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Queen See

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Summary: Cordelia meets an old friend. Angel post season 5. (One Shot) (Changed Category 10/24/04)

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Anita Blake > Cordelia-CenteredoldscoutFR711,111195,6299 Sep 049 Sep 04Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own any of characters. I'm just borrowing them for a while.

Author's Note: This is a one shot. I don't normally write in the Anita Blake world and the only exposure I have to it is from cross over fanfiction. I do not plan on making this a full fledged series, I have enough irons in the fire, but this little tale just came to me. There may be a follow up or two if the stories come to me. Feed back is always welcome and appretiated. Enjoy.

“Queen See”

By OldScout

“Come on, I haven’t got all night!” The young brunette yelled into the night sky. She stood in the head lights of a large vehicle parked a few yards away. The woods around the large clearing were perfectly still, the only sound was the gentle hum of the truck’s idling engine.

She checked her watch again. Twenty minutes after midnight. Shoving her hands back into her pockets she hugged her black Dolce & Gabbana Long Coat tighter around her. “This had better not be false alarm!” She yelled at the sky.

The vehicle’s engine stalled causing the lights to dim.

“Figures.” She turned to the red Escalade. “I know I’m not out of gas, I just filled it up.” She muttered as she headed to the vehicle.

There was a crackling sound close to where she’d been standing as the still night air began to ripple with electricity. “It’s about time.” She said stopping to watch, hands placed on her hips.

The random lightning quickly concentrated into one area becoming so bright she had to hold one hand up to shade her eyes. The energy built to a climax and exploded in heatless flame and lightening spewing forth the body of a man before it quickly evaporated.

The woman approached the man. He was dressed in tattered black clothes was soaking wet and appeared to be splattered with different varieties of slime. “Oh, wow. What is that stench?” She leaned over and poked his shoulder. “Ewh!” He moved. A black Prada calfskin boot adorned foot stuck out and nudged the man. “Come on Angel, you’re alive, wakey, wakey.”

Angel rolled over and the woman took a step back. She wasn’t afraid of him, just afraid of getting her clothes slimed. “Cordelia?” Angel tried to push himself up to a sitting position. “We thought you were dead. Is this a dream?”

“Do I look dead to you?” She smiled but her tone still had that snarky bite to it. She stood back. “Come on, get up we have to get going.”

Angel groaned and sat up straighter. “Where are we? Is this heaven?” He looked around. “This doesn’t look like hell.”

“Well its definitely not heaven.” Cordelia said. “And I haven’t figured out if it’s hell yet.”

Struggling to one knee Angel moaned. “I could use a hand here; I’m not in the best of shape.”

“Okay, just be careful. Do you know how expensive this coat is to get cleaned?” Cordelia grimaced, took off her right glove and held out a hand. “I wish the vision had been a little clearer as to just how slimy you were really going to be.” She pulled him to his feet.

“I’m sorry if my resurrection has inconvenienced you.” Angel grumbled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get over it.” Cordelia smiled. “Come on lets go.” She headed to the SUV. Angel reached for the front passenger door.

“Oh, why don’t you sit in back?” Cordelia said and pulled open the back door revealing the seat and floor covered in heavy black plastic.

Angel stared at the plastic. “I thought you said you didn’t know I’d be slimy?”

“Slimy, no. Bloody, probably. And I was not about to allow you to get my Escalade all bloody and gunk. Do you know how much it costs to get these things detailed?” She looked him over and saw something on his shoulder. Reaching out with two fingers, she carefully pulled something about half the size of a dinner plate from the slime on his shoulder. “What is this?”

“Scale from a dragon.”

“Interesting.” She dropped the scale to the dirt. “Get in, let’s go.”

Angel looked at the vehicle as he waited for Cordelia to get herself situated and put it into gear. “Looks like you’re doing pretty good for yourself.”

“Better believe it.” She replied and handed him a business card. It had the same design she’d used in LA.

Angel Investigations

We help the hopeless

Cordelia Chase, proprietor.


“What are all these initials?” Angel slid a bit on the plastic, bumping into the front passenger seat.

“Hey watch the front seat. Pull some of that plastic up.” Cordelia chided as they bumped down the narrow path back to the road. “The initials are for my certifications and such.”


“American Society of Certified Psychics.”


“Board Certified Psychic. That was the tough one. Without it, I couldn’t get the others.”


“National Seer Society.”


“National Association of Professional Psychics.”

“You’re selling your services?”

“You make me sound like a prostitute. Besides, things are different here. If the powers saw fit to dump me here, I might as well take advantage of it.”

A ringing sound filled the vehicle. “Now be quiet, I have to take this on speaker.” She pushed a button. “Cordelia Chase.”

“Chase!” A gruff male voice said from the Escalade’s speakers. “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for the last half hour.”

“Dolph, dear, I’m a contractor, not an employee.” Cordelia replied sweetly.

“I know.” Dolph returned. “But this one’s big. It’s in the district, Anita’s already on the way.”

“That’s just sooo out of my way Dolphy.” Cordelia said. “I’m going to have to start the clock now. Plus don’t forget I get double time in the district.”

“Yea, I remember, but that only starts when you actually get here. Now just get your cute ass down here.” The line went dead.

Cordelia turned to Angel for a second then back to the road. “Now remember, things are different here. First of all, where we are going, DO NOT get out of the car. In fact when we get closer to the city I’m going to need you on the floor and covered in that plastic so nobody can see you.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, I wasn’t planning on a job tonight, but I gotta pay the bills. We are going to what is called the Blood District. It is where most of the vampires, shifters and other preternatural creatures hang out. They are very territorial and I will explain everything to you after we get home. But no matter what, don’t show yourself. I’ve had this vehicle charmed so it should mask your presence from the creatures if they’re able to sense you at all. I don’t know if they will, your kind of vampire doesn’t exist here.”

“Where exactly are we.” Outside Angel saw a sign pass by. “Welcome to St. Louis.”

“Like I said. I’m still not sure if it’s hell yet.”

The Escalade continued into the city, its vanity license plate proclaiming. “QUEEN SEE”.


The End

You have reached the end of "Queen See". This story is complete.

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