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New Beginnings

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Summary: After Buffy's death and resurection, Joyce and Dawn try to make a new life in Colo Sprgs, While Willow faces her own tests.(Summery was modified to reflect the story line)

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Stargate > Joyce-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'NeillmoonfoxFR152026,406511183,31810 Sep 046 Sep 08No


((Disclaimers in Chapter 1
Knowledge of SG-1 up through Lockdown, Buffy: Wrecked is helpful.
Author notes at the end of chapter.))


Dawn stepped out the back porch and took a deep breath of the clean mountain air. She was thankful to be back home in Colorado. Although she would have loved to visit more in Sunnydale, the experience with Willow shook her to the core. Walking around to the side of the house, she slowly began to climb up the steep stairs, more of a ladder, to her dad’s favorite perch.

Jack turned around and to see Dawn’s head crest the roof line. He quickly moved to help the teenager with the last few steps. “You sure you should be climbing up here with your arm, Dawn?” He chastised her.

The young brunette smiled and shrugged guiltily, “Probably not.” It had been nearly two weeks since the accident and Dawn couldn’t wait to get the splint off. “So, anything interesting in the stars tonight?”

Jack shook his head and chuckled dryly, “I hope not. Oh, did I tell you, that you and Daniel match now?” he asked motioning to the blue sling cradling Dawn’s injured arm.

“Um…” her face scrunched up in disbelief, “No… you didn’t.”

“Oh yeah, and don’t believe a word he says about it. It was not my fault.”

Dawn giggled and made a mental note to ask Dr. Jackson about the incident. “We’ve missed you being home this last week.”

“Yeah, I missed being home.” The General replied, thinking to himself about the events of the past week. He wondered briefly about the Russian Colonel caught up in the previous week, and if the man had any family missing him. Just a year ago, Jack would have forced himself to dismiss similar thoughts. Now, with a family of his own, he realized how easily it would have been for Anubis to take his body through the gate to a frozen planet, or worse… if that was possible. Being in total lockdown at the base was bad enough, the idea that he might have never seen Joyce, Cassie, or Dawn again gripped him tightly.

“Dad? Are you ok?” Dawn asked, breaking O’Neill’s train of thought.

“Huh? Oh yeah sure you betcha,” he answered unconvincingly. “Looks like Cassie’s home from hockey practice.” He mentioned with a motion toward the end of the driveway where a car was turning in.

Dawn took the hint and decided not to pry, “I better go inside, and Cassie said she’d help me with my biology homework when she got back.”

“Need help down, kido?”

“Naw, I’m good, thanks.”

Jack nodded and watched protectively as the teenager awkwardly managed her way down. His thoughts turned back introspective as he sat in the growing silence of the night. He remembered something Sarah told him when he went to visit her. She asked him, ‘what would it matter to him if he died, he wouldn’t know the difference. It was the ones left behind that would hurt.’ He realized how right she was and how much that had killed their marriage. In just a couple months, Jack O’Neill would be a married man once again; he couldn’t bear the thought of leaving his girls behind. Cassie had lost so much already… unless a miracle happened, Joyce was going to die from the tumor.

What would happen to Cassie and Dawn if something happened to him, he wondered. Jack knew he’d have to call George Hammond in the morning, he couldn’t do this job much longer, but Jack also knew it would take some time to get a new person in, at least to make sure it was someone that could be trusted.


“Bless you,” Jack commented offhandedly.

“Ah, no. Nebt-het, mother of Anubis, sister of Osiris. It’s said that Nebt-het was banished along with Isis and Osiris by Seth. She was said to be the Goddess of home and death,” Daniel began his typical pacing around Jack’s office. Aside from the General, they had been joined by Major Davis and a few others including SG-1 for this briefing. All eyes followed him as Daniel continued, a piece of printer paper fluttering in the archeologists good hand.

“With the information Osiris gave up to the Tok’ra, Nebt-het was supposed to have been in the same pyramid.”

“But there were only two catalogued at the college where Sarah Gardener was working, and we didn’t find anything else in the tomb,” Carter said, not fully following where Daniel was going with this.

Brushing his bangs out of his face Daniel nodded, “I know, so I did a lot of digging. The ship that the jars were on went down on its way to the states in 1931. The official log lists only two jars, but I was able to find another log that listed three.”

“So? What does this mean? They falsified the logs or what?” Davis inquired.

“I thought so at first, but the original dig logs list three jars. There was also a small notation in one of the archeologist’s books about an incident before the ship was fully packed up. The warehouse the artifacts were being stored in was broken into, and a few things came up missing… among them an jar.” Jackson paused letting the information sink in.

Those around the office shook their head and groaned softly, their imaginations wandering to all the possibilities.

“Basically, you’re saying there’s no way to track it down?” Jack asked.

“Well…” cringing, Daniel continued. “I was searching some… non-traditional places. I put out a search for some ‘hot’ words on the internet, one came back from an ISP in the UK which led me to…” He held up the piece of paper, then handed it to Jack, “and you’re gonna love this…”

Jack took a few moments to look over the page before a morbid grin worked its way onto his face. Chuckling, he looked up at his friend and back to paper, “This is gooooood.”

Sam couldn’t contain her curiosity and gently took the print out from the General, her jaw hit the table as she read through it, “This is a joke right?”

Shaking his head, Daniel gave a tight lipped smile, “Ah… no.”

Davis asked to see the paper, and Carter handed it over, cringing when Davis exclaimed in an unbelieving tone, “It was sold on Ebay!!”


(((Author Note… I’m BACK!! Well sorta. I want to apologize to everyone that has been (and hopefully still is) reading this. Due to real life events and illness (or actually getting on meds for the illness… which somehow supressed my muses, and now that I’ve been off the meds for about a month… they’ve come back.) I just could not get this chapter written. No gaurentees that I won’t disappear for a while again, as I may be going back on the meds, but I will be trying my best to keep going on this.

Thank you all for reading and reviewing my story, it’s the many reviews that have forced me to try and keep going on this story!

Quick Timeline note: The first chapter takes place around March, proposal is in August/September, and this chapter is early December.))
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