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Dimensional Slayer

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Summary: Buffy may have thought she was free after the destruction of the Hellmouth, but the Powers are not about to let their greatest warrior go this time. Rated for swearing, rating may go up.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredLostMarblesFR18423,4321911,7909 Sep 0419 Sep 04No

Patrolling, Planning & Pretense

Disclaimer: Characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel are property of Joss
Whedon & Mutant Enemy. Any songs mentioned are owned by whoever owns them.


Authors Alert: I just wanted to warn everyone that there is a lot of swearing and that
I had many issues with the past seasons and Im taking it out in this chapter, although
I dont have a whole lotta faith in my ability to write really good angst you may want
to avoid all the bitching, whining and moony-eyes of some of the characters. That is


Enjoy!!! ~ LostMarbles ~

The Plaza

          Giles sighs in relief as he finally manages to get Lorne off the phone. I dont
know how Angel deals with him.
He thinks to himself. The talkative, flamboyant
demon and the quite stoic vampire dont really appear to be compatible friends. But
then the same could be said of Xander and myself I suppose.
Giles frowns at the
thought of the young man whod become such an important part of the group. He
knew that despite any threats Faith may give, the boy would still make things
unpleasant for Buffy in her final days in this universe. Despite any remorse Giles
knew Xander would feel afterwards.

          Hes cut out of his musings by someone knocking on his door. He makes his
way across the room and opens the door, and is a little surprised to see Andrew
standing there in his pajamas. Today is just full of surprises I suppose. Whos next
Ethan Raine?
He thinks dryly.

          Hello Mr. Giles, mind if I come in? Andrew asks nervously.

          Giles raises his brows at Andrews formality, and continues to bar Andrews
way into the room. Just as Andrews fidgeting begins to reach new levels, Giles steps
back slightly and allows him to enter. Andrew steps hesitantly past Giles and into the
room. He glances around and frowns as he comes to a realization and turns to Giles
in accusation.

          You got a mini-bar. How come I didnt get a mini-bar? he asks, whining

          Giles sighs thoroughly exasperated, an emotion he normally experienced when
around the boy. He crosses on arm over his chest and props the other on it raising
one hand to remove his glasses and press on the bridge of his nose. Is there
something you wanted to discuss with me Andrew? Other than the difference of our
room accommodations?

          Andrew once again starts to fidget. Faiths been saying that Buffys being
kicked out of this dimension, is it true? he asks softly.

          Giles replaces his glasses and allows his arms to drop and shifts his weight.
Yes, yes its true. he frowns as something occurs to him. He looks at Andrew
suspiciously. Faith told you this? He watches bemused as the boys eyes widen

          We-well shes telling the Slayers and I just happened to pass by her room.
Andrew studiously avoids eye contact as he says this.

          Giles raises a brow and just looks at Andrew, until. . .

          Okay, okay! Stop browbeating me! I heard Faith waking the girls and I was
curious. Its not my fault. Faiths voice carries.

          Giles shakes his head and moves to open his door. Now that youve
confirmed the whispers you heard in a private conversation you can leave.

          Andrew slowly makes his way to the door, but stops just outside the threshold.
I want to get Buffy something, but I dont know what.

          Giles looks at Andrew and barely resists the urge to roll his eyes. Get her
anything. A book, a weapon, anything. Buffy has enough on her mind just trying to
come to terms with leaving her friends and family. I honestly doubt shell care what
you get her at the moment. As Giles finishes he closes the door firmly.

          Andrew stands in the hallway, staring at the Watchers door for a long moment,
before finally turning and going to his room.

          He gets there quickly and shuts the door behind him, leaning against it he looks
down and seems to notice his state of dress for the first time. He moves to his dresser
and begins to pull out clothes, a bright green t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans. Opening a
top drawer he pulls out underwear and a pair of socks. As he turns to place the
clothes on the bed he accidentally knocks his wallet off the dresser it lands on the
floor, open. He turns back and crouches to pick up the fallen object and notices a
photograph of himself, his brother, mother and father. He smiles and flips to another
photo, his smile slowly melts away. This one is of himself, Johnathan and Warren,
taken shortly before theyd gotten the brilliant idea to rule Sunnydale. As he flips to
another photo he suddenly stops and a wide smile overtakes his face. He
determinedly snaps the wallet closed and rushes to the bathroom for a quick shower.

The Plaza

4:30 p.m.

          Willow and Dawn had finally finished their shopping. Although it had taken
all of twenty minutes to find Dawns gift, it had taken about two hours for Willow to
decide and find her gift. Now it was just a matter of manoeuvring through the hotel
and getting to their rooms without bumping into Buffy.

          They quickly raced up the stairs, rather than take the risk of getting caught in
the elevator, and quietly made their way down the hall. As they approach Buffys
door they glance at each other and try to quiet down even more. Each silently cursing
Buffys Slayer hearing. They eventually make it to Willows room.

          Half way there. Dawn thinks, she waves to Willow and continues to her own
room. She makes it to the door and is about to step through the threshold when she
hears the sound of a door opening behind her, she freezes slightly and her eyes widen.
She looks over her shoulder hesitantly, and exhales a sigh of relief as she sees Giles
exit his room.

          Giles steps out into the hallway and after locking the door he turns around and
sees Dawn standing in her doorway with a deer-in-the-headlights look on her face.
He smiles at her a tad worried. His smile grows as Dawn places the bag shed been
carrying into her room and approaches him with a smile.

          Hey Giles. Whats up? Wherere you off too? She asks.

          Giles waits until the teen is closer to him before answering in a near whisper,
conscious of the fact that his Slayer is just two doors down. Im off to view clubs
for the party with an associate of Angels.

          Dawn nods, Cool. Have you decided what youre going to get for her going
away gift?

          Giles glances towards Buffys door, before answering. Yes I have, Ill pick
it up while Im out looking for a place.

          Dawn gives him a speculative look. Is it a book of some sort?

          Giles favours her with one of his British glares. No, it is not a book. He
states frostily.

          Dawn sees the glare and counters it with a pout as she replies. I hope you
realize that youre destroying a seven year stereotype, you yourself started.

          Giles lips twitch slightly and he begins chuckling at the young womans

          Dawns eyes light up with the knowledge that shed made him laugh, however
briefly. Go on Watcher-man get going and find a good place for the party.
Preferably with an open bar. She says this as she backs away grinning. In spite of
or maybe because of Giles resulting glare.

          What is it with you children and alcohol? Giles mutters as he walks in the
opposite direction.

          Dawn hears it though and bursts into giggles as the elevator doors close on
Giles. She moves to enter her room and once again hears a door opening behind her,
she glances behind her and sees Buffy standing in the doorway a nervous smile on her

          Dawnie, can we talk? Buffy asks hesitantly.

          Dawn stands in the doorway of her own room, not really sure if she wants to
talk to Buffy right now. She looks at her sister for a long time, thinking of all the
things Willow had said. About how it was time for all of them to start acting like
adults and not blame Buffy for the things she couldnt control. It was kinda hard
though, thinking of Buffy that way, as someone who wasnt in control. But looking
at her sister now Dawn noticed really noticed the dark bruises under Buffys eyes, her
prominent cheekbones and the way her clothes still hung loosely on her petite frame.
In that moment Dawn realized that Buffy was feeling the stress of the past months,
if not years. Dawn also realized that although she, Giles, Xander and Willow would
miss and worry about her when she left, theyd still have each other. While Buffy
would have no one with her to ease her own grief.

          Dawn finally makes her decision and smiles saying softly, Id like that. she
closes the door behind her as she steps out into the hall to make her way to Buffys

          Buffy gives her an answering smile as she allows Dawn into her room and
closes the door on them.

Faith & Robins Room

          Faith stood holding the door open as she ushered the last four Slayers out of
her room. Once theyre gone she swings the door shut and lets out a long breath.
Telling the girls had been easier than she thought it would be, despite wanting to put
the smack-down on the loudmouth, Kennedy once or twice.

          She saunters towards Robin whos sitting on the couch and sprawls down next
to him with a sigh.

          Robin glances over at her. Wasnt that bad. he states.

          Faith shakes her head. Nope, not really. More than half are for the party, a
few undecided and the minority who were bitching, she shrugs. Screw em.

          By minority you wouldnt happen to mean Kennedy? Would you?

          Faith looks over at him with a grin. Just so happens I do mean Princess
Kennedy. That girl needs a serious ass-kicking to knock her offa that pedestal shes
placed herself on. And with any luck, Ill be the one doing the ass-kicking. Her grin
widens as Robin chuckles.

          Dont let her get to you. She was told that one day shed be the only Slayer
now she has to share that title with who knows how many other girls. Shell never
be known has the Chosen One. Shell have to work three times as hard to make a
name for herself in the Watcher diaries, all these girls will. You see what Im
saying? Robin asks gently.

          Staring of into space Faith nods absently. I see what youre saying Rob. Hell
I even remember what that felt like. But if she starts spouting off in front of B or
Little D all bets are off and Im bitch-slapping her into next week. You see what Im
saying? She asks a slight challenge in her voice.

          Robin nods smiling, Yeah I see.

          Faith gives a sharp nod and states. Putting the upstart-Kennedy-bitch matter
to one side. We still have to decide on a gift for B. She shifts turning her body to
face Robin, propping her arm on the back of the couch and leaning her head on her

          Robin looks down at his hand which is draped on his thigh, a pensive frown on
his face. Ive been thinking about that, what about a weapon of some sort, a sword
or battle axe?

          Faith ponders that for a minute, before making a face and shaking her head.
I dont think so, I kind of wanna get her a gift nobody would expect me to. And
besides Bll be taking the scythe with her so she doesnt really need a sword or any
big weapon like that.

          Robin jerks slightly in shock.

          Faith notices the start and chuckles. Come on Robbie it makes sense, if the
scythe stays here were gonna have girls like Kennedy thinking that just cause they
got a Slayer title they deserve the weapon. I guess we could keep it locked up and
only bring it out on special apocalypses, but a weapon as fine as that deserves to be
used. Besides Bs the one who King Arthured it outta that hunka stone, therefore it
should be hers. And with her going off into the wild blue yonder shell need every
advantage she can get. She pauses a moment then says brightly, I was thinking
something she could fight in, rather than with.

          Robin nods in understanding, looking once again at his hand. He lifts his head
suddenly as if struck by inspiration. Ive got an idea but well need to see a friend
of mine, and shell need to work all night to get it done. He levers himself off of the
couch and moves towards the door at a steady pace. Favouring his right leg slightly.

          Whats the idea? she asks suspiciously, making no move to get up.

          He throws her a sly grin over his shoulder as he reaches for the doorknob.
Trust me. He says playfully. A serious glimmer shining in his dark eyes.

          Faith watches him carefully for a few seconds, taking in the look in his eye and
the playful tone of voice. Finally she jumps up from the couch and precedes Robin
out the door. As she passes him she tosses her head and asks playfully, So a she
friend. Should I be jealous?

          As Robin pulls the door closed behind them, he smiles and tells her in all faux
seriousness. Absolutely.

          The click of the door shutting is drowned out by the pairs laughter.

Willows Room

          Willow was lounging in an armchair writing in a purple, fabric covered journal
with gold and sliver dragons embossed on it, when Kennedy suddenly storms into the
room. Willow glances up from the journal and watches as her lover stomps about her
room for a few minutes before sighing and asking, Whats wrong?

          What could possibly be wrong? Kennedy asks sarcastically. My lover
leaves my bed to attend a secret meeting and then disappears for most of the day.
Then the Skanky Slayer wakes me up by pounding on the door to tell me that the
Bitchy-whiny Slayer is leaving. As if I care. Who went and made Faith leader
anyway? Kennedy spouts off, unaware of the dark look in the witches eye.

          Firstly: I didnt realize that being lovers entitled you to know my whereabouts
twenty-four seven. Also this, she gestures to the bed. Is my bed, as I recall the only
reason youre staying here is cause you didnt want to share a room with one of the
other girls. And if you have a problem with me not being here every time you find
the need to bitch youre more than welcome to leave. Secondly: the Bitchy Slayer is
my best friend and I care that shes leaving, so if you care for me at all youd be wise
to remember that. And thirdly: we are the ones who made Faith the leader, when we
kicked Buffy out of the house. And with Buffy leaving this dimension Faith will be
the senior Slayer - the one in charge. So I suggest you learn to get used to it real
fast. By the time Willow finishes her face is flushed and her body trembles in anger.

          Kennedy stands there for a moment shocked, having never heard the seemingly
quiet witch so angry before. Willow I- Kennedy stutters, speechless.

          Willow glares at Kennedy her eyes shining with unshed tears. I may never see
my best-friend again and all you can do is complain about how it affects you. She
looks away for a long moment, while Kennedy can only look on stunned.

          When Willow turns back, tears are trickling down her face. She sniffles
slightly, I think it would be best if you found another room to sleep in tonight.


          Kennedy jumps slightly at this, finally able to move and takes a step forward,
her hands out in supplication. Willow, she stops what shes about to say when
Willow takes a step back.

          Please Kennedy. Willow pleas in a near whisper.

          Watching her lover futility wipe at her tears, Kennedy finally relents. Okay
Willow, let me grab my stuff and Ill be out of your hair. She moves quickly and
throws her clothes and toiletries into a bag. At the door she takes one more look at
Willow standing near the desk with her hands at her face. Then she turns and leaves,
closing the door behind her with a quite click.

          Willow stares at the door for a minute then sinks to her knees and sobs, not
sure if she was crying because of Kennedys leaving or because of Buffys. This
thought just makes her cry harder.

AN: I just wanted to apologize to all the Kennedy fans (if there are any), but I really
hated her better than thou attitude. This is my therapy.

Buffys Room

          Buffy and Dawn sit on the couch watching each other cautiously, as one would
a partially tamed wolf. Finally Buffy asks, Do you want anything, we could order
room service. I think there might even be Dr. Pepper in the mini-bar.

          No, no Im good. Willow and I had breakfast at this little diner we found near
the strip.

          Oh, what did you have? Buffy asks needing to ask about the mundane before
beginning with the more serious issues.

          I had a stack of strawberry-buttermilk pancakes with this strawberry compote,
that was absolutely delicious. she answers with a sort of blissful look on her face.
The blissful looks fades slightly and she looks at Buffy seriously. But I honestly
doubt you asked me in here to talk about my breakfast. Whats on your mind Buff?
she asks, bouncing on the couch slightly.

          Buffy sighs and wipes her hands on her thighs before clasping them between
her knees. Okay, I needed to talk to you about what were going to do. You need
to decide who you want to live with.

          Dawn frowns and watches Buffy fiddle with her rings nervously. I dont
understand. Why would I need to decide?

          Buffy smiles slightly. In case youve forgotten youre only sixteen, you need
a legal guardian and with me leaving we have to decide who thatll be.

          Still frowning Dawn asks, I thought Willow would be my parental-unit, like
she was when you were um. . . gone. She says uncomfortably, still unable to speak
of Buffys death without completely freaking out.

          The circumstances are a little different Dawnie. No-one was expecting me
to. . . she glances at Dawn out of the corner of her eye. Be gone and we really had
no contingency plans for my leaving. With mom dying a few months earlier and dad
being unreachable Willow was the logical person to take care of you, while keeping
my death a secret. But now Willow and Giles will be busy rebuilding the Watchers
Council and we have a bit of time if you wanted to try to locate dad.

          Dawn stares at her feet for a long time before looking up at Buffy. I want to
stay with Willow and Giles. Not that I dont love dad or anything like that, but dads
ignored both of us for how many years? He didnt even bother to make it to Moms
funeral. So my options are I could live with a man whod rather go on a business trip
with his secretary, than go to the funeral of his ex-wife for his daughters if nothing
else. Or I could stay and help my sisters best friend and ex-Watcher rebuild an
organization which could help hundreds, possibly thousands of girls, not to mention
the world. Hmm, tough choice. Dawn puts a finger to her chin as if in deep thought
while glancing at Buffy out of the corner of her eye, an impish grin on her face.

          Buffy returns the grin, but it seems tinged with sadness. Youve made your
decision then?

          Dawn nods solemnly her grin giving way to a soft smile. I know your not
exactly thrilled about me getting involved with the slaying stuff. But its my choice,
Im not begin forced into it and I really think I could help. She pauses for a second.
Plus, Giles and Willow will be going to England which means I get to go too. She
grins again and this time Buffy returns it with a little more enthusiasm.

          I guess I cant really stop you seeing as how I wont be here. But, she turns
to catch Dawns eye. Youre going to be finishing school thats a given, but if at
anytime for whatever reason your grades begin to drop you will be pulled off of
whatever youre doing for the Watchers Council until your grades are back up. Are
we clear?

          About to answer glibly Dawn notices the look in Buffys eye and realizes that
this is very important to Buffy and requires a serious answer. Dawn looks Buffy
straight in the eye, I understand Buffy, I promise to keep my grades up. Ill make
you proud of me.

          Buffy smiles and reaches for Dawn enfolding her in a tight embrace. I already
am. she says causing Dawn to smile.

          As Buffy sits back she looks at the coffee table then back at Dawn before
saying, I took the money from the settlement on the house and placed it into a
college fund. Youll have access to the money on your eighteenth birthday. Id like
you to actually use it for college, but you dont have to. If I come back. . .

          When. . . when you come back. Dawn interjects forcefully.

          When I come back, I expect you to have interests outside of demons, vampires
and other uglies.

          Okay. Dawn agrees, she then looks down as she admits quietly, Im really
going to miss you Buffy.

          Buffy again pulls Dawn into a hug. Im going to really miss you pumpkin-belly. she says. She grins when she hears Dawn giggle.

Vi & Rhonas Room

          After returning to their room Vi watches as Rhona begins throwing her clothing
around the room, swearing profusely. Unable to keep her silence the tiny redhead
finally asks, Whats wrong Rhona?

          Rhona continues on her rampage as she answers. I cant find that purple
blouse I bought two day ago.

          Vi calmly gets up and goes to the bureau she opens a drawer and pulls out the
elusive purple blouse. Now whats really wrong? she asks again as Rhona stalks
towards her angrily and yanks the shirt from her hand.

          Rhona turns her back on Vi, throws the shirt on the bed and reaches for a pair
of tan coloured corduroys. Oh, I dont know. How about the fact that were losing
our leader? Is that a good enough reason? she asks as she jerks on the corduroys
under her nightgown.

          Um, okay I know this may not be the wisest thing to say, seeing as how youre
on the war path, but I thought you didnt like Buffy all that much. Vi asks a little
confused. She herself was upset about Buffys leaving, but not to the degree that
Rhona apparently was. In a way it felt like she owed Buffy one for voting her out of
her own house, especially after Buffy rescued them from the trap they had allowed
themselves to be led into.

          Rhona rips the nightgown off her head and over her cast and quickly puts on
the blouse, as she finishes buttoning it up she turns to face Vi a thunderous look on
her face. Its just. . . She trails off as if unsure of how to say whats on her mind.
If the PTB could pull this kinda shit on Buffy who is the oldest, the strongest and the
most battle ready of all of us, whats to stop them from screwing one of us over one
day. After weve given everything we can to the fight what if they suddenly say. Oh
sorry but were not ready to let you go just yet. But if youre a good little Slayer and
do these little tasks for us youll be free. She looks Vi straight in the eye as she
continues, If they wont even give Buffy - the ultimate Slayer - the carrot shes been
chasing for seven years. Then what the hell kinda chance do average Slayers like us

          Vi looks at Rhona shocked, not used the brash and smart-mouthed Rhona
pouring out her emotions like she just had. Rhona I- She steps towards the other
Slayer before realizing that Rhona probably wouldnt appreciate the invasion of her
personal space at the moment. I cant speak for the Powers but I honestly believe
that there has to be a purpose to whats happening. Maybe its because Buffys the
oldest, strongest the most battle ready that shes been chosen to leave. I know what
Anya said about how Buffy did nothing to earn being chosen, but I read Mister Giles
diaries and if theres one thing I got out of them its that over the years Buffy earned
the right to keep the title. And maybe shes the only one capable of doing what needs
to be done. Maybe shes no longer needed in this world right now because all the
average Slayers like us have been called. At Rhonas sceptical look Vi throws her
hands in the air and huffs. Fine maybe this is the Powers way of giving Buffy a
vacation from all the annoying Slayers like you. She says with a pointed glare at

          Rhona grins at her roommate and Vi returns it just before the door bursts open
and Kennedy storms in, arms loaded with her things. Guess whos moving in girls

          Vi and Rhona look on in horror as Kennedy dumps her things on the empty,
extra bed and storms off into the bathroom. As the door slams Rhona looks to Vi and
asks sarcastically, Trouble in paradise?

          Vi shrugs in response.

Wolfram & Hart

Angels Suite

5:48 p.m.

          After waking up with a new purpose Angel jumps into the shower, quickly
washes up and jumps out, he grabs some clothes and in fifteen minutes hes ready to
put his plan into action. He steps into the private elevator to begin his day.

          As he steps out of the elevator and into his office he sees Wesley waiting for
him by his desk. Angel briefly considers turning back to the elevator, going back to
his room and taking the quicker way out by jumping through the window.

          Ah Angel. Good that youre awake, we have a few minor details to iron out
on the Markham case and the Vecktor demons are not pleased with the way their
contract is being handled. Also- Wesley trails off as he watches his employer and
friend completely ignore him. Wesley watches as Angel moves around his desk and
opens a drawer, Angel pulls out his cell then glances up.

          Look Wes, you deal with the Markham case. You handle that small print
better than I do anyway, tell the Vecktors that if they dont like the way its being
handled theyre free to go someplace else. Anything else will have to wait till I get
back. Ill have my cell but only call if its an emergency. With that Angel walks
past his stunned friend and heads towards the double doors leading out of his office.

          Wesley manages to break out of his stupor just before Angel opens the doors.
Angel, whats going on?

          Angel stops but doesnt turn around. Buffy. . . Buffys being sent out of this
dimension by the PTB. I want. . . no I need to be around her before she leaves.

          Angel Im sorry. I know you held hope that you would be reunited with her
in the future. Wesley said sympathetically. Although he never really understood it,
he couldnt deny that his friend and the Slayer shared a love that was almost visible
when they were together. Even when they had fought so viciously during the whole
Faith episode a few years back it was easy to see the passion that lived inside each
of them.

          Angel shrugs and gives a slightly bitter chuckle. I always thought that shed
be there. That shed be part of my reward. He chuckles again. I guess the jokes
on me huh? Wesley doesnt answer knowing it was a rhetorical question. She was
my reason to fight in the beginning. The only thing I wanted was to be a man for her
to protect her. Later I wanted a life with her, and for a brief moment in time which
no-one remembers but me, I had it. I held her in my arms as a human man and I
thought that finally I was what she deserved. Angel hangs his head down low, his
hand on the doorknob.

          Wesley watches Angel in both sympathy and surprise. Having never heard the
usually distant vampire open up so much and not just the words he spoke, the agony
lacing the words and in Angels posture was heart wrenching to the former Rogue
Demon Hunter. It looked to Wesley like the vampire was giving up almost, like he
was losing an important part of him. What happened? he asks quietly his sympathy
doing little to curb his natural curiosity.

          Angel begins to laugh, a dark sound that makes Wesley shiver involuntarily.
They said she would die. If I stayed human Buffy would die. At least thats what
the Oracles said. A low growl is heard from the vampire and Wesley steps back his
eyes widening. The Oracles. Angel spits out venomously, they failed to mention
shed die anyway. I gave up my humanity so that shed live, I gave her up and I
wasnt even there when she died not four years later. I was too busy chasing my tail
for the Powers, saving Cordelia from being a princess. They didnt even tell me she
was in trouble, I had to hear it from Willow when it was all over and she was cold in
the ground.

          Wesley shifts his weight from foot to foot for a few moments deciding how
best to say whats on the tip of his tongue without the emotionally unstable vampire
beating the living tar out of him. Finally deciding he says, We were of the mind that
you had dealt with Buffys death. Cordelia herself told us the gist of what you said
during that whole Jame-Elizabeth incident. That you didnt blame yourself for what
had happened.


          Angel snorts. Like Im gonna tell Cordelia of all people about my guilt over
Buffys death. It would have just given her one more thing to hate Buffy for. And
I really didnt want to hear any crap about my Buffy face.

          Wesley was slightly stunned with Angels waspish comments about Cordelia,
although he did agree with his statement of Cordelias unnatural hatred of the tiny
blonde Slayer. Something Wesley had never understood but suspected had a lot to
do with the brunettes feelings of jealousy for the blonde. But with Cordelia now in
a coma it felt wrong to badmouth her.

          Look Wesley Id really like to continue this. . . scintillating conversation but
Im kinda short on time. So if were done here, I really need to be going. Angel
wrenches open the door and leaves with a swoop of his duster.

          Wesley stands near Angels desk for a long time before gathering his files and
leaving. As he closes the door he prays to the Powers that his friend will make it
through this, with his sanity and soul intact.

The Sidewalk Outside Of

Club Nightshade

          Giles walks towards the door of a seedy looking dive, there was no real sign
just a crudely painted symbol which vaguely resembled a plant above the metal door.
Giles frowns slightly and looks towards his companion in disbelief. The green
horned demon, dressed in his usually flamboyant style, in a peacock blue suit, dark
red shirt and paisley patterned tie added to his outfit was a dark blue fedora styled hat
with the same paisley pattern on the band. It was pulled low over his head concealing
his features just enough as to not start a city wide panic.

          Lorne looks over at the Watcher and grins widely. Next to annoying Angel
bothering the Watcher was his newest favourite hobby. Well here we are. Shall we
go in, or were you planning on putting down roots?

          Giles glares at the annoying demon and moves forward. This was the fifth
place theyd looked at and Giles was despairing that they would never find an
appropriate place for the party. And having spent over an hour with a brightly
coloured demon who insisted on flirting with anything that walked by, Giles was
seriously beginning to consider ordering pizza and having every Slayer -with her
mood swings and inclination for violence- party in his own room.

          As he reaches for the doorhandle, a green hand beats him to it and Lorne opens
the door with a grin. After receiving a death glare in return, Lorne takes off his hat
in a grand sweeping bow. A brunette passing by in a yellow sun-dress, gasps loudly
at the sight of the green demon which he replies to with a wink, Giles rolls his eyes
as the womans eyes grow wide and she smiles back flirtatiously if nervously. Giles
enters the building and Lorne follows, but not before aquiring the womans number.

          How do you do that? Giles asks exasperated, that had been the sixth number
Lorne had managed to procure in the past hour.

          Lornes grin widens. Its all in the charm Watcher-pop, all in the charm.

          Charm my as. . . Giles trails off as they pass through a beaded curtain and
he sees the club. He stands there as he takes it all in.

          The walls were painted a bright, fire-engine red with various swirls and designs
painted on it, in many different bright colours. There were two levels the lower was
obviously the dance floor with a solid wooden, caramel stained floor. There were
what seemed like hundreds of coloured and white lights up above and a stage for a
band or DJ off to one corner. The upper level was a step above the dance floor with
a black railing separating the two levels. Apparently the upper part was for
socializing, filled with round, black tables and chairs, on the side wall were booths
with black leather seats. Up against the back wall was the bar, painted almost entirely
black. It boasted a low dark red counter with dark green, blue and purple stools in
front of it.

          Lorne throws his arms out and spins slowly towards the middle of the dance
floor. Well precious what do you think? Is this place something or what?

          Giles removes his glasses and cleans them for a moment, under his breath he
mutters, Id have to go with what myself.

          Lorne is looking up at the lights, What did you say Rupe?

          Giles returns his glasses to his face as he answers It certainly is colourful.

          Yes it is, isnt it. An amused voice says from behind him.

          Giles spins around quickly, surprised and chagrined at being snuck up on.
Some Watcher I am, he thinks sardonically. As Lorne calls out from his place near
the bar. Monica long time no see. Howve you been sweets?

          Monica as Giles now knows, is a woman perhaps in her early to mid-forties
about five-foot-six with auburn hair which falls in wild curls to her shoulders,
mesmerising pale green eyes which were crinkled just slightly in laughter, a nose
which was just a tad too straight and a wide mouth slightly turned up in a grin. Ive
been just fine Lorne. Are you going to introduce me to your friend here?

          Lorne smacks himself in the head lightly but makes no move towards them as
he says, Where are my manners. Rupert Giles this enchanting creature is Monica
Greenleigh proprietor of the Nightshade, Moni this quiet man is Rupert Giles.

          Monica smiles warmly as she reaches out to shake his hand. Mr. Giles its a
pleasure to meet you.

          Please call my Rupert, Ms. Greenleigh. He replies as he shakes her hand.

          Her smile somehow brightens as she returns with, Only if youll call me
Monica. Ms Greenleigh makes me seem old.

          Giles returns her smile. An impossible feat to be sure, Monica.

          She laughs and turns to Lorne, who is watching the two with interest. It looks
like youve got some competition in the charming department here Lorne.

          It certainly looks that way doesnt it? He smiles at Giles knowingly.

          Giles ignores the demon, his attention captured by the woman before him.

          Monica smiles at him and hooks his arm with her own as she leads him further
into the club. So what brings you two here. Not that Im complaining. She glances
towards Giles as she says this.

          He smiles bashfully and blushes slightly. He even breaths a sigh of relief as
Lorne answers for him. Well diddums over there needs a place to have a party. Its
gotta be big enough for a lot of people and strong enough to survive, several
preternaturally strong teenagers and any temper tantrums they may have. It also has
to have a discreet owner who knows about the supernatural and wont spread it

          Monica leads Giles to a table on the second level, they sit down. Lorne makes
his way towards them as Monica says, Well this place is certainly big enough and
there is a protection spell on it, but its not really finished. May I ask why youre
having the party? She meets Giles eyes as she asks.

          Giles feels his stomach suddenly somersault. Its a going away party for a
former protege of mine, she is leaving in two days time and we wish to send her off
with a proper farewell. Giles tells her, being careful not to revel too much. He may
have been attracted to the woman but that did not mean he knew her. Perhaps an
opportunity will present itself to remedy that
, he thinks hopefully.

          Monica frowns for a moment before saying. I would really love to help you
but Im afraid Ive been remodelling, the kitchens completely scrapped and there is
still a lot of cleaning that needs to be done.

          Giles leans forward almost eager to set aside her worries if only to spend a few
more moments with her. If you could recommend a good place for ribs that are
willing to produce a large quantity in a short period of time, we would provide the

          She still seems unsure. But what about the mess, there is no way I could get
a cleaning staff in here on such short notice.

          It just so happens I know of a few dozens girls who would quite happily pitch
a hand in. Okay so that was a lie, but it was a lie he could live with. Besides if they
refuse Im sure Faith could intimidate them into compliance.
Giles thought with a
slight grin.

          Monica looks at him sceptically but seems to relent. Alright then, you have
yourself a place then Rupert. She once again sticks out her hand to seal the deal.

          As he shakes her hand he tells her, Well of course pay you for the use of your

          Monica shakes her head and says, It doesnt feel right to charge you when
youll be providing the food and clean-up crew. A sly look comes across her face
as she looks at Giles. How about instead of paying me you take me out to dinner
next Friday and well call it even.

          Giles feels his cheeks heat up once more. O-of course, it would be my
pleasure. . . Monica. He silently curses the stutter in his voice as he replies.

          I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Lorne smiles widely
as he throws his arms around Giles and Monica, the small table just allowing it. His
smile widens as Giles sends him another death glare.

Plaza Hallway


Faith and Robin walked down the hallway laughing. Their outing had been a

success, Robins friend, Shayla (who Faith actually ended up liking) was very helpful
and had promised that she would be able to have the gift done by ten p.m.

          As they pass Willows door, they hear an audible sob. They slow and Faith
stares at the door, unaware that Robin is watching her.

          After watching Faith for almost a full minute Robin nudges her gently towards
the door and gives her a gentle smile when she looks at him in confusion. He nods
towards the door then makes his way to their own room. His smile widens as he hears
a tentative knocking behind him a moment later. As he reaches their room he turns
back to see Faith standing before Willows door, nervously fiddling with her hands.
She glances towards him and Robin smiles encouragingly, he waits for her to smile
back before stepping into the room and closing the door.

          As the door to her room closes, Faith turns back to Willows door. Not sure
why she cared if Willow was upset or not. Theyd never had any sort of relationship
their personalities too different to become best friends. Though they had talked on
their drive up from Los Angeles, it was mostly shop talk about the big evil going
down in SunnyD.

          Faith is pulled out of her thoughts as the door opens, she suppresses a gasp at
the witchs appearance. Willows eyes were wet and nearly swollen shut, her nose
was bright red, her hair dishevelled and her clothing irreparably wrinkled. All in all
the witch looked like her heart had been ripped out.

          Geez, Red you look like shit. Faith winces slightly as she says the words and
realizes thats probably not the smoothest thing she couldve said.

          Its proven a moment later when Willows swollen eyes narrow and she snaps,
Gee Faith, Im so sorry that my looks dont meet with the high Faith standards. The
next time I go through an emotional breakdown, Ill be sure to do it in a-a-a frilly
bustier, leather mini skirt and spiked heels! Willow goes to slam the door and Faith
manages to shake herself out of her surprise just before the door is shut in her face.

          Look Willow, I-I didnt mean. She stops and breaths deeply before
continuing. I heard you crying and Im offering you an impartial ear. I may blurt
out shit when I get uncomfortable, but that dont mean Im not taking shit seriously
or that Im downplaying what youre feeling. Its just the way I deal with shit. Faith
notices the look of disbelief that crosses Willows face and sighs. Believe me, dont
believe me. Frankly I dont really understand why I stopped in the first place, but if
you ever wanna talk Ill be down the hall. Okay? Getting no answer Faith removes
her hand from the door and turns to head to her own room.

          Kennedy and I broke up. The softly spoken words, nearly inaudible to
someone without supernatural hearing, stops Faith in her tracks. She turns back to
Willow and sees the redhead, fresh tears welling in her eyes. I-I think we broke up.

          Yo-ah-you wanna talk about it? Faith asks hesitantly, still not used to the
whole caring thing.

          Willow shrugs, but opens the door wider allowing Faith inside. Once inside
the room Willow asks, Do you want anything to drink? as Faith walks nervously
to the couch.

          Faith sits and shakes her head, resting her elbows on her knees. Nah, dont
worry bout me Red. So what happened.

          Willow looks around sadly. She doesnt care. She came storming in here
more upset by the fact that you were taking over as head Slayer, rather than the fact
that Buffy is being sent away.

          Faith ponders this a moment before replying, Red, Kennedys never really
been a fan of Buffy or myself. To her it is more important that I was acting as head
Slayer. Maybe you should cut her some slack. Faith shudders inwardly, repulsed
at having to defend Kennedy of all people. But she could see how someone who
didnt really know or interact with someone wouldnt see their leaving as a big deal.
Although this insight didnt stop her from wanting to smack the little bitch.

          It matters to me. Willow spits out forcefully, as she blinks back tears. Even
if Kennedy doesnt care, shes my girlfriend shouldnt she at least pretend to care, for
me? Willow begins to pace in agitation. She chuckles unpleasantly, You wanna
know what the worst thing is? She doesnt bother to wait for an answer. I dont
even know if Im upset because of the break up or if its just run-over from Buffy
leaving. Willow stops pacing and brings her hands up to cover her face and begins
laughing miserably.

          Faith watches Willow a little worried, as the witch apparently suffers from a
severe mental breakdown right in front of her. Its not that horrible if youre more
upset about B leaving than you are about this spat with Princess Kennedy. Youve
known B for what? Seven years? Youve only been with Kennedy less than a year.
Hell it hasnt even been six months. Faith pauses a minute not sure if she should
ask, but figuring it couldnt hurt if she did. How didja hook up with someone like
Kennedy anyway?

          Willow looks up at the brunette Slayer and seems to consider the question
seriously. She wanted me. Willow lowers her arms and sits herself in the chair
across from Faith. I know it sounds bad, but I was attracted to her and she was
attracted to me. And she went out of her way to. . . Willow struggles to find the best
word. Pursue me. Did you know she pretended to be sick so she wouldnt have to
go on a SIT retreat thing so that she could spend the day with me. Willow smiles at
the memory. No ones ever done something like that to be with me. Oz wanted to
take it slow, until he was sure that I would be thinking of him when we kissed. And
with Tara. . . Willows voice breaks slightly, but she regains her composure quickly.
It was kind of a mutual thing, we really didnt get together until after I had the
chance to say goodbye to Oz. Willow smiles a bittersweet smile at the thought of
her past loves. It was kinda nice, refreshing, being so actively sought.

          Faith nods in understanding. Change of pace.

          Willow nod, Exactly. I mean Oz was quite and stoic, Tara was kinda shy and
gentle. But Kennedy shes. . . Willow trails off.

          Loud, pushy and obnoxious. Faith says absently before catching herself.
Sorry Red, it sorta slipped out.

          Willow chuckles slightly through her remaining tears. Sokay Faith its true.
She is kinda annoying and she doesnt really have all that much patience, but she does
have her sweet side.

          Im sure she does Red. Faith was sceptical about that, but she figured it was
alright to make with a little white lie if you were trying to make another person feel

          Willow laughs, a true laugh this time, she picks up a tissue to wipe her eyes.
You dont believe me. She states, then blows her nose.

          Well no, but then all Ive seen is the bitchy, loudmouthed, thinks the universe
should revolve around her side. Faith states.

          Willow sighs, sits on the arm of the chair and stares despondently at the tissue
clenched between her fingers. I dont know what to do.

          Faith looks at the witch for a long moment before sighing and sitting forward.
Look Red, I cant tell you what to do. But if I were in your shoes Id wait until Bs
left before trying to work things out with Kennedy. Itll give you time to mourn Bs
leaving and think about what you wanna do.

          Willow nods slowly and looks up at Faith a glimmer of gratitude in her eyes.
Thanks Faith.

          Faith takes this as her cue to leave and gets up. Dont mention it Red. Im
gonna scoot before Robin starts thinking we killed each other. You gonna be okay?
she asks hesitantly.

          Willow smiles and nods getting up to see Faith to the door. Faith opens it and
just before she steps out she turns back to Willow. Just one thing Red.


          Willow looks at her questioningly.  


          Frilly bustier? she asks with a raised eyebrow.

          Willow blushes as Faith closes the door chuckling.

The Hallway

          Faith walked towards her room still chuckling, and shaking her head. Just
when she had the little witch figured, Red said something that surprised her. If she
wasnt careful shed actually start liking Red.

          Faith was brought out of her thoughts sharply as she collides with a large figure
and ends up sprawled on her ass. She stays there for a moment a little shocked,
normally it was the other person sprawled out on their ass. She looks up at the wall
shed run into and meets the turbulent brown eyes of the glowering vampire standing
above her.

          Uh, hey Big A. Whats up? Giles give you the 411? She asks not yet
getting up.

          Angel looks down at Faith confused, as if not comprehending why she was
lying on the floor. He reaches down and grabs the former rogue Slayers hand pulling
her up with ease. Uh, yeah. Giles phoned.

          Faith nods dusting herself off. Cool. Noticing no movement Faith looks up
and sees Angel standing there as still as death not even bothering to keep up the
illusion of breath. She steps closer to him, more than a little worried about him and
places her hand on his arm. Angel you okay?

          Angel snaps out of his trance and smiles just a little. Yeah Faith Im fine.
He then begins to stalk towards Buffys door his duster sweeping out behind him.

          Still worried Faith calls out, If you wanna talk about it, Im kinda on a roll
today. With the whole advice giving thing.

          Having reached the door Angel looks over his shoulder to smile at her once
more, before turning his attention back to the door. Just as he raises his hand to
knock the door opens to reveal Buffy standing there with an expectant look on her
face. They stare at one another for a long moment before Angel steps into the room
closing the door softly behind him.

          Faith stares at the door for a long moment before making her way to her own
room. She slips in quietly to see Robin laying on the couch, no shirt on and the
newspaper spread out on his lap. The sterile white bandages standing out in sharp
relief to his dark skin.

          When Robin looks up, Faith looks back at him eyes wide as she tells him
solemnly, Batten down the hatches captain, this ride just got a whole lot bumpier.

Buffys Room

          Angel and Buffy stand a little awkwardly just inside her room. Angel looks
around and notices a small pile of clothing, toiletries and weapons heaped
haphazardly on the bed, next to the pile a dark brown duffel type bag. Angel looks
down at his hands, which are fidgeting at his sides. He takes a deep un-needed breath
to help calm his nerves, and if he just happened to inhale a whiff of the vanilla
perfume Buffy wore than who could really blame him.

          So. . . youre packing? Angel asked hesitantly, unsure of how to alleviate the

          Packing, yeah. Whistler didnt really let me know what I might need, not that
I have much to begin with since Sunnydale became a great big sinkhole. But it would
have been nice if he had given me some clue, weather wise at least. Hot, rainy, cold
ya know just a general hint would have been nice. As she talks Buffy moves to the
bed and begins picking through the pile. But I guess if Im going to multiple
universes, the weather probably wont stay the same, huh? And now that I think
about it I reeeally dont want to take fashion advise from Whistler of all demons. I
dont think fashion even makes the list in his book.

          Angel smiles, glancing up at her. No I guess not. He shifts from foot to foot,
nervous and unsure of how to proceed.

          Buffy watches him from her peripheral vision, and smiles gently at his obvious
nervousness. She turns and sinks down to sit on the bed and sighs.

          Angels head quickly whips towards her and just as quickly he looks away.
Suddenly afraid that if her watched her for too long hed give into the temptation to
throw her over his shoulder and escape with her to a far off place where no-one could
find them and no-one could ever take her away from him ever again.

          *Finally! The Sissy Soul-Boy has finally removed his head from his ass. Now
move your pansy ass to that bed and reclaim our mate.*
Angel groans silently as
Angelus makes his presence known for the first time, since his initial reaction when
Buffy had first told them the news, which had been mainly comprised of roars and
snarls of rage. Angel comes back to himself with a jerk as a small hand lays itself on
his forearm.

          Buffy having noticed his preoccupation, silently rises from the bed and makes
her way over to him. As she lays her hand on his arm she feels the muscles contract
sharply. She looks up, meets Angels troubled gaze and says rather coyly. I think
I preferred when you came to see me when I was fighting Caleb. At least then I got
a kiss. She brings her other hand up fingering his sleeve, and looks up at him
through her lashes an exaggerated pout on her face.

          Angel looks down at her and a wide smile begins to spread across his face.
Finally something I wanna do. He says, repeating the words she once said to him
long before curses or destiny had come between them. His head swoops down and
he captures her lips in a sweet kiss.

          The sweet kiss soon spirals out of control, hands clutching fabric desperately.
Until they finally manage to tear themselves apart, panting and gasping for breath.


          Buffy places her hand on her chest in a futile attempt to stop her heart from
racing. After a few long moments Buffy clears her throat. Not to sound like a
broken record, but what are you doing here? she croaks wincing inwardly at the
sound of her voice.

          Angel stands still and silent, inhaling a deep unneeded breath to help regain his
composure. I was wondering. . . he croaks, before clearing his throat and trying
again. Um, I was wondering if youd like to go for a walk with me. . . or
something. He asks hesitantly.

          Buffy smiles, Just let me get my coat. she says sweetly.

          Grabbing her coat out of the closet she walks up to Angel who helps her into
it then he opens the door for her and they make their way out. The door is pulled
closed behind them.

Giles Rental Car

          After hammering out the details and phoning the Hotel, after learning that Faith
was talking with Willow, he told Robin where the club was and that the girls were
needed, Giles and Lorne made their way outside.

          As they leave Lorne begins humming a tune that to Giles, sounded suspiciously
like That Old Black Magic. Getting into the car his suspicion is proven correctly
when as they pull away Lorne belts out. Those icy fingers up and down my spine;
The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine; The same old tingle that I feel

          Giles throws Lorne an irritated glance. Lorne notices the look and decides to
comment. Something wrong sugar plum? A wide grin splitting his face.

          Giles sighs but refuses to answer instead asking casually, How does Monica
know about the supernatural? Figuring it was a safe Watcher-like question. One
that would allow him to learn more about a fascinating woman granted, but a Watcher
question none-the-less.

          Lorne looks at him knowingly not fooled by his overly casual tone. He shrugs
and answers. Shes been in this business long enough.

          Giles glances over at him. That was a rather evasive answer. He states.

          Lorne really shrugs this time. Shell tell you when shes ready. He then
looks over at Giles knowingly, Just like youll tell her about being a Watcher when
youre ready. He lets Giles digest this for a moment before asking. So we heading
back to HQ?

          Giles shakes his head a thoughtful frown on his face. We will in a minute we
just have one more stop to make.

          Where to? He asks curiously.

          Giles smiles slyly, Ill let you know when Im ready. He replies, throwing
Lornes words back at him.

          Lorne turns to look at Giles sharply. He looks at Giles for a second, noting the
smug grin on the Watchers face. His eyes narrow for a moment before his
expression clears and a sly grin spreads across his face.


          A second later. . .I hear your name and I am aflame; A flame with such a
burning desire; That only your kiss can put out the fire; For youre the lover I have
waited for; The mate that fate had me created for;
Fills the interior of the car as
Lorne continues his song.

          Giles hunches over the steering wheel his swearing drowned out by the
enthusiastic singing of the anagogic demon beside him.

Faith & Robins Room

          Getting the brief overview of the Buffy/Angel saga, or at least as much as Faith
knew. Robin briefly wonders if other Slayers had ever had relationships with not
one but two vampires. Shaking off the thought he tells Faith of Giles phone call.

          Faith wastes no time in grabbing the address from the end table and gets ready
to leave. She kisses Robin lightly on the lips, tells him to rest up and leaves the room.

          A moment later Robin chuckles as he hears Faith banging, loudly on the
Slayers doors telling them to quote Get the hell out, before I drag you out by your
hair, unquote. Robin hears many doors slam and a stampede of feet pass his room
as the group leaves. He also hears Dawns voice as she passes by yelling at Andrew
for snapping her picture and blinding her. Robin chuckles again, stretching out on
the couch and reaching for his newspaper on the table in front of it. Thinking, Finally
Ill be able to finish.

Los Angeles

          The streets of LA were bustling, cars zipping through the street and people with
no real destination in mind rushing to and fro. Everyone so busy with their own lives,
their own problems they never really noticed that a champion and a soon to be exiled
hero were in their midst, protecting them even as they were ignored, as they were

          Buffy and Angel walked through the streets side by side, a heavy silence
between them each lost in their own thoughts. Which are soon interrupted when a
high pitched shriek suddenly pierces the air. Though no-one else seems to notice,
neither one of them hesitates as they take off in the direction of the scream.

          Buffy races towards the alley where the scream had originated from, somehow
losing or outrunning Angel. Entering the alley she quickly takes in the situation, five
male figures (her gut was telling her were vampires) were crowding over a smaller
female figure. Buffy stops and glances around her, she notices three wooden packing
crates stacked on top one another next to a large, blue steel dumpster. She grabs one
of the crates and lobs it towards the vamp farthest away from the female. It hits the
vamps head and smashes on impact a piece of the crate imbedding itself into the
vamps neck, the vamp stumbles and falls as its buddies turn away from their intended
victim in confusion.

          Buffy takes this as her cue and quips, Hey guys. Is this a private party or can
anyone join?

          One of the vamps, apparently the leader of the group steps forward as his
buddies move to back him up. Get lost little girl. This has nothing to do with you.
he growls out. His buddies rumble in agreement. All expect the one who got the
crate upside the head, he was currently on the ground dazed.

          Buffy smirks and slowly approaches them, pulling out a stake from her jacket
pocket. No you see as long as Im still in this dimension it is my business. Its in
the whole spiel, you know one born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampire.
Although I suppose the gangll have to change that whole one part to many now.
Buffy frowns briefly, staring off into space thinking about the wording, completely
ignoring the vampires gasps of surprise but aware of it all the same. After a second
she shakes her head and turns her attention back to the vamps, smiling brightly at
their sudden unease.

          So youre the Slayer huh? Leader asks trying to mask his nervousness. He
smirks his face shifting into the gruesome features of the demon hidden on the inside.
Ive been dreaming of killing a Slayer.

          Keep dreaming. Buffy sneers.

          Get. Her! Leader snarls at his buddies.

          As the vamps rush her, Crates excluded, Buffy is vaguely aware of Angel
nearing the alley. Hoping hell get the girl out before helping her, Buffy braces
herself and meets the four rapidly approaching vamps head on, a determined look in
her eyes.



Angels POV

          After hearing the scream Angel bolted, with Buffy two steps ahead of him. As
he followed her across the busy street he was stopped in his tracks by a sudden jarring
impact that sent him flying a few feet in the air. Dazed he blinked up at the crowd
gathering quickly around him. He gets up staggering slightly, ignoring the whispers
and the offers of medical help. He pushes himself through the crowd with some
difficulty and takes off in the direction he was heading before the collision.


          Nearing the alleyway he hears the snap of bone breaking, and a shrill scream.
Speeding up he rushes into the alley and skids to a stop as he sees Buffy beating up
on three vampires. One stumbles to his feet off at the side trying to remove a piece
of wood imbedded in his neck another is crouched on the ground, cradling his broken
arm whimpering. On the far side of the alley, away from the fighting a young blonde
woman is watching the fight a stunned, fearful look on her face.

          Buffy seems to sense his approach and shouts. Get the girl. She kicks one
of the vamps in the chest, he stumbles back into another taking them both to the
ground. She flips the last one standing, over her shoulder and crouches quickly to
stake him.

          Hesitating, but seeing that she has things under control, Angel approaches the
woman. Keeping one eye on the fight he sees Buffy break a crate over a vamps head
then stake one of the others with a piece of it. As he moves towards the woman he
scoops up the purse that lays near her side, shoving it into her hands he manages to
coax the trembling woman out of the alley.

          Angel sits the woman down on an apartment stoop, after making sure that shed
be okay for a few minutes he turns and heads back to the fight. Entering the alley
hes nearly bowled over by a vamp running out, clutching its broken arm. Angel
considers going after him when the vamps disappears into a nearby sewer access, his
concern for Buffy winning out he turns his attention back to the alley.

          He turns back to the fight just in time to see the final vamp hit Buffy in an
uppercut, as she staggers back Angel steps forward with a growl his features shifting
to the familiar ridges of his demon. Before Angel can do anything more, Buffy lets
loose with a high kick that catches the vamp just under the chin, he stumbles just
barely catching his balance, before he has time to recover completely Buffy crouches
down and sweeps his feet out from under him. She then grabs a makeshift stake from
the shattered remains of the crates and stakes him. Standing she brushes off her
clothing and turns to Angel a slight smile on her face.

          Angel returns the smile a bit wistfully. Watching her had brought him back to
a time when Buffy wouldve needed his help to deal with five opponents. When she
wouldve been struggling and he wouldve swooped in like a dark knight to save his
fair lady. Back before the Angelus fiasco, when Buffy was still unsure, still learning
and it was alright for him to watch over her, to protect her, to love her. But now
seeing her fight off five vampires, barely breaking a sweat over it. He realized that
she no longer needed him, that she would, no she had survived without him and that
she would continue to do so.

          Angel couldnt help the feelings of resentment that surged through him at the
thought, though the feelings were quickly overshadowed by his ever present guilt,
this time it was for resenting Buffys ability to adapt, to grow in situations he maybe
couldve prevented had he only been there. He snaps out of his thoughts completely
as he realizes that Buffy was speaking to him.

          . . . girl?

         The girl? Angel asks her confused for a brief second, before the answer
dawned on him. Right, the girl. I sat her on the stoop of the building next door.

          Buffy nods, Alright, we should probably go. Make sure she gets home okay.

          They exit the alley hands just brushing one another. The perfect ending to the
perfect day.
Buffy thinks sarcastically, having noticed Angels pensive frown.


Giles Car

          Giles pulls up to the curb in front of the Wolfram & Hart building, putting the
car into park he turns to his companion. Well here we are. If youd kindly tell
Wesley and the others that they are of course welcome?

          Lorne nods. Of course. He reaches for the doorhandle buts looks back at
Giles, You sure you dont wanna come in say hi?

          Giles nods wearily. Quite sure. Not to seem rude, but Ive developed a
headache. Giles tells him.


          Lorne nods sympathetically, Sorry to hear that gum-drop. You go home, order
yourself a cup a tea and get yourself a cold compress and youll be good-to-go in no
time. Lorne opens the door and swings his legs out before turning back. I realize
youre under a lot of stress right now but you should really try to take it easy. Its
most likely the cause of your headache. Lorne tells him pertly.

          Giles rolls his eyes but refrains from telling Lorne that he was the main source
of the headache. Goodbye Lorne.

          Goodbye Watcher-pop. See you tomorrow night. Lorne yells back waving
slightly as he enters the building.

          Giles shakes his head and drives off.

Club Nightshade

          After two hours of listening to the girls bitch and complain Faith was revising
her opinion about leading them into battle being the hardest thing shes ever done.
Getting them to clean up the club and decorate for the party while listening to their
whining was harder, hands down. Especially with Andrew running around being a
pain in the ass.


          Faith heaves a sigh as Andrew once again blinds one of the girls (Rhona by the
sounds of it) with the flash of his digital camera, how hed gotten it was anyones

          Willow walks up behind the dark haired Slayer. What is he doing? she asks
as both witch and Slayer watch the blonde boy dart through the club, dodging
between both Slayers and furniture clumsily, in an attempt to escape an irate Rhona.

          Faith shakes her head at the spectacle before answering. I have no idea Red.
To be honest I never want to know what motivates Andrew.

          Willow smiles at that. Monica recommended a good rib place just down the
street so Im gonna go place an order so that well be all set for tomorrow.

          Faith inclines her head in acknowledgement, then asks What do ya think of

          Willow smiles, I like her. She seems nice. Plus I think she has a little thing
for Giles she was asking me all about him. You know, what does he like to eat?
Whats his favourite colour? that sort of thing.

          Faith grins. Thats great sounds like G-mans in for some action.

          Willow looks at her a little scandalised, Faith! They just met.

          So? Faith turns to her eyebrows raised a spark of mischief in her eyes.

          Willow looks at her and stutters a little, her cheeks turning a brilliant scarlet.

          Faith snickers, but sobers after a second and asks You talk to Kennedy since

          Willow also sobers, Yeah. I told her that we needed to talk after Buffy left.
She seemed to understand.

          Faith nodded again. Cool. Just remember what I said. If you ever wanna
talk, Im here.

          Willows smile is touched with gratitude as she answers, Thanks Faith. I
better get down to the rib place and order before they close. Im going to take Rhona
with me before she kills someone. She leaves the club, Rhona trailing behind her.

          Faith turns back to the Slayers just in time to see the flash as Andrew snaps her
picture again. She growls at him, which causes him to skitter off in search of another
victim. As she blinks away the spots from her vision the flash had caused she
mutters, B better appreciate this.

The Plaza

          After dropping the woman (Carol) off at the hospital for minor blood loss and
shock. Angel and Buffy made their way to the hotel not touching and barely talking.

          Finally in the hallway of Buffys floor. Buffy looks up at Angel a little shyly
and asks, Stay with me? Just until I go?

          Angel turns her to face him and leans his forehead against hers, a hint of a
smile at the corner of his lips. Though it hurt to hear of her impending departure.
My bags in the car. The smile spreads as Buffy giggles in surprise. He pulls away
reluctantly, brushing his lips lightly across her forehead as he straightens. Ill go get
my bag and then we can watch a movie or something maybe order room service.

          Buffy smiles happily. Sounds good. You want me to come with?

          Angel shakes his head. No, I got it. Go on to your room and get comfortable.
Ill be back in a minute. That said he turns back the way they came and disappears
through the door leading to the staircase.

          Buffy stares at the door hed disappeared through, a bittersweet smile on her
face. Sighing deeply she turns towards her door, as she does she catches sight of
Giles door. Deciding to let Giles know that shes back and that Angel will be
spending the next two nights in her room, she walks to his door and knocks. After
a long second she frowns as the door remains closed and knocks again, louder this

          After another long second she raises her hand to knock again when she hears
the distinct sound of a doorknob turning. . . off to the right. She glances towards the
door next to Giles just in time to see the door open to reveal a shirtless and bandaged
Robin. He opens the door further and leans against the doorjamb an arm braced
against the door itself.

          Giles left a few hours ago. He states, not waiting for Buffy to ask.

          Whered he go? She asks, turning away from Giles door to face Robin.

          Robin shrugs, or at least tries. Didnt tell me, but Im assuming that he went
with Faith and the rest of the Slayers. At Buffys questioning look he elaborates.
The Slayers were feeling antsy so Faith decided to take them hunting.

          Buffy nods, watching him almost absently. What arent you telling me
Robin? She asks calmly, dangerously.

          Looking into her hazel-green eyes, Robin finds himself empathizing with a
rabbit in the sights of a wolf or leopard. Before he can think of something to assuage
her suspicions he sees the large, dark figure of the original soulful vampire approach
Buffy from behind. He watches with no small amount of relief as Angel places his
hand on her shoulder, transferring her attention to the souled vampire, he leans in
close to her and whispers in her ear, which Robin doesnt even try to overhear. With
one last suspicious look at Robin she allows Angel to be lead to her own room.
Angel ushers her through the doorway and looks back at Robin, before closing the
door behind him.

          Robin stares at the door for a few seconds before turning to enter his room,
letting out a long breath as he closes the door he thinks Damn, Faith wasnt kidding.


The Plaza

Buffys Room

          Angel prepared a hot, relaxing bath complete with bubbles for Buffy needing
to, in some small way, take care of her, to feel like she still needed him. He then
turned his attention to her dietary needs and knowing that she probably hadnt ate all
day, ordered down to room service for her dinner.

          Waiting for Buffy to finish with her bath he roamed the room, stopping at the
bed still covered with its small mountain of clothes and knick-knacks. He picks up
a pair of red jeans and folds them, packing them neatly into the duffel bag next to the
pile. Picking up a pair of black slacks he again folds them and packs them neatly.
He repeats the process with a shirt, and again with a sweater, the pile of clothes
becoming smaller and smaller steadily.

          I guess living for two hundred years gives you a talent for packing. Buffys
amused voice causes him to drop the violet tank top to the bed and look at her. He
drinks in the sight of her dressed in her pj pants and tank, her shoulder length hair still
a little damp, her cheeks flushed pink from the steam of the bath and a hint of
laughter in her hazel-green eyes. A little confused he turns back to the bed and sees
that the once large mountain of clothes has diminished considerably.

          He smiles at her a little sheepishly, Sorry. He says softly.

          She approaches the bed. Dont be, you did a better job than I did. I was trying
before you came earlier and all I had to show for my efforts was that big pile. She
tells him easily. Picking up a shirt she folds it and places it with her other clothing
in the duffel. Following her lead Angel takes the tank hed dropped on the bed,
folding and packing. They work in silence (which only turns awkward when Angel
accidentally picks up a lacy thong) and are nearly finished when a knock is heard on
the door.

          Angel moves from the bed and opens the door. The bed at such an angle to the
door that when its open Buffy cant see past it from where she stands, but her nose
is immediately assaulted with a medley of mouth-watering scents. She absently zips
her duffel, watching as Angel opens the door wider to allow a red-jacketed bellhop
into the room, pushing a cart before him. He sets up the cart outside on the patio next
to the small glass table. Walking back through the sliding-glass door and across the
room to the door he turns back and asks, Will that be everything?

          Angel shakes his head and hands the bellhop a tip. The bellhop takes it and
nods thanks and leaves. Angel shuts the door behind him and turns to Buffy.

          Taking her hand he leads her outside and seats her at the table. Looking at her
playfully he adopts an accent and says, Ill be your waiter tonight. He takes a
covered dish off of the cart and places it before her. For the lovely mademoiselle,
we have roast beef, green beans and carrots steamed to perfection and roasted baby
potatoes. He lifts the lid off the dish with a flourish and bows deeply at the waist.
Hes rewarded for his silliness when Buffy laughs delighted clapping her hands. He
smiles and places the lid back on the cart then places a similar dish across from her.
He then takes a bottle of wine and pours a bit into two long stemmed glasses, in a the
rich dark red stream.

              Finished with preparations he takes his seat across from him and watches as
Buffy smiles at him warmly then begins eating her meal with enthusiasm. He watches
her for a second longer before tucking into his own meal, ordered more to make Buffy
more comfortable, or maybe to make him feel more comfortable.

          After dinner and dessert, a rich mousse, Angel loads up the cart with their
dishes and wheels it over near the door, as Buffy moves to curl up on the bed with the
remote in her hand, changing it to the channel, for the movie. He looks at her
snuggled under the covers with a tender smile on his face, until Buffy looks up at him
with a smile, Come on slow poke. Go get changed, and well watch that movie you
promised me.

          Still smiling Angel grabs his bag from the chair beside the dresser and enters
the bathroom. A few moments later he exits the bathroom bare chested with a pair
of black sweats on, his bag in his hand. He smiles as he drops his bag back on the

          Buffy lifts the comforter as he approaches and quickly snuggles up to him
when hes settled. He wraps his arm around her and settles her comfortably on his
chest, breathing in her sweet, vanilla perfume. *Good, this is good. Now cop a feel.*
Angel groans inwardly as Angelus once again voices his opinion. *Come on Soul-boy
ya know ya wanna. She wants it too. Consider it a going away present.*

          ^Shut up.^ Angel snarls metally and is relieved and a little surprised when the
demon complies. He goes back to relishing the feel of Buffy in his arms again,
stubbornly pushing the reasons why out of his head to be dealt with later. He listens
to her breathing, and knows the instant she falls asleep her head tucked under his chin
and her arm thrown over his chest. A moment later he too falls asleep, lulled by the
presence of the tiny blonde in his arms. The television playing softly in the
background, not bothering the two sleeping.

          Neither awakes a few hours later as the group of Slayers and others make their
way past the room, complaining tiredly.

Dont ask me why I added the Angelus bits, I honestly have no idea what possessed
me to do it. Im just playing around with different writing styles I guess.

Next Chapter: Partying and Parting.

The party, goodbyes and the revealing of the presents.

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