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Payback is a Bitch

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Summary: AB Fic-a-Thon for CharlotteB, Part of the AI team get transportet into the AB verse, ONE day before Musette arrives

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Anita Blake > Multiple Pairings > RomanceDawnladyFR1514,665143,1836 Sep 046 Sep 04Yes
AB-Fic-a-thon for CharlotteB

What You Want To Read
Max Rating: 15, bit of violence and cussing, just to be sure
Type: Any
Characters: Faith, Wesley, Connor, Fred, Cordelia, Spike and/or Illyria
One Thing You Want To See: Anita Blake being taken down a notch or two
One Thing You Don't Want To See: Whiny!Moody!Richard

What I am writing:
Max rating: 15
Type: Adventure, bit of Romance
Characters: Faith, Wesley, Connor, Fred, Cordelia, Spike (no Illyria!)
Pairings: (hints at) Faith/Asher, Fred/Richard Vivian/Spike

CharlotteB, I hope you like the story, my muse wasn’t really cooperative the last weeks, but I still hope you like the result.

Not beta read. I am SORRY I wasn’t able to get the story ready early enough to send it to my beta.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Anita Blake universe or the BtVS universe. Anita Blake belongs to L. K. Hamilton and BtVS to Joss Whedon et al. I am just a fanfiction writer, playing with the what if’s and not making any money with it.

Private disclaimer: English is not my native language (which would be German) please do not be offended by mistakes due to this. I am bound to make some vocabulary, choice of words, spelling and grammar mistakes. Please point them out to me. I will correct them immediately. I want to improve!

Payback is a Bitch

It had happened again. They had pissed of Wolfram and Hart and now they had to deal with the consequences.
Grumbling the group made its way through the forrest. This time they were all send through a portal. Stupid evil law firms with their stupid contacts to powerful magical beings. Cordy was really really angry.
It was Angels fault. And HE wasn’t even caught with them.
They arrived at a clearing full of cabins, shortly after sundown. A man with greyish hair welcomed them.
“Welcome at the Blue Moon cabins, are you searching for a accommodation? I am Verne, the owner of the cabins.”

“No, we well we are lost. We woke up in the woods some hours ago and have tried to find a way back into the civilization since then.” Wesley explained.

“Where should you be?”

“Well that is the next problem, we woke up in the woods, without any knowledge about our whereabouts or about a way back home. Where ever home might be.”

Verne was shocked, they were telling the truth, he would have smelled a lie.
“Do you have any idea what has happened? You are at the Blue Moon Cabins in the Ozarks
near Myerton, Tennessee.”

“Well the last thing we can remember was us sitting in the Lobby of the Hyperion Hotel in LA. The next thing any of us can remember is waking up in the woods.”

Verne was thinking about his options. They were lost and in need of help. But some of them smelled weird. He would not endanger his pack by people reeking of vampire and power.
He had an idea.
“Some friends of mine will be on their way back to St. Louis in an hour. You could go with them. St. Louis is a lot bigger as Myerton and it’ll be easier to find your way back home, there.”
Should Richard solve the problem. After all the trouble one of his last visits had brought over the pack, he could really do that.
And he had an executioner and a vampire master at his exposal.
“I do not think Richard would mind. Would you wait here?”


Now, Richard had a problem. He could not put these people into the Circus without putting the sleeping Vampires into danger. He sighed again. He would call some of his pack and Anita to ensure the safety of the local vampires and the Master of the city.


As they arrived at the Circus it was full of shifters and one really annoyed Anita Blake.
Richard brought the whole group into Jean-Claude’s bureau.

Anita gaped. There was so much power in this room, these visitors must be a force of their own. A master vampire who didn’t die at sunrise, some women reeking of power, another vampire, awake, too, most likely the second of the master. A big entourage, powerful women, a man looking like his business manager or as he looked rather sexy, maybe just one more pomme de sange.

Anita caressed her gun. „Who are you? Why are you here? Why did you enter our city without permission?”

Richard interrupted her. „They entered the city with my permission. They were stranded and the Oak Tree Clan could not supply the help needed.”

Damned Boy Scout, Anita thought, he had to get into the first trap someone put up for him.
“Richard, you do not bring powerful vampires into your city, if there is no need.”
“There is need, they need help. And I do not see why we shouldn’t help them. And Verne asked me to help them. We are in his debt from the whole Blue Moon disaster and the fact that he allowed their vargamor to train you.”

“Ehm, I am sorry to interrupt you, but why don’t you just ask us about our intentions instead of quarrelling in front of us?”

Anita glared at the man. Definitely human, a bit residentual magic, but not much power, he looked like a skilled fighter, but not like a shooter. And he certainly could not be their leader, as a rather old master vampire was with them.

The man spoke again. “I am Wesley Windham-Pryce. Next to me is Fred, then Cordelia, Connor, Faith and Spike alias William the Bloody. We came here by accident. We do not intend to harm anyone. We are seeking for a way home. We were sent to this place through some kind of a portal. We have no knowledge of this world and its rules.”

Anita tried to evaluate the strength and skills of the group and every member of it.
Fred looked shy, like geek in a way, but she was really aware of her surroundings and Anita would not be deceived by her outward appearance. Cordelia looked like a cheerleader or actress out of a picture, the kind who would force her way through everything. Connor had the feeling of a vampire, but at the same time, he felt human, and she had seen him walking through the early sun without protection. Faith was small, agile but still small, maybe the love bird of the master or something like this, as she had enough power to be of interest for a vampire. Spike, the vampire was a peroxide blond, with a punk attitude, and a good deal of power, roughly about a thousand years old or so. {he has a lot of power, the vampires of the AB universe don’t have, for example only the eldest can be awake in the daytime. Anita evaluates more power then age, so Spike has to feel old for her}
He was the first Master vampire with a bad fashion sense, well and one of the very few with any fashion sense, that wasn’t out of date for some centuries.

“Which territory belongs to you?” Anita asked the blonde vampire ignoring the other man, Wesley and speaking with the most important of the guests.
“Territory, I have no territory, luv!”
“You are a master. I do not know your city, but you feel like a master vampire. So where is your territory?”
“Master? Yes, I am a master vampire. But I do not have a territory, this isn’t my bleeding dimension at all!”

“I am sorry Ms. Blake. But he is speaking the truth, he is a master vampire but not the master of a city a title that is extinct in our dimension, since a slayer dealt with the Queen of Nightmares and Belle Morte. They never tried to establish a council afterwards. The Beast Master and Oliver died a year later trying to establish their place as leaders. Oh I am sorry, I should have thought about the fact that you would not know the names of famous vampires of our dimension.”

Anita was really white and really shocked. “They, they killed Belle Morte AND the Queen of Nightmares? What kind of monsters did you built for this work? They are a force here.”

Now it was Spike’s turn to look shocked. “You mean, they live? They still live here? In this dimension nobody killed them? They are still here? I mean I hope not here as in here here …”
“Spike you lived too long near Willow, stop babbling and breath, or you .. ehm.. or you won’t be quite:”

Anita gaped. “No, they are not here, they are the council…”

“Great those bloody wankers, … “

“But a delegation will be here, soon.”

“Bloody hell.”

“So they are bad news? Why don’t you just stake them?”

“Stake them? Stakes are illegal. As killing a vampire is illegal without a death warrant. There are Vampire Executioners assigned to kill the vampires with a warrant on them. Killing a vampire who isn’t sentenced to death by a judge is murder.”

“Bloody hell”

“Damn I am illegal here! That sucks!”

“Excuse me, killing a vampire is murder?”

“Yes vampires are ‘humans’ too, they have rights, are allowed to vote and are perfectly normal citizen of the USA. Well normal if you do not consider their diet, and them dying in the day.”

“Who was mad enough to give vampires the right to vote?”

“They die here, during the day?”

“Silence!” Cordy had enough. “We do not need this. I take it the council is bad news. I also take it, that vampires have rights too. But what is this whole thing about Masters and a Master of the city. And who are you? The queen of the damned ?”

“Cordy… “

“Daft may queen. You know about master vampires! Angel, me, THE master, Drusilla, Darla ring any bells?”

“If I may interrupt you. I am Jean-Claude, the master of the city, what are you doing in my territory?”

“Nooo, not again. Short version. I am just asking about the master of the city crap, damned cryptic vamps. We are from another dimension, just dimension hopping for a while, because some evil warlock sent us here. No idea about masters of cities or permissions. We are here because the Verne dude sent us to Wolf boy here, and Wolf boy meant we could crash here.” Cordelia huffed.

“Cordy, don’t speak with the evil master vampire as if he is one of your pupil who pissed you off. Be nice to him.” Fred added.

Jean-Claude had problems to stop gaping. ‘Evil master vampire?’ ‘Be nice?’ ‘Who were those people?’

“I am sorry. As Cordy said, we are stranded here, as some warlock sent us here because we were in his way. We are all working for Angel Investigations in LA, our dimensional version of LA, to be sure. I am Wesley, this is Fred, Cordy, Connor, Faith and Spike.”

“You were speaking about Masters of the city as I entered ? You do not know about that system?”

“I know of this hierarchy as Spike does, too. It was discarded in our dimension, as a slayer killed Belle Morte and the Queen of Nightmares as well as Oliver and the Beast Master, just a couple of years later. Afterwards none of the vampires wanted such a prominent position, he would have to be at least semi-known in other cities and that alone would attract the slayer. “

“They are dead in your world?”

It was an awkward discussion that ended with Musette and her entourage entering the Circus weeks too early.

The guests were ushered into a room, and ordered to stay there until the council vampires would retire for the night or would be otherwise engaged and then someone would explain some things to them.


Hours later Anita and Asher entered the room.

“Belle Morte’s second, Musette is here. She is here to discipline us. You are in grave danger by staying here. But we haven’t got another choice now. Some of you mes amis have to be pomme de sange to our guests or us tomorrow. Spike will have to play one of Jean-Claude’s vampires and you can save one of the females as your plaything and another one as your pomme de sange to have them next to you.”

“We will have to be what`? “

“Pomme de sang. Apple of food, you have to offer your blood to one of the vampires to be his dinner.”

“No way!”

“You live with a master vampire, sure you know how to serve as food.”

“No we do not know! None of our vampire friends would dare to try. They would loose their fangs or other things trying.”

“What? You really think you could stand the slightest chance against a vampire? No chance little girl.” Anita sneered.


The next evening.

Asher was memorized. The little minx with the dark hair had not only been able to make the vampires break truce first, she had broken most of Musettes bones before she had put the screaming vampire down on a cross in her coffin forcing a second cross into the vampires mouth. She had challenged Belle Morte and won, having a shield that even Belle could not breach.
She was a true beauty beheading and staking the Old Ones, while Spike knocked both Child vamps out.

They were amazing, all of them had fought, killing enough of the small rats, to force the rest of them out of the call of the vampiress, shielding the ones doing important work. They had even thought about disarming the wererats, the moment, Musette started calling them.
They were the ones forcing the entourage to submit.

Now he was watching the little minx, Faith, who had broken her back in the process of killing the last Old One who tried to rise again after being shot down by Anita for the seventh time.
He sat next to her, hoping the words of her friends were right, hoping she would survive and recover.

They were deep in the Circus, the room was full of the injured ones, and Lillian the doctor of the wererats was taking care of them having Cherry with her as her nurse.
The beds next to Faith were occupied by friends of her, Fred had suffered a mild blow on the head, one of the wererats was a bit too enthusiastic while throwing his gun away.
And Cordy had collapsed after the whole incident, screaming. A vision, or so they were told. She hadn’t woken since then.

He caressed Faiths hand. She was unconscious. Her friends said, she would heal, they were more interested in caring for the other women. He would stay with her.
He told her about himself, whispering into her ear, even telling her about Julianna and the Inquisition. He told her about her beauty about her fire and how much he needed fire in his life. He told her about his heartache, about Jean-Claude, loving Anita and not him, about being jealous of the love they had, of being jealous of both of them, Anita for having Jean-Claude and Jean-Claude for having Anita.
That she could be his new fire. She was what he had searched for, he would give her the first mark should she need it for healing. Hell he would give her all the marks, to help her heal, should she not have gotten better by tomorrow at last. Right now, he was bound to his word, to do nothing, she belonged to another vampire and he would not challenge the claim she had, even if it looked like a killing bite and not a claiming one.


Hours later, Cordelia was telling them about her vision. Well, rather not a real vision, the PTB had shown her a way to get back to their LA. But it was a three person deal, three could go, three would have to stay. The PTB insisted, that the seer and Connor would have to go, and the Slayer would not be allowed to go.
So they had to make a choice for the third.
After a long discussion they chose Wesley as the third, in the hope they would find a way to get the rest of them later, maybe even with Dawns help.


They had left them, before they even regained consciousness. Both women who had to stay hadn’t even been awake to say good bye to their friends.
The peroxide blond vampire was sitting between the beds of his two ladies, while both ladies had a man on their other side. Asher was sitting at Faith side and, surprisingly, Richard was sitting on Fred’s side. Both men were worried about the women, who were now stranded in this dimension.

Faith was angry as she saw Whistler in her dream. She hated the messenger demon. He was cryptic and he was never bringing any good news.
“What do you want, Whistler?”

“I just want to tell you, that the PTB used this chance to help you to get a new life in this new dimension. You, Fred and Spike will stay here, to have a new chance at life and love. Without your past to destroy it.
You all needed to get away from broken lifes, again. The slayer line is secured with all the Mini-Slayers and Buffy. So we had a chance to give you a new start.
Ask your new friends to get you an identity and don’t be afraid of love, even if you think of him as of an enemy. They have souls here.
Tell the bleached wonder and Fred that they should build themselves a life here, too.
And now, it is time to wake up, don’t you think so?


Faith woke up noticing a shadow next to her. She tensed as she sensed that it was a vampire but not Spike or Angel.
A second later she relaxed as she remembered where she was.

“Faith, little one, you are awake. Your friend Fred is in the bed next to you, Spike is upstairs getting a drink. Are you alright? Do you need something?”


It was difficult to realize that the babbling male was indeed Asher who had been so quiet before the fight.

“Yes little one?”

“Where are Cordy, Connor and Wesley? They aren’t dead, are they?”

“No petite foi, they aren’t dead, they returned to your world. I am sorry.”

“You are sorry that they returned?”

“Petite foi, I am sorry that they returned and left you here.”

“If that’s all, why the hell are you calling me little one?”

“It is a mere nickname, I know that you are a great warrior, but you are such a petite and delicate woman, Faith”

“I am what? You are confusing me and B!”

“Who might this B be? I do not know her, non? “

“No, you do not know her. She is still home.”

“I am sorry petite.”


“Because you are stuck here, and most of your friends could go back home. They left you. All three of you.”

“Well, we are the odd one anyway. We will have to build a life for us here. Do you think you or JC could help?”

“Petite, I would do anything to help you. Anything!”

“We will need new identities, Fred and me, maybe even Spike. We will need money and cloths and food and a place to live and we will have to get jobs.”

“Petite, you can stay here as long as you want, we can get some cloth for all of you, and there is plenty of food and rooms here. So please, stay?”


Fred was slowly waking, she wasn’t dumb she knew she wouldn’t get back home this time.
She had not needed the PTB to tell her, that she wouldn’t be rescued out of foreign dimensions, twice in a life time. At least this should be a new chance at life, as they had found allies pretty soon. And it would be a new chance at love for her, after she had broken things up with Gunn, as the PTB messenger had told her.
A new chance at love? Who would love plain Fred Burkle in a world full of gorgeous preternatural creatures?
She opened her eyes and saw one of the most beautiful men she had ever met sit next to her.

Richard sensed a change in Fred’s heartbeat. As he looked at her, he realized that she was awake.
She looked so cute. She was intelligent, she was brave, she was human and she accepted all the creatures she had met here without any problems. She was at ease in a room full of shape shifters and vampires, even in a room full of feeding vampires and shape shifting weres.

She was everything Anita wasn’t. She accepted her own destiny and she accepted her non-human or not regular human friends without freaking. She loved her life, she was interested in everything.
And she liked him. He knew it, he could smell her desire.

“So where are the others?”

“Faith is in the bed next to you, resting again, Spike is upstairs somewhere he wanted to feed and cook some food for Faith and you.”

“Connor, Cordy and Wesley? “

“They found their way back. They left you here.”

“Oh great, back in a foreign dimension again, at least it isn’t like on Pylea.”


“Yeah, Pylea. Demon dimension, humans are a kind of cattle for them, slaves and food so to say. I was trapped there for 5 years before I was saved by the Angels team. It was horrible.”

“Sounds horrible. Our world is nothing like that. There is the occasional power struggle in vampire politics or shifter politics, we have preternatural and normal crimes like your world but nothing to bad.”

“It sounds rather easy with the police working against preternatural crimes as well. In our world it’s mostly just us or the slayers, or the Scoobies of the original Slayer.”

“It’s not easy to imagine a world where most people do not even recognize the preternatural.”

“Back to worlds, we will need identities here, jobs, cloths, and a place to stay. We are stuck. The PTB were really clear on that. There is no way home! We will need to build ourselves a whole new background. I can do some of it, with a computer that is connected to the internet. But I will need help.”

“We can help you. Give you a place to stay and a job. I own the Lunatic Café and Jean-Claude has business too. Or you could be an assistant teacher as you are a physicist and mathematician. Whatever you like. You can live here or we will arrange something else.”

“You would really help me?”

“I would help you. I would do a lot of things for one of those smiles.”



Spike had went to feed.

He was offered one of Anita’s were leopards, a beautiful but shy girl.
He liked her at first sight. She was a beauty.

Anita glared daggers at him. Instead of feeding at once he went to Anita.

“What’s your problem, Blake?”

“I do not like it when my pard is degraded to food.”

“Aw, but she isn’t just food. She looks delicious.”

“Hands off. She is nearly broken now, do not break her. I will kill you if you harm her.”

“Down, girl. I will not hurt her. She is a beauty. I like my girls’ beauty. And I like it to take care of someone. I can proof it. I was in a one century long relationship with Drusilla, who sang to the stars and spoke with her dolls, and I never hurt her. She left me.”

Anita could see the pain in Spikes eyes. She had to rethink her view of vampires again. She knew this was a master vampire, he liked power and a good fight, and still he could be tender and take care of someone in need.

Spike eyed the broken look in Vivian’s eyes and scooted to her.


Vivian felt hurt, she offered herself to this vampire as pomme de sange, and he went to Anita not to her. Wasn’t she pretty enough? Wasn’t the power of her blood enough?

She eyed the two of them talking. Well maybe he wanted Anita like every other male wanted her.

She had given up trying to be of interest for him. She had wanted to be his pomme de sang, to please him enough that he would ask Anita if he could keep her, Vivian, as his. She wanted it so badly she had Micah promise to help her if Anita would get upset about it. And now he didn’t even look at her.

She was lost in her thoughts and didn’t felt his approach until he stood right next to her.

“Vivian? Are you ok with me feeding from you?”

“Yeah, I am, master. I will feed you everyday if you take me. Please will you take me as your pomme de sange?”

“The name is Spike, not Master. You are one of Anita’s pard, it isn’t my decision.”

“Please, let me be your pomme de sange. Protect me?”

“All right, pet. I’ll speak with Anita, but first come with me. Have a taste of what you ask for, before we ask your Nimir-ra.”


Weeks later.

Anita was in a hell of rage. Everything had changed since the strangers had fought against Musette with them.

Three of them were still in the city and nothing would ever be the same again.

She hadn’t seen Asher alone for quite a while now, he was in the company of Faith all the time. Faith was being one of the bouncers at the Guilty Pleasures, now. Searching women for weapons and holy items and sometimes throwing them off stage again. There were some cases of women suiting the male bouncers so they arranged female bouncers, two vampire ladies and Faith. Faith liked it there, she even liked it more because Asher was managing the club for Jean-Claude.

Asher and Faith had adjoining rooms at the circus now, being officially a couple.
Asher had not marked Faith yet. She was claimed as she had offered him her blood on special occasions, but she was no human servant and she had her own will and mind.

And Anita was jealous about it.

Anita was also jealous of Spike, Vivian adored him and had preferred his protection to hers. She lived in a room next to his as his pomme de sange and most likely his girlfriend, too. At least everyone suspected that they were together.

Spike took care of Vivian who wasn’t a shadow of herself anymore as she had been since they had rescued her from Padma.
She had never seen a vampire as tender and careful as Spike.

But most of all Anita was jealous of Fred. Fred who had left the circus and was living with Richard. Fred who had been lupa for a week now. As bolverk Anita had to kill Paris because Paris tried to kill or at least infect the new human lupa. Fred hadn’t been hurt at all, she had bludgeoned Paris even before Anita had reached them.
Most of the pack loved her, partly because she wasn’t hiding behind Anita or Richard, but mostly because she had changed Richard. He had found himself, he was accepting and embracing his beast, since Fred loved even those part of him and it was common to find her petting a big wolf in the living room if you were visiting unexpected.
She was Richards anchor, she was human but she didn’t fear his wolf or anyone else’s wolf.

Anita was jealous, but she knew it was right this way. She had her two men, Richard and Asher had both found love and she should be happy about it.

Note: This story is practically crying for a sequel as I have the feeling of this just being a bit more than the mere prologue. But for now, that’s it. Hope you like it.

The End

You have reached the end of "Payback is a Bitch". This story is complete.

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