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Summary: Connor broods over chores one morning with his new family- the Smallville Kents. 20 min with Connor.

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Smallville > Connor-Centered(Past Donor)housesFR71763182,2339 Sep 049 Sep 04Yes
Title: Chores

Author: houses


Universe: Smallville and AtS

Characters: Connor and Clark Kent

Disclaimer: Connor is Mutant Enemy’s, Clark belongs to DC comics.

Summary: Connor broods over the morning chores.

Notes: A take on the ‘Connor’s New Family’ line of fics, this time I plopped him with the Kents. This also fulfills the 20 minutes with Connor challenge at TtH [#220].

~~~Chores 10:23~~~

He really couldn’t understand his brother sometimes. All this time mooning over that perfectly primped princess when he had someone as wonderful as Chloe sending him adoring gazes across her coffee. As far as Connor Kent was concerned, there were quite a few things that his darling brother Clark just didn’t seem to get.

Like how coming in second fiddle to the wonder boy might sting sometimes: how even if Clark wasn’t biologically Martha and Jonathan’s son, he was still first, something that Connor would never forgive.

It wasn’t his brother’s fault, so to speak: crashing down in a fiery death rain was a pretty impressive entrance [how Connor liked to refer to it in private since the one public mention sent Clark mooning over the destruction he caused poor Lana’s parents].

Connor himself had arrived in the much more conventional manner a few months later, a double surprise for ecstatic parents. So thrilled to have two beautiful baby boys to raise together; two capable young sons to take over the chores from their father when they got older; to be there for each other at home and at school.

It was all so…storybook smooth. Sometimes Connor felt like brooding in some dark cave somewhere, wondering exactly what cosmic whatever up there decided that this was the perfect fate for one Connor Kent. Wasn’t he meant for more?

But brooding wasn’t productive, and Connor’s upbringing was all about productivity, efficiency, resourcefulness. Which was why he was out here, like every morning, not bitching and moaning [much] about the unfairness of things, shoveling his cow shit like the good little boy he was.

He watched Clark over the half closed stall door as he effortlessly threw bale after bale of hay up into the hayloft like it was nothing. Connor had to do things the hard way around, but Clark never rubbed it in. He was always the perfect older brother.

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Which, of course, was why Chloe liked him.

Connor sunk his pitchfork in a pile of soiled bedding and gave a heave. He briefly wondered if it was worth it to try to be more perfect, if that would make her notice him as something other than Clark’s slightly baby brother.

But he somehow doubted it. This handy little demented triangle of Chloe Loves Clark Who Loves Lana [gag] was apparently going to go on for the rest of their high school career.

Connor gave another stab, shoving a pile of manure to a bigger pile in the corner.

It just wasn’t fair. He was smart. He was strong [for an earth guy anyway]. He loved his mom, apple pie, and America. Why couldn’t she notice him instead?

Clark yelled from across the barn, “Almost done Connor? Don’t want to miss the bus.”

Connor grumbled, knowing full well that if Clark missed the bus he’d just run, but Connor would get detention for being late. Again. It wasn’t worth the irritation, so he quickly finished up the stall and wheeled the waste to the dump outside.

Clark was already there, setting the old Deere up on jacks for his father to work on later. “You know, I think I’ll have to ask Chloe her advice.”

Connor looked up, pushing floppy hair from his eyes. “What?”

“I think she could help me find out exactly what Lana wants in a guy.”

Connor’s grip tightened on the pitchfork. Always about Lana. This would kill Chloe, and even if he couldn’t have her, he didn’t want her hurt. Without even thinking of what he was doing, he flung the tool away.

“I think you should leave Chloe out of it. If you want to find out what Lana likes, why don’t you try asking her, like any sane person would? Get over yourself.”

But Clark wasn’t paying any attention to him. His gaze was fixed firmly on the barn wall, where Connor’s thrown pitchfork now radiated straight out of the wood, vibrating slightly.

“Uh, little brother, what was that?”

Shocked, all Connor could do was sputter a bit. Clark turned baffled eyes his way. “You sure you didn’t fall from the sky too?”


Brothers regarded each other for a moment before bursting out into edgy laughter, the argument about Chloe swept aside. Clark shook his head, and tugged gently on the pitchfork. “Mom and Dad are going to freak.”

Connor silently agreed, but there was a small voice in his head that wondered if Chloe would notice him now.

~~~The End 10:43~~~

The End

You have reached the end of "Chores". This story is complete.

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