, before speaking
the words that would surely be the most important ones she had ever spoken,
the words that would define her life from this moment on.

“I quit.”

Strangely enough
there where no shouts of dismay, no accusations or tears from her friends. Only
a calm acceptance as Giles raised his eyes to hers.

“We understand.”

Spikes hand relaxed
around hers as her watcher seemed to understand what they were giving up as
they decided to walk away from a battle they both loved, forsaking the battle
they thrived on for the chance of giving Dawn a normal life and for a hope of
a lifetime together.

It was Angel who
asked the question, “Where will you go?”

And Spike that
smiled softly as he looked into the eyes of the woman he finally had a chance
to love fully. “We’ll find our Arcadia.”


Next week
on Arcadia:

“Do it Joan.”
He stated

she yelled. “Why should I? Give just one good reason to do as you say.
Your not real you know. I made you up when I was insane, and now I’m better
so you’re supposed to go away but your not and that’s cheating cause
there were rules I thought and you are breaking them and I… I…”

She fell to her
knees on the dirty wet sidewalk. “Please” She sobbed, “please,
I don’t know what’s happening, and I thought I did but I don’t.
So won’t you please leave me alone?”

“I can’t

His voice was so
soft, so caring that for a second she believed again.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Arcadia" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Sep 04.

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