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Shattered Hearts

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Shattered and Changed Worlds Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Willow comes back from England

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Charmed > Xander-Centered
Harry Potter > Xander-Centered
CaliadragonFR1512,134187,2038 Sep 048 Sep 04Yes
Title: Shattered Hearts

Author: CaliaDragon

Fandom: Buffy/Angel/Harry Potter/Charmed

Pairing: Past Tara/Willow, Anya/Xander

Category: Angst

AN: There is no First Evil here yet, and Cordy is no longer preggars.

These characters are not mine, and the Lyrics belong to Evanescence


"Everybody's Fool"

//perfect by nature

icons of self indulgence

just what we all need

more lies about a world that//

She stood leaning against the wall, her eyes closed, and tears slowly sliding down her face. She was shattered by the song playing in the back ground. How could she face them after everything she had done? How could she show them that she was sorry for the pain she had caused?

//never was and never will be

have you no shame don't you see me

you know you've got everybody fooled//

For so long she had everyone believing that she was still the innocent child they first met. When she killed Warren, however, she proved just how different she really was. She had dirtied every memory that they ever had of her. How could she face any of them, she was murderer. The words she had hurled the pain she had knowingly inflicted tore through her soul. Did she still have a soul?

//look here she comes now

bow down and stare in wonder

oh how we love you

no flaws when you're pretending

but now i know she//

She took a deep breath and whipped the tears off of her face. When she walked into the room everyone looked up. In all but three peoples eyes there was distrust and disgust. It makes her want to flinch and run from the room. Did they still care for her or was she just a means to an end for them.

//never was and never will be

you don't know how you've betrayed me

and somehow you've got everybody fooled//

Her heart shattered as Dawn fled the room and Buffy looked at her with hard angry eyes. "I think you need to move out Willow," she said coldly. Willow paled and wanted to cry again.

//without the mask where will you hide

can't find yourself lost in your lie//

Her face fell and she turned to look at Giles, but he just shook his head in disappointment. Willow bit her lip to keep from crying.

//i know the truth now

i know who you are

and i don't love you anymore//

"Buffy?" Willow asked softly. She wanted to remind the blond of all of the pain she had caused when she lost people and the things she had done in the past, but she didn't. Buffy just shook her head and walked away again.

//it never was and never will be

you don't know how you've betrayed me

and somehow you've got everybody fooled//

"You will need to learn control Willow. There are spells that can be used your magic if you don't. Remember that." Giles told her, before following after Buffy.

//it never was and never will be

you're not real and you can't save me

somehow now you're everybody's fool//

"I will go now, before you decide to take my job away from me." Anya said with blunt cruelty before disappearing in a black cloud of energy. Willow then turned her attention to the last two men in the room. She waited for them to turn on her as well.

"Come on Luv, let’s go upstairs and pack your kit. We'll take you to the Whelp's. Get you settled in nice and comfy." Spike told her as he walked across the room and took her hand in his. Willow turned to look at Xander with pain filled eyes.

Xander stood and walked to her a soft smile on his face. "Come on Wills, I got some boxes in the trunk. It'll take a couple of days to pack up my apartment, but then we're out of this town. You, Me and the Vampire. We'll find our own place. Maybe we can torment Deadboy and Cordy for a while. What ya think?" Xander asked her as he placed a gentle kiss on her brow.

"I say I'm up for it, though do you want to go further than LA?" Willow asked suddenly. She was spurned on by the love in Xander's eyes. The Devon coven had helped her get control of her magic and she had worried about this type of reception. Because of this she had set up a back up plan, now she was going to take it.

"How much further? When do we go?" Spike and Xander asked as one. The two were the only ones to support Willow through the whole going evil and killing Warren thing. Maybe because both of them would have done the same.

"Let's get my stuff and go to Xander's. I'll explain there." she told them softly.

The two men nodded. Xander went out and got the boxes, while Spike followed Willow upstairs. Both men had been arguing on her behalf since the day after she went to the coven to heal. So far none of the others would listen or even see Willow's side or her pain.

Finally it was decided by the friends that they would take Willow and leave town as soon as possible. They were tired of Sunnydale and the judgmental attitudes of the group. Tara and Willow had been the only ones to support their friendship when they admitted to it after Xander broke things off with Anya a month before the wedding. The only thing that mattered to them was Willow and making sure she healed from the loss of Tara. They were willing to go wherever she wanted.


Later that night the three were sitting on Xander’s couch with Willow cuddled between them. “Where do you want to go Wills?” Xander asked her gently.

“There is a pocket dimension that I found when I was looking for a place to hide Dawn, before she was kidnapped and we lost our chance to send her there. I did a search and we don’t exist in that reality. None of us do, not even Spike. There is a magical community that we could hide out in and no one would think twice about us. Xander and I could both do magic there and I wouldn’t have to worry about losing control.” Willow explained. “Since we are from a different reality, I am pretty sure that even Spike would be free to walk in the sun and when I absorbed the magic books I found a spell to disable Spike’s chip. We could leave this place and start a new life. We would arrive at a magical school and we would have to face the people there, but I think they would let us be.”

Xander and Spike looked at her in shock. “Me? Magic? No chip?” Xander asked shocked.

“Yes, too all three. See I’ve figured it out. The reason you are a demon magnet is because you have magic in you, but it’s the kind that needs a focus. Kind of like the magick in this other reality. I’ll understand if you two don’t want to go, we can always find some place here.” Willow told them hastily.

“Let’s do it.” Xander and Spike said as one.

“I’ll have to do magic here to get us there.” Willow said with worry. Xander and Spike nodded.

“We’ll be here for you Luv; let’s get the hell out of Sunnyhell!” Spike exclaimed jumping to his feet.

Xander and Willow shared a fond smile and hugged one another. Xander placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “I love you, I trust you. Let’s go to a new world and life.”

Willow gave him a brilliant smile and stood.


Giles sat in the living room of Buffy’s house a pained expression on his face. Across the room Dawn and Buffy were sobbing in each others arms. “Why do they have to go?” Dawn asked again in a wail of pain.

“They are going to die if they stay here. The prophecy says so. I don’t want to lose them wither, but it’s the only way to protect the three of them.” Buffy said in a pained whisper.

Cordy and Angel stood against the wall, both of them mourning the loss of the people that were leaving their worlds tonight. They had found the prophecy not long after Willow killed Warren. By the time they reached Sunnydale it was too late to stop it from happening. They could only plant the suggestion in Willow to take them some where else. If the three died The First Evil would get a hold on their world. The only way to defeat the First was with the three gone.

The Charmed Ones had already stepped forward to help them, even going so far as to save Cordy from the demonic entity that had taken control of her body. They had broken the spell of self-destruction that had been on Connor and it kept the boy from going insane. All of them were hopeful that the trio would have a better life, but mostly they were going to miss their friends.

Xander’s death would have led to the unleashing of the Sorceress in Willow. She would have freed Spike from his chip and unleashed the killer that lived inside of Buffy. She would have let the primal killer take control of Buffy’s own morality. Between the three of them they would have unleashed hell on earth. In the end they would have died and given the First the ability to cross dimensions and take control of their reality.

Xander had always been important to them and now they knew just how important. They had decided to urge Spike to go with them because of the vampire’s connection with the two younger people. The vampire was literally a part of them. The other two would not have left without them. Now they all had a chance at a better life. At least they hoped they had a better life a head of them.


Severus glared fiercely at the new DADA teacher a feeling of disgust taking control of him. This idiot was worse than all of the others combined. The fool was intent on saving them from the Dark Lord through Light Magicks that were no more than parlor tricks. Just once he wished that Hogwarts could actually boast a DADA professor that was not a bloody idiot or a Gryffindor.

He was about to sneer something to the pathetic excuse for a teacher when a silver blue light shimmered through the room and three people appeared. Wands were drawn from all over the room. “Whoa there big fella, we come in peace!” the dark haired boy exclaimed with a grin for Hagrid who had moved forward to protect McGonagall, who was still healing from an attack by Deatheaters the week before. The older woman had barely survived.

Minerva surprised them by chuckling at the boy’s antics. “Hello Alexander.” She said with a smile.

“You know me?” Xander asked with a cock of his head.

“Yes, Willow has told me a great deal about you. She appeared to me when you were trying to find someone to protect your young friend Dawn.” Minerva told him with a smile.

Willow burst into tears and Minerva went her, wrapping her arms around the young girl. “What has happened my dear?” Minerva asked gently.

Willow clung to her and began to babble out everything that had happened since the last time the two women spoke. By the time that she was through Minerva was pale with sorrow. She remembered Tara quit well and had taken an instant liking to the young witch. “Shh…my Dear, We’ll help you make and life here. Don’t you worry about that.” Minerva assured her.

Professor Diggolion frowned superiorly. “She should not be allowed to practice magick. Dark users taint all of those around them.” The man said in a nasally drawl.

Minerva shocked them all again by pulling her wand and obliviating the annoying man. When he came out of his haze he looked around him in confusion. “What was I saying?” he asked confused.

“You were just saying how delighted you were to meet our new DADA instructors. After all the magick we must teach is just to dark for your influence to hold sway.” Minerva said straight faced.

“Ah yes, of course. Welcome to the school. I hope you do well.” Diggolion said with a jaunty grin, before leaving the teacher’s lounge.

“Minerva, let me be the first to applaud you on your spells and deviousness. I merely hope these three aren’t as big of fools as the last idiots hired.” Severus said with a sneer, while Albus merely chuckled. Well things were certainly going to be interesting around here.

The End For Now

I’m not real happy with this, so the second part will probably be more in depth.

The End

You have reached the end of "Shattered Hearts". This story is complete.

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