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Dimensional Slayer

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Summary: Buffy may have thought she was free after the destruction of the Hellmouth, but the Powers are not about to let their greatest warrior go this time. Rated for swearing, rating may go up.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredLostMarblesFR18423,4321911,7909 Sep 0419 Sep 04No

Operation: Bon Voyage Buffy

Disclaimer: Characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are property of Joss
Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Any songs mentioned are property of whomever owns


Los Angeles

The Plaza

          That morning Faith wasted no time in implementing Operation: Bon Voyage
Buffy. Her first stops, Giles room.

          Faith approached Giles room cautiously, on the lookout for B. Who had a
nasty habit of appearing when she wasnt needed and had an uncanny knack of
knowing when something was going on . . . in fact it was kinda annoying. Finally
reaching Giles door she knocks and quickly glances towards Bs room. It takes only
a few minutes before Giles opens the door, in an undershirt with a towel thrown over
one shoulder and the remanets of shaving cream dotted over her face.

          Faith, is something wrong? he asks concerned, he seems almost surprised by
her presence.

          Which given the past was really not all that shocking. Faith thought with a
smirk. Nothings wrong G-Man, I just wanted to talk to you for a minute.

          Yes of course. Please come in, and never call me that again. Giles says, as
he steps back, allowing Faith to enter.

          She steps inside grinning slightly. Whatever you G-ah Giles. I wanted to talk
to you about Bs leaving.

          Ah. Giles states wiping the excess shaving cream off of his face. He looks
down uncomfortably and steps towards the bed with a clean shirt lying on the

          A little uncomfortable herself now, Faith turns away and begins pacing around
the room. Yeah see I was thinking maybe we should have a-a party for B, a surprise
party, ya know? Let everybody say goodbye without making anyone uneasy,
including B. The way I figure it is that, the New Slayers, they dont really know B
all that well, kicking ass alongside her, notwithstanding but they deserve the chance
to say their farewells too. I just thought that a going away party would be the best
way to send B off without overwhelming B or putting anyone in an awkward position,
ya know? She glances over at Giles out of the corner of her eye and sees Giles
staring at her with a frown on his face. Suddenly losing her nerve she hurries to the
door. Ya know what? Just forget I said anything, I shoulda thought it ou-

          Its a good idea Faith. Giles tells her quietly.

          Faith stops stunned, the door partially open. She spins to face him. What?

          Giles smiles at her softly. Youre quite right, everyone deserves to say
goodbye in their own way. Also perhaps it will show Buffy that she has our support.
Faith and Giles share a smile, before Giles gets down to business. There is much to
do in only two and a half days. Is there anything I can do to help?

          Faith, still a little stunned, nods slightly. Ah, yeah, we need a place, food,
booze, music and presents. Faith rushes through the list, hoping he wont notice.

          The eyebrow goes up. Booze?

          Damn he noticed. Yeah, you know for the adults, you, me, B, Red, Xand,
Rob. Giles continues to look at her with the eyebrow up. Finally she admits defeat
and sighs loudly. Man you really are a killjoy you know that. Cancel the booze.
She pouts slightly.

          Giles chuckles, Ill see what I can do about a place. Perhaps Willow will have
an idea as to what twenty odd people would be willing to eat. Would you like me to
call her on her cell? He looks at her expectantly.

          Faith nods. Yeah thatd be great. She still out with Little D?

          Giles nods and sighs. Yes, Im afraid Dawn will take Buffys leaving quite

          Faith stares off into the distance nodding. Not surprising, she only got big Sis
back two years ago. Now shes gonna lose her to dimensional slayage. Thats gotta
give anyone a complex.

          Quite. Giles smiles.

          Im gonna go. Ill get Robin to look into getting the tunes. And Ill let the
Slayers in on whats going on. Were gonna need someone to keep B outta the loop.

          Hmm. Giles thinks for a moment. What about Angel, hell have to be told
and Im sure theyll want to spend some time together before she goes.

          Faith looks at him amused. Why G, throwing your Slayer to a Vamp. I
thought you were against that sorta thing. She says with a teasing smiles.

          Giles smiles slightly then looks at her seriously. They love each other, even
through all the tough times and the other people whove been with them, however
briefly theyve never stopped loving one another. Thats quite rare. They deserve to
have some time before Buffy is sent away.

          Faiths smile softens. I take back what I said about you being a killjoy.
Youre a pretty cool guy.

          Giles smirks. Of course I am, but lets just keep it between the two of us, shall
we? It might ruin my reputation if word got out. Ill call Angel before I call Willow,
will that do?

          Faith nods in response to Giles question, chuckling, then turns serious. You
seen Xander since his little run-out?


          Giles sighs and rubs his hand across his face. Im afraid not. And the last
thing Buffy needs to deal with right now is Xander throwing a hissy fit.

          Faith nods. No worries, Ill go talk with him. Maybe if he has someone else
to bitch at, hell keep his trap shut in front of B.

          And if that doesnt work? Giles asks, honestly curious. He knew that the
boy had a tendency to lash out when upset.

          Faith thinks about it for a minute before she grins and opens the door again.
Well then Ill just have to explain to Xander that if he upsets B at any time, Im
gonna be forced to upset his bone structure. He in his room?

          Most likely. Giles replies. Faith, he calls just before she closes the door.
She looks at him in question. Try not to hurt him too much, would you?

          Faith gives a wolfish grin in reply. Thats up to Xander G. She closes the
door on Giles chuckle.


Xanders Room

          Xander Harris was reclining on the bed in his room, staring into space, in what
most people would call a sulk and drinking mini rum from the mini fridge, praying
mantis, cave slayers and wonky spells not enough of a deterrent to stop him from
imbibing in this particular instance.

          His . . . deep thought? Were interrupted suddenly by a banging on his door.
He looks up at the door, startled, then scowls at it. He ignores the banging and
continues onto the mini scotch. The banging, rather than desisting, continues louder
than before. Xander looks up, still scowling. Go Away! he shouts. The banging
stops and Xander basks in his victory of the unseen banging fiend. But alas his
basking is too soon as the unseen foe begins banging on the door even harder, making
the door shake on its hinges. Realizing that the evil person was not going away,
Xander pushes himself off of the bed and makes his way over to the door, grumbling
all the while. He rips open the door prepared to give the person on the other side, a
piece of his mind. When he sees who it is he pulls back abruptly. Its you. He says
without enthusiasm.

          Nice way to greet a visitor man. Faith says cheerily. She moves closer to
him, trying to get into the room. Xander continues to hold the door, barring the way
in. She chuckles and shakes her head, then she leans in close and in a near whisper
states. You can either let me in, or I can tell you how much of a horses ass youre
being out here in full view of anyone passing by.

          They stand there staring at one another for a long moment, locked in a battle
of wills. Until finally Xander drops his gaze and backs off from the door. He turns
towards the couch and throws himself into a reclining position, propping his feet on
the table, as Faith enters the room and closes the door behind her.

          Faith leans against the door, her arms crossed over her chest as she watches the
man-boy sulking on the couch, drinking a mini scotch. She shakes her head again and
laughs slightly.

          Xander looks over, irritation obvious in his gaze. What?


          She doesnt move from her spot on the door and shrugs. If youre not careful
Xand, youre gonna end up with a mini hangover.

          The irritation in his eye intensifies. Go away.

          No. She says simply as she pushes off the door and saunters over to the
couch, she pushes Xanders feet off of the table and seats herself in front of him. She
meets his one eye and tells him. You and me Harris we need to talk.

          Bout what? He mumbles into his mini scotch.

          Oh, I dont know the weather, sports, world politics, what youre gonna say
to B before she leaves?

          He looks up with a glare. Thats really between me and Buffy.

          No, its really not. See Bs got enough on her plate without pandering to your
wounded . . . whatever. This, she gestures, as hard as it may be for you to
understand, is not about you. Youre not the one being forced to leave your friends
and family. So Im gonna offer you a piece of free advice. Faith waits until Xander
looks up at her, before continuing. Get. Over. It. Im only telling you this, cause
were gonna throw B a surprise going away party and I dont want you to fuck it up.
If you can act like the adult your drivers licence says you are and get your head out
from up your ass, then youre invited to come. But if you decide to act like a shithead
then stay up here sulking, or I guarantee youll be in a world of hurt.

          Xander jumps up furious. Whats it to you huh? A few weeks ago you were
all for taking Buffys place. Now suddenly youre on the Buffy band wagon. She is
leaving us and you want me to give her a break? He glares down at Faith who
continues to sit there showing no reaction to his outburst. Which seems to make him
angrier. Were stuck here fighting a fight we shouldnt even be apart of. And now
youre throwing a party for her, when she is once again leaving us to fight her fight.

          Faith jumps up and Xander stops ranting immediately, backing away slightly,
from the fire in the Slayers eyes, lest he be burned to ashes.

          You done yet? Xander gulps and nods not wanting to piss off the former
rogue Slayer. Good, cause Id like to fill you in on a couple of facts. Once upon a
time I may have wanted to knock B off her throne. But you and the Scoobies were
the ones who appointed me team leader. All I wanted at that point was to be treated
like an equal. As for you fighting this fight, damn straight you shouldnt be fighting
it, but I seem to recall B purposely leaving you out of the fight and you getting all
whiny about it, her voice takes on a sarcastic edge. Were a team, and teams look
out for one another.
She pins Xander with a glare, causing him to gulp. At any
time you couldve walked way, but you didnt. Im not sure why. To be honest I
dont really give a shit. But that was your choice. B didnt hold a gun to your head
and force you to stay, that was all you baby-cakes. She stalks towards him and
Xander gulps once again, but holds his ground. Last but not least, this is not Bs
fight. This stopped being Bs fight when she died for her sister. You and Red were
the ones who brought her back into the fight, after shed been dead for three months.
And incidently brought her back under the Powers thumb. She comes even closer
to him, her voice becoming softer, yet not losing an ounce of its heat, its strength.
So you wanna blame someone for Buffys leaving, then look in the mirror yo. Thats
all you.

          She abruptly spins away from him and stalks towards the door. Xander lets
loose a sigh of relief as she opens it. Faith hears it and looks back at him over her
shoulder, Xander tenses. Ive always wondered, with the way you treated B, and me
for that matter. Was it Buffy you wanted as a friend? Or the Slayer you wanted as
a pet?

          With that parting shot she leaves, closing the door softly behind her. Leaving
Xander alone once again with his bottles of mini liquor and his even deeper thoughts.


Offices of Wolfram & Hart

          The vampire cursed with a soul, more commonly known as Angel (or Angelus
depending on which circles you hung with) was sitting at his new, very large desk,
staring at some paper work he was told he just had to do, when his phone starts to
ring. Knowing that there were only a handful of people outside of the office, who
knew his direct number, and considering the phone call hed received early that
morning. He immediately picks up fearing the worst, (pessimistic perhaps, but when
living a life where you hope you stay cursed, and are currently working in a building
where the big boss is possibly the biggest bad youve ever faced) you had the right
to be a little pessimistic.

          Hello? Figuring since they phoned his private number he didnt need to
identify himself. Sounds logical right?

          Hello Angel, its Giles. Giles answers calmly.

          Angel relaxes slightly, if Giles was calm then it stood to reason that everyone
was alright. Giles, whats up?

          I have some . . . news, you should be aware of and a favour I must ask of you.

          Angel sits back in his chair and lets out an unneeded sigh. This news
wouldnt happen to involve an annoying, badly dressed balancing demon sending a
certain Slayer into an alternate dimension. Would it?

          Giles stares at the phone for a moment stunned. I didnt realize you knew
Whistler. He says still stunned.

          Hes the demon who showed me something worth fighting for. Angel
replies, leaving out the fact that it was Buffy, who was worth fighting for. He didnt
find it necessary to let the Watcher in on the fact that he had been watching out for
his former charge since she was first called. It would just sound weird and stalkerish.

          Ah, of course. Giles still sounded slightly off, and Angel realizes that hes
trying to figure out how he knew about Buffys leaving.

          Angel deciding to put Giles out of his misery, tells him. Buffy phoned me
early this morning. He didnt mention shed been in tears and that itd taken all his
willpower not to run out to hold her, sun or no sun.

          Yes of course. I should have realized. Well I guess this means we can skip
the long and arduous explanation.

          I guess it does. Angel pauses awkwardly. You said you had a favour to ask
of me?

          Giles clears his throat as he remembers the other reason for his call. Yes I did.
You see Faith is putting together a surprise going away party for Buffy. Food, music,
presents and so on. Giles waits for some noise of acknowledgement, before he
continues. The key word being surprise. We need someone whod be willing to
spend time with Buffy, keep the party a secret and bring her to the designated area
once the party begins. Giles voice becomes slightly teasing. You wouldnt know
anyone willing to do all that would you?

          Angel looks at the phone stunned, as he realizes that Giles was, in essence
trusting him with Buffy, for the first time since the whole Angelus debacle. Even
through the agony, with Buffys imminent departure, he was somehow grateful,
touched and humbled with this sign of trust. Angel suddenly realizes that Giles was
waiting for an answer and replies. I think I could find someone up to the challenge.

          Giles chuckles at that and the two men (okay, okay on man and one vampire)
share a moment of comradery as they bond over the knowledge that they were going
to lose the young woman they both loved deeply, but in their own way.

          Well thats quite a relief. Now all I have to do is find a place that can support
over twenty people, most of which have supernatural strength and violent

          Angel leans farther back in his leather chair and looks out over the top of his
desk thoughtfully. Giles, I know of someone who may know of a place. Hold on
a minute. He puts Giles on hold and dials the number for Lornes phone. He
doesnt have to wait long on the line.

          Lornes Palace of Passion, Lorne speaking. A cheery voice says through the

          Angel frowns darkly. Lorne, what are you doing. What if I had been a

          Lornes voice loses none of its cheeriness as he replies. Well Angelcakes, if
youd been a client the little light on the phone indicating an outside call wouldve
been flashing. Since it wasnt, I took a chance. What can I do for you today,

          Angel sighs, realizing that arguing with the green demon would get him
nowhere and gets to the point. I have a friend on the other line, he needs a place for
a party for about twenty people. Do you know of a place?

          Possibly, possibly. Whats the occasion? Wedding, bar mitzvah, ritual
sacrifice? Lorne sounded genuinely curious.

          Angel sighs and rubs his eyes. He really didnt want to talk to the anagogic
demon about Buffys leaving. What he was feeling at the moment was too private to
share especially with Lorne. Look Lorne I really dont want to get into it right now.
Do you know of a place, or dont you? he snaps, unable to control himself.

          All right, all right. Calm down Big Guy. If you dont want to share thats
fine. Lorne seems almost taken aback by Angels apparent aggression, over a party
no less. Realizing Angel was stressed by whatever was going on Lorne thought
quickly. Well Angelcakes, theres Arties Hideaway, for those less than formal
occasions. The Lions Den, for the semi-formal. The X, which is more of a club.
Theres also- Lorne gets no further as Angel loses his patience.

          Look Lorne why dont I transfer Giles call to you, and you and he can go
through the list and hammer out the details. Is that alright with you?

          Lorne is silent for a long moment, obviously stunned at Angels impatience.
He realizes that whatever was going on, it was bad and it was somehow connected to
the Watcher of Angels little Slayer. Lorne decides not to push him any longer.
Sure thing Angel. You put the Watcher on and I promise to take good care of him.
He says, slightly subdued.

          Angel sighs once more. Thanks Lorne, and . . . Im sorry, for-

          Lorne interrupts. Hey dont worry about it Big Guy. If you cant snap at your
friends, who can you snap at?

          Angel half smiles. Thanks again Lorne. I really appreciate this.

          Yeah, yeah. Quit trying to make me blush, it does nothing for my complexion
and I end up looking like a Christmas decoration. Now be a good little vampire and
transfer Giles to my line will ya.

          Angel smiles again and hangs up with Lorne, he then picks up and takes Giles
off of hold. Hey Giles, you still there? Im sorry about the wait.

          Thats quite all right Angel. Did your friend have any suggestion?

          Angel laughs slightly at that. Yes fortunately or unfortunately, depending on
how you look at it. Thats why it took so long, once Lorne starts talking its almost
impossible to get him to stop.

          Giles chuckles a bit himself. I can sympathize. We have a similar problem
with Andrew.

          Well Im kinda glad Im not the only one stuck with one. But getting back on
topic, Im going to transfer you to his line and let the two of you hammer out the
details, if thats okay with you. I really cant deal with Lornes listing right now.
Angel rubs his eyes once again and suppresses a yawn. He glances at his watch and
ralizes that it was 12:43, way past his usual bedtime. But after Buffys call he had
been unable to get any sleep and had just lain in bed staring at the ceiling.

          That seems quite acceptable Angel. I look forward to hearing his input. To
be quite honest, Im a little worried well be unable to pull this off in time. Faiths
determination notwithstanding. We could use all the help we could get.

          Angel is quite for the a long moment, a little amazed that Giles had admitted
his doubts to him, of all people. Youll get it done Giles. Dont worry. If you need
anything at all Ill gladly help. Buffy deserves it.

          She does, doesnt she. Giles says fondly.

          Angel smiles, Im going to transfer you now, all right?

          All right, goodbye Angel.

          Bye, Giles. Angel carefully studies the 8x10 cards, Fred had created to help
him with the high-tech phone. He presses a few buttons and sighs in relief when the
light turns green and he doesnt hang up on Giles. He then leans back in the chair and
slowly stretches, he then gets up and approaches the large windows. Looking out
onto Los Angeles busy streets, he comes to a sudden realization and smiles a wide,
face splitting grin.

          Coming to a definitive decision for the first time since this morning he heads
towards his apartment. Discarding his shirt and dropping his pants as he exits the
elevator, he slips between the cool, crimson, silk sheets and manages to fall asleep.
A small smile on his face and thoughts of a tiny blonde in his dreams.



The Plaza

          After her raging success with Xander, Faith was in a fine temper. Rather than
waiting for the Slayers to get up on their own, she stormed down the hallway, banging
on door and yelling. You have ten minutes to get to my room, before I come back,
drag you out of bed and take you outside to spar. You get me!?!

          She stormed to her room, slamming the door and pacing. Robin who was
sitting at a small dining table, reading the newspaper, looks up as she enters.

          He watched his lover pace, occasionally muttering and clenching her fists.
Finally he asks a touch wryly. Something wrong?

          She glances over at him, giving him a dirty look. She continues to pace.
Xander. she finally spits out.

          Ah. What did he do to piss you off this time? Over the past week or so
Robin had noticed that Xander tended to go out of his way to irritate people. Granted
it was usually to break tension, but still, the guy really needed to learn when to shut

          Hes such a self-righteous piece of shit. You know I always thought B was
stuck-up. And she is, dont get me wrong. But if I had to deal with constant criticism
from that annoying prick, Id be a stuck-up bitch too. Hell its probably the only way
to deal with being told everythings your fault.

          Im sure he didnt say it was her fault.

          Faith snorts. That was pretty much the gist of it. He blames B for going
away. Oh and get this he blames B for leaving him to fight her fight.

          Robin frowns in confusion. I thought he chose to fight.

          Faith spins towards him triumphantly. Thats what I told him. Then as I left
I asked him if it was B he wanted as a friend or the Slayer he wanted as a pet.

          Robin chuckles at her enthusiasm. Sounds like you really let him have it.

          Faith nods. Damn straight. B doesnt need his shit right now. He wants to
wait til shes gone to blow his major bitchfest, then Ill be happy to sit down and
listen to him. But until then hed better keep his mouth shut around B.

          Sounds like you really want Buffys last days here to be perfect.

          I just dont want B to have to deal with Xanders bullshit.

          Why? Robin asks, honestly curious. Hed heard all about the rivalry
between the two women. And though he knew Faith was more caring than she let on,
he didnt know why she was going to all this trouble for a party.

          Faith looks like shes about to say something when theres a loud knock on the
door. Faith goes to answer it and Robin figures shes not going to answer him. When
she pauses before she opens the door, she turns to him slightly and says softly, nearly
inaudible. I owe her one.

          Robin watches her as she opens the door and sees the younger Slayers
standing on the other side, and they do not look pleased.

          Faith opens the door wider and motions for the girls to enter. They all find
places for themselves. Some sit while other stand. They watch as Faith closes the
door and turns towards them.

          Kennedy already uneasy with the disappearance of her lover, starts to feel the
overhanging shadow of dread, hovering over the hotel and finally blurts out. Whats
going on? Why did you call us here? Does this have something to do with the
meeting Willow never came back from?

          At Kennedys words the other Slayers start to fidget and murmur amongst

          Realizing that shed have a full out panic if she didnt nip it in the bud. Faith
quickly gets their attention. Hey everyone, shut-up! Crude but effective. Theres
an audible click as the girls simultaneously snap their mouths shut. She sighs deeply
and glances over at Robin, who appears to be smothering a smile. She glares at him
briefly, before turning her attention to the girls watching her. Kennedys right for
once. There is something going on. And it does have something to do with the
meeting we had this morning. As for Reds disappearing, she had to run an errand.
She doesnt bother to tell them, that the errand was catching Bs little sister. That was
something private between Willow and Dawn. Unsure how to tell theses girls that
the woman, who had lead them outta trouble was being kicked out, she sighs again
and rakes a hand through her dark hair. Okay look, Im just gonna tell you all whats
going on. No-one interrupt before I finish. We clear? She looks them over as they
nod in agreement. Okay last night B was approached by a messenger for the PTB
. . .


Santa Monica Pier

          Once their butts had started to go numb from sitting on the sidewalk, Willow
and Dawn had decided to grab a bite to eat. They found a quaint little diner, where
they had a stack of strawberry-buttermilk pancakes with a strawberry compote and
chocolate milk (Dawn) and a spinach omelet, home style potatoes, sourdough toast
and large orange juice (Willow).

          Afterwards they decided to take a walk down Santa Monica Pier, they were
watching the people when Willows cell phone went off. Dawn tried to listen in on
the conversation and managed to overhear parts of it.

          When Willow got of the phone she told Dawn of Faiths idea hesitantly, almost
afraid that it would seem like they were pushing Buffy away. But Dawn seemed
happy, excited about the idea.

          They wee currently sitting on a bench on the pier, trying to come up with a list
of food that would be appropriate for the diverse group of people.

          I dont know why were worrying about the Slayers, with the exception of
Chao-Ahn theyll pretty much eat anything. Dawn says, finally.

          Thats not very nice Dawn. Willow reprimands gently, while trying to keep
a straight face.

          It may not be nice, but its the truth. Face it Willow, Slayers are lean, mean
eating machines. They practically ate us out of house and home, when they were
SITs. Now that theyre full fledged Slayers, theyre pigs.

          At that Willow bursts into laughter, despite her best efforts not to. Dawn!

          Dawn grins broadly. You know its true.

          Willow sighs. Yeah it is. But we still need to come up with something.

          Dawn thinks for a moment, then her face brightens. How bout ribs? Buffy
loves em. We could get fries and a whole lot of finger food to beef up the selection.

          Willow thinks about it for a second. That could work. Wed need a lot

          Dawn bounces up off the bench. Let Giles worry about where, we already
thought up the what. We should go shopping now.

          Willow frowns up at the energetic teen, shading her eyes against the bright sun.
Why are we going shopping Dawnie? She asks confused.

          Dawn stops bouncing for a minute, and looks at Willow seriously. Giles said
there were going to be presents. I already know what I want to get Buffy. So can we
please go shopping now. I promise Ill do whatever you want me to if we can.

          Willow looks up into Dawns pleading eyes, and realizes just how important
this was to the teen. All right Dawnie, well go shopping. Ill check the directories
for places when we get back to the hotel. She gets up and smiles at Dawns happy
squeal. As they start down the pier Willow asks. So what do you want to get?

          Dawn looks over at her slyly. Youll see. Do you know what youre going
to get her?

          Willow shakes her head. I have no idea. Itd have to be useful, and easy to
carry around.

          Dawn thinks about it for a minute. Maybe you could get some sort of magical
thingamabob, that would help Buffy.

          Willow nods thoughtfully. Maybe, but what sort of thingamabob?

          Dawn shrugs. I dont know, youre the witch. Im just the Slayers annoying
little sister. But it should reflect a part of you.

          Willow looks at her in shock. When did you get so wise?

          Dawn smiles at her. I watch, I listen, I learn. Thats the way it is. They stay
silent for a few blocks. Until Dawn breaks the silence. What do you think Giles and
the rest of them will get her?

          Willow thinks about it for a long moment. Well, Faith will probably get her
a weapon of some sort.

          Dawn nods. Ill bet you twenty bucks Gilesll get her a journal or something
to record her journey in.

          Willow snorts. Do you honestly think Id take a sucker bet like that? Please,
you insult me.

          It was worth a shot. Dawn looks down at her feet. What do you think
Xander will get her?

          Willow becomes silent. Unsure of if her best friend was even going to appear
at the party. Im not sure. Probably something completely inappropriate.

          Dawn nods, still looking down at the ground. Yeah probably. If her even
decides to show up, that is.

          Willow looks at her in shock, wanting to defend Xander, but honestly being
unable to. Xander does have a tendency of being a giant poop-head, but he
eventually does the right thing.

          Dawn looks at her. He doesnt have eventually. Buffys leaving in two and
a half days.

          Willow nods accepting the truth of the statement. Maybe well get lucky and
Buffy will have to save him from some horrible hell-beastie. That usually turns him
around faster.

          I guess all we have to do now is wait and hope.

          I guess so. Willow agrees.

          As they approach the doors to a mall Dawn suggests. Maybe you should
prepare some silencing spells just in case.

          Way ahead of you. Willow answers as she opens the glass door and ushers
Dawn inside.


Authors Note: I just wanted to tell every one that I really dont hate Xander, even
though his portrayal in this chapter and the views of the other characters may make
it seem that way. I needed an antagonist for the three days and Xander was the best
person for the job.

Next Chapter: Patrolling, Planning & Pretense

Presents. More take charge Faith. And maybe a smattering of B/A.
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