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Summary: Harmony gets a new car, and goes to L.A. to show Cordelia, meeting Charlie Weasley in the process. (20 min. Harmony)

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Harry Potter > Harmony-Centered(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulangerFR131514011,1289 Sep 049 Sep 04Yes

(20 minutes Harmony fic)

Summary: Vamp-Harmony gets a new car, and takes it to L.A. to show it to Cordelia.

Disclaimer: All original sources are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, J.K. Rowling, the Beach Boys, etcetera. It's also my first try at a song-based fic, though you won't actually be seeing the lyrics.

Timing: Angel season 2, HP - indeterminate

Crossover: Harry Potter


Under the bright sodium-yellow lights of Colorado Boulevard, a door slammed shut. The young, blonde vampire walked out of the shadows, easily seizing the blue-haired old woman who'd slammed the door, forcing her head back with a hand over her mouth; the woman's dentures came loose in her hand as she sank her fangs into the woman's shoulder.

After a few moments, the tiny old lady became just another heap of discarded leftovers, cast carelessly on the sidewalk, and her purse fell to the ground. Among the spilled contents, laying between the bingo dabbers and the denture adhesive, lay the sparkling keys.

The young vampire quickly scooped up the keys; taking one look at the car had been enough for her to sink her teeth into the old woman. Never mind the handicapped plates or the "My Grandson goes to Cal Tech" bumper sticker, or even the oh-so-unfashionable dealership license plate frame - Pasadena Dodge. The car was *hot*, with those black leather seats, the black leather driving gloves still folded up on the passenger seat, and the wide racing-slick tires.

To be specific, a fire-truck-red twelve-cylinder manual-transmission Dodge Viper convertible, which the silly old woman had just been street-racing up and down the boulevard. Harmony had heard rumors about her, among the street-racer vampires she'd been tolerating of late. None of them could match the Little Old Lady, as they called her - that Viper would just purr as the light turned, and she'd be burning rubber before they were even in fourth gear.


Cordelia raised an eyebrow when Harmony walked into the ex-Hyperion Hotel, now base of Angel Investigations. "Harmony? Is that really you?"

Hamony nodded, jingling the Viper's keys. "Yeah. Nice to see you, Cor."

"Willow told me..." Cordelia said, backing up, a stake in hand that she'd pulled from her purse. She glanced across the room, and sure enough, that young Englishman with the dragon - Charlie, wasn't it? - had stepped out of the shadows, wand at the ready.

"Relax. I wouldn't do that to an old friend." Harmony smiled. "I just thought you might want to see my new car. Mind coming outside?"


"I think I saw something like this in 'Car and Driver'," Cordelia nodded toward the red Viper. "Quite the set of wheels. How'd you come by them?" Cordelia smiled as Charlie leaned over, taking a close look at the chrome-plated wheel rims, while carefully keeping the car between himself and Harmony.

Harmony grinned, her features shifting to the not-quite familiar, vampiric version, sending a chill down Cordelia's spine - but, since Harmony had given her word, she'd fought the impulse to run. "You ever heard of the Little Old Lady from Pasadena?"

"Yeah..." Cordelia trailed off, not quite sure where Harmony might be going with that. Charlie looked up, his orange-red hair clashing horribly with the car's paint job as his eyes met Cordelia's.

Harmony just laughed, and replied, "I ate her."


The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "Pasadena". This story is complete.

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