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First Days

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shattered and Changed Worlds Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Shattered Hearts

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Harry Potter > General > DramaCaliadragonFR1513,2501175,3018 Sep 048 Sep 04Yes
Title: First Days


Author: CaliaDragon


Fandom: Buffy/Harry Potter


Pairing: Past Tara/Willow, Anya/Xander   Current Hermione/Ron


Category: Angst, humor


AN: Xander, Willow and Spike have gone to Harry Potter's world.  This is the first day of classes, post OotP, but without the ending in the book.


These characters are not mine, and the Lyrics belong to Fuel, the song is Innocent.













Satan, you know where I lie

Gently I go, into that good night


All our lives get complicated

The search for pleasure's overrated

Never harmed our souls

For what the future would hold

We were innocent



Angels, lend me your might

Forfeit all my lives to get just one right


All those colors long since faded

All our smiles are confiscated

Never were we told

We'd be bought and sold

We were innocent



Yeah this prayer is for me tonight

This far down that line - we still ain't got it right


Oh and our confessions lie instated

Our next sin is contemplated

Never did we know

What the future would hold

Oh that we'd be bought and sold


We were innocent


We were innocent







Willow looked at the two men who had been her constant companions for the last two months.  They were even sharing quarters and a bed.  There was nothing sexual about it.  All of them had trouble sleeping alone and suffered from nightmares of some sort. 

They preferred to live in the dungeons and had moved their classroom to the nearest class to Severus'.  Not surprisingly Spike and the growly professor got along quite well.  The older men seemed to have a unique friendship and the first time they had heard him laugh was when Spike offered to eat the Deatheaters for his new friend.  Needless to say he had made quit an impression on the rest of the staff with that statement. 


Minerva had taken all three of them under her wing and the staff had been stunned to see the two normally stern teacher laugh and tease like a woman half her age.  Willow was feeling better, but at the same time she mourned the loss of the people that they used to be and the boy that represented the innocence that they once shared.


Of the three of them, only Xander was truly innocent.  He was the only one who had never taken a human life. He was also the only one that seemed to be able to bounce back from the horrors that their lives had become before they came to this new world. 

Willow knew that she had less of a chance of getting on with her life than any of the others did.  She missed Tara so much, but she also regretted everything that she had done to her lover.  The magick had taken her darkest impulses and her greatest fears and twisted them to the point where she became one of the people that she fought against.


She only hoped that here in this world she would be able to make up for Warren's murder and her own dark magick addiction.  Minerva was already helping her with the magick addiction.  She had taken all three of them to Poppy straight off.  Spike was diagnosed with malnutrition and ordered to give up animal blood.  Both Willow and Xander had felt guilty when they realized that he was starving all of that time and they hadn't known it. 


Willow herself was given twelve different potions that cleaned out her system and removed some of the darker germs that she had picked up from various demon fights that she had been involved in.  It was however Xander's diagnosis that made them all pause.  Xander refused to say anything about how he had received over half of the scars and injuries he had recovered from, some of which never healed right.  Poppy had tutted at him and proceeded to give him both blood and bone healing potions.  They found out to their horror that both Willow and Xander shared a common infection that would eventually lead to their deaths.  Not for years, but by the time they passed on they would have died a horrible and painful death.


Poppy had been able to trace it back to the day on the bluff. Something from the dark magicks and from the temple that she had unearthed had done something to them.  They were better now and the tainted magick had been removed from their systems.  For the last two months Xander and Willow had been getting used to using wands, while they worked out a curriculum for the students.  No one could figure out why the two young people had picked up so quickly on the magicks that they were using, though they thought it had to do with their past magick experience.  They also had managed to impress Severus with their knowledge of Potions and had each taken a test that proclaimed them Masters and thus making them qualified to teach.


Today was their first time meeting the students and they were nervous.  All three of them had been told stories about nearly every student in the school and already had an idea as to how to treat the different classes, especially the joint Gryffindor/Slytherin class.  All three of them had decided they were going to make it clear from the start that they didn't play games.  Especially since neither Xander nor Willow looked as though they were dangerous; unlike Severus and Spike who scared people just by being in their company for longer than a few seconds.






Remus sat beside Severus and tried not to laugh out loud at the faces that Harry was making in his direction.  Ron and Hermione were snogging and generally ignoring the rest of the room.  Beside him Tonks was laughing at the trio and watching as Harry flirted shamelessly with both Remus and Neville Longbottom.  Sirius lay at the floor at Remus’ side watching them and occasionally butting Remus' petting hand.  It was good to see Harry happy again. He had spent all but the first three days of summer vacation as well as the last week with the two of them and had become alive again.  He had spent the rest of the summer with the Weasley's while Tonks and Remus got ready for the beginning of their classes and prepared their curriculum.


Both of them had taken over the job as Dueling Instructors.  They had managed to over turn both the magical creature’s law and every law that Umbridge had made while acting as the schools DADA professor.  Remus winked at Tonks as the younger woman began to blush.  He knew very well what she was thinking about.  The three new Professors.  Remus admitted, silently, to himself that he was very interested in the trio himself. 


Their reaction to his being a werewolf had shocked all of the other teachers in the room.  Willow had squealed happily, Xander had asked to see him change sometime and Spike had merely commented that werewolf blood had one hell of a kick.  Needles to say he liked them. 


They had told answered the questions posed to them and even Sirius was forced to make a change in his behavior when he realized that dark magick didn't necessarily make you evil.  Despite the mistakes that Willow had made she was still a gentle girl and it was obvious that she regretted what she had done.


“Students, now that our new class mates have been added to their respective houses I would like to introduce you to the newest members of our staff.  This year we will be reinstating the Dueling Club, it will be headed by Professors Tonks and Lupin, whom many of you will remember as our third year DADA professor.  I can assure he is very safe and will not harm any of you.  Also we have decided that one DADA teacher is not nearly enough, so you will have three this year.  Professors Rosenberg, Harris and Bloody.  They are sharing the class and have come up with a most challenging curriculum for you this year.  Now for the school song,” Albus said with a small grin. 


The students sang along while Willow and Xander shared a look.  Spike just shook his head, “Bloody hell I need a fag.  All this singing and happy fluff is giving me a headache.” Willow and Xander giggled, while Snuffles chuffed out a laugh and Severus covered a snort of laughter with a cough. 







Harry grinned at his friends and shared a look with Ron, “Do you suppose one of them is a vampire?”


“The blonde,” Hermione and Ron answered in unison.  The small group of seventh years all turned their attention to the main table and watched the three professors.  “They don’t look much older than us.” Hermione said a few seconds later.


Xander felt eyes on him and turned to look at the table of Gryffindors.  He grinned cheekily and waved at them, making the students laugh.  He then turned to look across the room and let his eyes fall on the Slytherins.  He grinned at them as well and waved.  The Slytherins were all stunned by this and they could see a reluctant smile come from several of the Slytherins.  The younger ones giggled and turned back to their plates, happier now that it seemed that more than one teacher was on their side as well. 


Draco Malfoy looked at the new teachers and wondered what the new year was going to be like.  It was obvious that his house hand at least one ally among the new teachers.  He hoped it just remained that way.    






Draco and Harry reached the DADA classroom at the same time the next morning.  As usual their friends were at their back.  The two boys looked at one another and everyone waited tensely to see what would happen next.  “Hey, guys get on in the classroom, we have introductions to make and stuff.” Xander said as he bounced over to where they were all standing. 


Several of the girls gasped softly at the sight of their new professor.  He wasn’t wearing a robe, instead he had on a tight black t-shirt and a pair of baggy carpenter pants.  His dark eyes were twinkling in amusement and Hermione wondered if he was aware of what he had just averted. 


The students all walked into the room separating themselves by house and peeking order.  Xander walked to the head of the classroom and leaned against the desk with his arms crossed.  He looked around the classroom, a eyebrow raised as he saw the seating arrangements.  “Okay first off, I’ll call roll, then I’ll move you all the way I want you.” Xander announced cheerfully.


As soon as the roll was called he began to pair the two houses together.  “Malfoy, Longbottom.  Potter, Zabini.  Weasley, Parkinson.  Granger, Goyle.  Balustrade, Thomas.  .  Finnegan, Nott.” And so it went until all of the students were paired up.  Harry was amused by the fact that each student had both a weak pairing and a strong pairing, but no one who had the ability to either intimidate or kill the other was paired up. 


Harry wasn’t the only one to notice this.  Both Draco and Hermione noticed as well. 


“Okay first off as you know I’m Professor Harris, however since that wigs me out you can all call me Xander.  Each Monday we will meet together and work on a project together.  You will have the Willow and Spike on Thursday and Fridays.  Willow will be working with you in connection with Professor Snape.  Now for a little warning.   All three of us have been made aware of your house feuds.  My suggestion is that you leave it outside of this classroom, especially when you are with Spike.  Trust me when I say you do not want to piss him off.  Now I’m sure its obvious that I’m not English, so I’m not going to be like the teachers you are used to or have had in the past.  First of all I’m not incompetent and secondly I’m only homicidal if someone steals my chocolate.” This brought a burst of laughter from the class. 


“You DADA classes with Spike will be held at night and they will be physically demanding.  As some of you have already guessed he is a vampire, but if you try to hurt him in anyway we’ll feed you to the octopus in the lake.  From what I’ve heard he needs the protein.” Another bought of laughter from that statement.  Even the Slytherins were amused by his behavior.  “Now finally about points.  You won’t lose points from me unless you break the rules we just talked about.  The same goes with Spike.  One final rule, if you in anyway mess with Willow or disobey her you’ll be mucking Hagrid’s stalls for the rest of the year, understood?” The class nodded quickly. 


“Coolness, so here’s what we’re going to be working on.  I was once a carpenter, a damn good one at that, so we’re going to be using my former trade just a bit.  We are also going to be using it to learn more about the worlds that each of us come from.  Purebloods will teach the Muggles born more about their worlds and the Muggles born will teach the Purebloods.  Through all of this I will teach you how to make hand crafted weapons.  Now I know your thinking what good will they do me, I have a wand? Well let me tell you what they will do, let’s say your fighting a Deatheater and you get knocked on your ass by a hex and lose your wand.  Well that’s when you reach for your other weapon and shoot his ass! Crossbows are handy in cases like that.  So are stakes.  You can throw them and wham! No more enemies or a chance to regain your wand and hex their ass to oblivion.”  Xander told them with a cold look. 


“I guess no one told you some of these gits are Deatheater kids?” Seamus asked.


Xander turned a dark look on Seamus and the Irish boy blushed.  “Lets get one thing straight, I will not put up with that crap in here.  They are not their parents.  They are your class mates and that attitude will drive them straight into Modie’s arms.  Its attitudes like that made Voldermort so strong in the first place.  Did you ever wonder that maybe the reason they cling to pure blood attitudes is because most Muggles and half-bloods treat them like shit? The only way we will discuss Deatheaters in this room is to learn how to defend ourselves if they attack.  In here all you are is my students, what house you belong to don’t mean diddly.  Got it Finnegan?”


Seamus nodded, while the Slytherins looked at one another in shock.  Only Snape had ever defended them to anyone else. 






Willow was standing at the head of the classroom looking into a sea of expectant faces and felt a smile cross her face.  They were all sitting where Xander had assigned them on Monday and they were all looking at her with confusion.  She had just told them that they were going to be learning to make defensive spells and potions.  Severus was leaning against the wall eyeing them all with speculation. 


“The person next to you will be your partner both in the final test of the year and in the coming weeks.  Once a month you will go through a obstacle course set up by Spike, Xander and myself.  You will have one hour to make it through before we come in and get you.  Professor Snape has been kind enough to allow us the use of his potions classroom.  We will be going over rudimentary potions, since the Professor has informed me that some of you are still having problems with your potions.  After you have reacquainted yourselves with the basic potions we will begin to experiment and create our own potions.  These will be used in the up coming war.  Despite what the Ministry believes you will all need to learn, no matter what side you end up finding yourselves on.  I can only hope it is on our side, but that is your decision.  Like Xander I will not tolerate any of the conflicts that go on outside of this room.  Now please take out your supplies and let’s get started with your first potion.”  Severus nodded to Willow and walked out the door with one final glare at the group of students. 






Spike had a cigarette in his mouth and his arms crossed looking at each of the students in front of him.  Xander was leaning against the wall with a smirk on his face.  He was enjoying the reactions of the different students to Spike.  Half looked terrified and the other half looked horny and terrified.  Well all except Harry, Ron, Blaise, Hermione and Draco.  Those five looked amused, impressed and amused.  They were better at controlling their emotions than most of the students. 


“Alright then I’m Spike you do what I say and I won’t boot your arses out of my class.  Cock up or start or start your rivalry in my class and I’ll feed you ta one of Hagrid’s beasties.  In my class you will be learning how to fight yer way out of a situation.  Magicks all fine and good, but if ya can’t use yer magick yer arse is done for.  We’ll start out with the basics my Pup will be joinin’ us as he needs to learn how to keep from getting his arse beat.”


Hey!” Xander yelped indigently.  The class roared with laughter.  Spike merely smirked.  Who knew maybe things would work out in this new world after all. 







Willow, Xander and Spike were seated together on the largest sofa in the teachers lounge.  Willow was snuggled down between the three with a soft smile on her face.  They all looked up with a smile when Severus, Remus, Sirius, Minerva and Tonks walked into the room.  Minerva smiled gently at the three.  “It seems you have all made a impression on the students.  They are all looking forward to your next class.”  She told them with amusement.  Her amusement was heightened when Xander stood and led her over to their couch and set her down between them.   He then set back down. 


“Yes, from what I hear even Longbottom was able to make it through class without an explosion.” Severus said with a smirk. 


“Oh, I love Neville, he’s just so sweet.  I think his fear of you is what made it so hard for him to concentrate on his potions.” Willow said with a smile of her own. 


“Perhaps you would be better suited to teaching the young ones and me the older students next year.”  Severus mentioned casually.  Willow smiled and laughed softly. 


“You really hate teaching the younger students, don’t you?” Xander asked with a laugh. 


“You have no idea,” Severus responded in a dry tone.  Everyone laughed in true amusement.  Xander grinned at the room in general and was pleased by the way their first few days as teachers had gone.  He looked forward to the future and to seeing what happened next.



The End for Now




AN: I’m interested in knowing who you would like to see Willow, Xander and Spike paired with.  As well as who you would like to see Harry, Draco and Neville with.  The students with the students, teachers with teachers.  Though I am open to suggestions of anyone else you can think of from the books and show.

The End

You have reached the end of "First Days". This story is complete.

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