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New Beginnings

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Summary: After Buffy's death and resurection, Joyce and Dawn try to make a new life in Colo Sprgs, While Willow faces her own tests.(Summery was modified to reflect the story line)

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Stargate > Joyce-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'NeillmoonfoxFR152026,406511183,30710 Sep 046 Sep 08No

Sneezes Part 2

Chapter 20:

Davis took a deep breath, recovering from the shock.“So, since it was sold on ebay, we can track it right?”


“Usually?” General O’Neill echoed questioningly.

“How can we be so sure this is the right urn?”Carter asked the group.

“Well the seller was in Cairo, even though I can’t seem to find anything on him or her.”

“Shouldn’t it be fairly easy to track it down?”


“What do you mean usually?” Jack asked again, focusing on Daniel’s statement.

“There is absolutely no shipping information for the buyer, nothing that says it was even sent.”

“What about exchange of funds?”

“It was an annoymous money order sent to a Swiss bank account.”

“So this ebay invoice could be a con or something…”

“That’s a possiblity.”

Sighing heavily, O’Neill shrugged, “Well, keep working on it, and let me know if you figure anything out.”


“Huh, this is interesting,” Sam mumbled from in front of her computer.

“What’s that?” Daniel asked without looking up from the piles of paper in front of him.

“I’ve been trying to track down this jar and as far as I can tell, it was never actually mailed to the buyer through this Ebay auction. According to the feedback, both the buyer and seller were happy with the exchange, but there is absolutely no shipping records for it.” Lt.Colonel Samantha Carter looked truly perplexed.

Daniel came over and looked over his companion’s shoulder, “Have you checked the sales history for both parties?”

“I’m gonna need some time for this SandMidgetSales name it seems to be a rather active, and large company account.”

Sighing, Daniel removed his glass and pinched the bridge of his nose. Who would have known one ‘pickled snake’ as General O’Neill kept refering to it, would be so hard to try and track down. “What about the original hit in the UK?”

“Looks like it was just some research student studying acient egyptian artifacts. The only thing related appears to be the name of the jar being called an ‘Urn of Osiris’.” Carter flashed Daniel a smirk, "You just got lucky that it tracked to the Ebay thing."

“Ok, so," He sighed, "What about the buyer?”

“Well, it doesn’t seem as active but… when I do a check on the name of the account holder, it appears this identity didn’t even exist until about three years ago. And the shipping address, of course, is a post office box that was closed last year in…”

Still looking over Sam’s shoulder, “Sunnydale, California… Isn’t that where Joyce and Dawn moved from?”

“Uh, yeah,” Sam responded absently. “I need to go speak to Jack about this.”


“Sir, got a few minutes?” Carter asked, jogging to catch up to her CO. O’Neill shrugged and motioned for her to continue. “Perhaps we should go into my lab, sir. It concerns the special project you asked me to look into.” She mentioned with a tight lipped smile.

“Oh? Oh! Right, after you then,” He said with a sweeping of his arm, wondering what Sam might have found.

Once they were in her office and the door securely closed Carter leaned against her desk and bit her bottom lip. "I think the jar and the project from Sunnydale I was looking into are related."

O'Neill groaned and flopped down onto a stool in the lab, "What kind of specifics did you find out?"

"Well, there isn't anything 'official' in Sunnydale, but with some of the old NID records we were able to get, something was being funded there. I've been able to dig up a few references to what was called 'Sub-terrestrial research and containment'. What that means I really can't figure out, but it does lead back to Kinsey, if you know where to look, of course. They had a small group of Marines on staff, but all their names have been erased except the one running the project a Colonel Margret Walsh, now deceased, she was possing as a proffessor at the local college."

"So, what does this have to do with pickled snake?" Jack questioned, he'd already been told the basics of The Initiative by Joyce and Dawn. Now that Carter had found the connection to the NID, the Jar being connected there didn't seem as much of a surprise.

Carter filled him in on the buyer's identity, or lack there of. "Anyanka Jenkins, there isn't anything about this person from before 3 years ago, so it was obviously falsified. Also, with the post office box being closed, no forwarding address, and nothing showing that the item was even shipped... I can only assume that it was this Initiative, or someone left from it, and that perhaps they picked it up personally."

Jack sighed heavily, there wasn't any room to argue with Carter's assessment of the situation. "What about the person who sold it?"

"We're still looking into it, but the owner of the company seems to have disappeared."

"Alright, do me a favor, let someone else look into the buyer, I want you, Daniel, and Teal'c to head to Sunnydale and do a little snooping around, see if there is anything left of this group. Make sure to check under the college grounds."

"Under, sir?"

"Yeah, just some stuff I heard gives me the idea that is where they might have been."

Carter nodded, "Yes sir, I'll go brief the others."


"Dawn, phone for you," Cassie announced before tossing the cordless handset toward her soon to be sister.

The young brunette caught it and thanked Cassie before putting it to her ear. "Hello?"

"Hey Dawnie," Buffy's voice came from the other end, "How are you doing? Your arm all healed up?"

Even though she got along fine with Buffy for the short while she and her mother were out visiting, Dawn still felt a bit reserved about the situation with her sister. "Doing ok, yeah the arm is good as new...How are you? Is ...everything ok there?"

"Yeah, it's been a long week, but I got a cute new haircut!"

Dawn giggled, "That's cool, too bad I can't see it, cause you know, phone lines and all.”

“Well for the first day… no one saw it.” Buffy made a pouty face remembering how she’d been invisible. “But on the plus side, we actually figured out what was behind some of the weird stuff that’s been going on.”

“Good to know,” the younger sister took a deep breath, “And Willow…uh…is ... Willow…erm, how is she?"

"Good, no magic since you and mom left,” Buffy sighed heavily, the weight of what happened, and that her sister could have been killed still resting on her shoulders. In an attempt not to get bogged down, she quickly changed the subject. “Oooh and I got a job!”

“Wow, Buffy the working girl! So I guess with all that’s going on asking you to come out for the holiday would kind of be out of the question then? Since there is like NO-WAY I am coming back to Sunnydale right now.”

Buffy smirked, “Well, I do have a little bit of leverage at work; I’ll try to swing it.”


“I know the secret ingredient!”

The End?

You have reached the end of "New Beginnings" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Sep 08.

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