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The Sleeper Must Awaken

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Summary: SG-1 General Fic-a-Thon for Ueshiba. Willow discovers Jack O’Neill under the ice in Antarctica and learns information that will change the world forever. BtVS-SG1.

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredtrinfanebFR1533,83801311,2237 Sep 047 Sep 04Yes

Chapter 1

The Sleeper Must Awaken

Disclaimer: All characters are the intellectual property of their respective creators, film
companies, etc.; this story may not be sold or distributed on a profit-making basis. I welcome free
distribution of the story, but please let me know if you are going to do it. trinfaneb at yahoo dot

Written for the SG-1 General Fic-A-Thon for Ueshiba who wanted "Post-Chosen, the
disturbance over Antarctica is noticed (last eps in S7 for SG1) and a team sent to investigate.
Jack is discovered and rescued via magical means" and "In-depth character development, not the
instantaneous 'I'm a Slayer, you kill aliens?" and NO "PWP or Another Portal!Buffy story;
Military!Xander having been in the SGC - too much of this already."

Spoilers: Major spoilers for pretty much all of Buffy and Angel, especially "Chosen" and "Not
Fade Away." Spoilers for the basic plot of seasons 1-7 of SG-1 and especially "The Lost City"
parts 1 and 2.


Chapter 1

As it turned out, Willow materialized only a few feet above the ground in the mile deep ice
cavern. Under the circumstances, she thought that was a pretty good teleporting spell. She
didn't have the time nor the spare mystical energy to make herself levitate, so she just plopped
down onto the ice as her hair color changed from white to its normal red. Fortunately she wore
stuntman-style body pads and was prepared to roll like a parachutist in order to break her fall.

Taking inventory as she regained her breath after the impact, she realized that nothing seemed to
be broken or sprained. She also wasn't freezing to death either. The down outerwear helped
with this, but the temperature of the chamber seemed to be not too far below freezing. At this
point she wasn't sure if this was due to the insulating properties of ice, geothermal activity, or a
by-product of the strange looking machinery in the cavern.

She fished a crystal out of a jacket pocket as she walked around the chamber. She held the
crystal out in front of her as she made a circuit of the room so that it had a clear view of
everything in the chamber. She stopped under the mile long bore hole through the ice and held
the crystal above her head and intoned, "obscure espion." Now she didn't have to worry about
any electronic spying devices left behind by the government. If there were any devices present,
they would show the chamber with no activity and normal environmental readings. Her
teleportation spell had included a five minute long spy blocking sub-spell to cover the period
before she cast the main spell.

She looked up the bore hole and saw that it went straight up to the surface without any
obstructions. Her own spy probes had shown her that the government had constructed a building
over the hole and posted guards around the site and the likely land approaches. But they didn't
come down the hole and investigate the machinery. She supposed this had something to do with
the non-military aspects of the eleven-nation Antarctica treaty. Her probes showed personnel
from many nations cleaning up the debris from some great battle above the surface. She
suspected that it was some kind of aerial dogfight. She also suspected that the different countries
were negotiating mutual access to the chamber below. Therefore she needed to learn as much as
she could before they started coming down the ice.

She knew the cavern and the activity surrounding it had something to do with the government
reports of a meteor shower that hit a Pacific carrier group almost a month ago and caused the
deaths of 2,000 American service men and women. She and Andrew suspected that this was a
cover story for the battle over the underground chamber. He had seen some very interesting
rumors on the internet about these and other events. Over the past year since she performed the
Slayer activation spell, she had greatly increased her mystical awareness of her surroundings and
of Gaea as a whole. She shouldn't be able to sense a conventional battle thousands of miles
away, but she did sense the Antarctica battle. She was able to do that because the heaviest
concentrations of mystical energy she had ever felt had been used during the battle.

Xander had compared it to Obi-Wan sensing the destruction of Alderan, although she hadn't
sensed the snuffing out of any lives. Just the biggest honking display of power she had ever felt.
Even if that power felt subtlety different from any other mystical energy she had ever
encountered. It eclipsed her Darth Willow and activation spell experiences. She was cognizant
enough about her psychological make-up to realize she wouldn't be able to rest until she
investigated the source of this power and found it if there was any way for her to use it.

She hadn't put it in those terms to the rest of the gang during their weekly leadership meeting.
But they had agreed that this event needed to be investigated and Willow was the logical person
to do it. So she had teleported some mystical spy probes over the battle area and down the bore
hole. She was busy making refinements to her teleporting spell so she could safely materialize
into the chamber when she began to feel mystical rumblings of a battle in Los Angeles. She
teleported more spy probes and managed to witness the end of the battle in the alley near the

Within a couple of minutes she saw Gunn, then the creature that had killed Fred, and then Spike
be killed by the demon hordes. She was frantically explaining things to Kennedy and preparing a
teleport spell when Angel was set upon by a dozen demons and dusted. Angel and his crew had
killed at least a hundred of the demons including one dragon, but there were just too many in the
end. Over the past year she had tried to pretend she didn't care about Angel, Spike, Wesley, and
the others she didn't know as well, but now she broke down and let a couple of tears slip out and
swore vengeance upon those who had killed her former comrades-in-arms.

Last fall she had reluctantly gone along with Giles and Xander and agreed not to have any direct
contact with Angel and his people. Faith had become bored and irritated with the then
teleconference meetings just a few months after the Sunnydale Hellmouth was closed and now
ignored them and concentrated on Slayer training and demon killing in Cleveland. The re-materialization of Spike, the conflict over mental patient turned Slayer Dana, and the emergence
of Illyria had made it easier to shun Angel and his decision to take over the Wolfram & Hart LA
branch. Giles and Xander still didn't trust Spike and feared Illyria and Willow shared the same
feelings, if only to a lesser extent. Buffy was in Rome and in love with the Immortal and didn't
participate in most Slayer business these days. The group decision had been made not to inform
her about Spike's re-emergence. It was reasoned that if Spike really cared about her, he would
make an effort to contact her himself.

Well now that would never happen. During the emergency meeting that was called after the
Hyperion Battle, all the facts came out and Buffy had some choice words for everyone. She cut
her phone connection and wouldn't return any calls. Later they learned from Dawn that Buffy
broke up with the Immortal because he had also concealed knowledge of Spike from her. Dawn
said that Buffy just wanted to be left alone. The Senior Slayer felt sad and guilty.

Willow shared those emotions. But she also felt the need for vengeance. She, Faith, Andrew,
and most of the Slayers vowed to destroy those who had killed Angel, Spike, and Wesley. Giles
and Xander had tried to argue against it, but they soon realized they couldn't win and gave their
reluctant assistance to the venture.

Leaving only one Slayer and a trainee Watcher in Cleveland, the Slayer army descended upon
Los Angeles. In the first week they killed every hostile demon they could find in the city. Then
they followed the remnants of the demon army as it fled across several demon dimensions. By
three weeks after the Hyperion battle, all the demons that had participated in that conflict were
dead. Five Slayers and two Watchers were also killed, but everyone realized a great blow had
been delivered against the demon world.

They knew that retaliation would be coming, but the Slayer army would be ready for it. They left
a few Slayers in LA and withdrew back to Cleveland to heal and train. Willow meditated several
days in order to purge herself of the negative feelings she had experienced during the conflict.
She felt she had enjoyed personally killing those hundreds of demons more than she should have.
She also felt guilty about abandoning Angel. She knew in her heart that the abandonment had
helped push Angel and the others into their suicidal venture. He should have tried to persuade
her that he was doing the right thing. She would have believed him and convinced everyone to
help him. But he didn't and she had been too busy building up the Slayer army, her relationship
with Kennedy, and her mystical powers to seek him out and attempt to put things right.
Hopefully she would have a long life in order to deal with her guilty feelings about the events of
the past month. As well as the usual problems they faced with finding and training Slayers and
fighting demons, now she, Xander, and Giles faced the difficult and perhaps even impossible task
of reconciling with Buffy. But that was for the future. Now it was time to investigate the cavern
in Antarctica.
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