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New Beginnings

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Summary: After Buffy's death and resurection, Joyce and Dawn try to make a new life in Colo Sprgs, While Willow faces her own tests.(Summery was modified to reflect the story line)

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Stargate > Joyce-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'NeillmoonfoxFR152026,406511183,30710 Sep 046 Sep 08No

New Beginnings

Title: New Beginnings

Author: Kay ‘Moon Fox’

Rating: PG 13

Pairings: Jack/Joyce

Disclaimer: Buffy owned by Whedon/Mutant Enemy, SG-1 owned by Gekko, Double Secret and MGM.

Spoilers: Everything up to Season 5 Buffy, Some Season 6 Major events, just slightly AU since Dawn won’t be in Sunnydale. Everything up to the current Season 8 of Stargate.

Summery: Joyce didn’t die but instead went into a coma that she wasn’t expected to come out of. After Buffy died in S5 Joyce woke up from the coma, she took Dawn and moved out of Sunnydale and starts a new life in Colo Springs, Colorado.

Feedback: Any and all

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Part one: Stealing Chili

Dawn sighed heavily as she leaned over the handle of the shopping cart, “I just don’t see why we had to move here,” she grumbled to her mother.

Joyce smiled softly putting an arm across the teenage girl’s shoulder, “Oh, sweetie, I just wanted to get you out of there, so you could be a safe normal teenager. There were just too many bad memories back home,” Joyce explained, her voice tinted with sadness. “So, what do we want for dinner this week?”

“Mom, quit trying to change the subject,” Dawn whined, “but pizza would be ok.”

“We already had pizza three times last week!” Joyce chuckled. It never ceased to amaze her how many days in a row a teenager could live off take out pizza. “Oh, how about I make some Chili tomorrow?” Joyce rolled her eyes and sighed heavily when her daughter just shrugged. “Why don’t you go pick out some ice cream while I get the actual groceries?”

“Alright,” the young brunette mumbled before rambling off to the freezer section. A few minutes later she returned, her arms loaded down with a multitude of pint-sized flavors. She smiled with false innocence at the look her mother gave her.

Joyce’s eyes were on the pile of ice cream containers that were just dumped in the cart as she reached for a can of chili. She startled when her hand touched flesh instead of the expected can.

“Sorry about that,” a smooth masculine voice said behind her.

“Oh no, I wasn’t paying attention,” Joyce smiled politely as she glanced up.

The man stood a bit over six feet with graying hair and a hint of laughter around his eyes. “Well,” he said, sounding serious, “We could always rock, paper, scissors it to see who gets to take the blame, but if you insist, who am I to argue with a lady?” The man held the can of chili out to Joyce, grinning.

She took it from him, trying to keep the slight blush from creeping into her face, “Thank you, I appreciate the thought.” Joyce barely stifled a girlish giggle as the man winked and turned away, grabbing up a new can of chili and walking back down the aisle.

“Ooh, go mom,” Dawn chuckled and wiggled her eyebrows at her mother.

“Stop it,” Joyce warned her daughter, lightly smacking the teenager’s shoulder.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know an empty threat when I hear one. Still,” Dawn continued, he was kinda cute… you know, for an old guy.”

Joyce gasped at her daughter’s forwardness, “Dawn!”

During the next half hour at the super market, the two Summers women, saw the man down a few different aisles, each time he would grin and make a benign comment about ‘the chili can thief’ causing Joyce to blush and smile, swearing that she must have been framed.

Finally Dawn couldn’t take it anymore, and made some excuse to her mom about waiting outside. Joyce chuckled and warned Dawn not too go to far. Out of her mom’s line of sight, Dawn found a pen and scrape of paper, and then waited not so patiently outside, hoping the man would come out before her mother.

She wasn’t disappointed when a few minutes later he came out. “Hey,” she called to him.

“Hi,” he said raising a skeptical eyebrow.

“I’m Dawn, and my mom, who you’ve been flirting with is Joyce,” she said as if that actually explained something.

“Jack, nice to meet you. So, what can I do for you, Dawn?”

Taking a deep breath Dawn started a mini-ramble that would have made Willow proud. “Well, I was thinking, my mom is kinda shy and out of practice when it comes to flirting and all that, and I thought that since we just moved here, and if you were single…’Cause my mom is, and as long as you weren’t some flesh eating robot, or anything totally gross like that, then maybe you could give her a call and take her out or something. Okay? Well, anyway, see ya!” Dawn smiled brightly and held out the scrape of paper.

Stunned by the rambling, Jack took the paper and watched as the young brunette quickly made a b-line back into the store. Glancing down, he saw a phone number scribbled in flowery teenage handwriting with the name Joyce underneath it. Laughing, he stuffed the number into his pocket and headed to his truck. He might just have to take the teenager up on her offer and give her mother a call, being a General now and not needing to go through the gate on a regular basis, could definitely have some advantages when it came to the dating scene.

As he drove home, Jack still found himself confused about the ‘flesh eating robot’ bit of the young girls spiel.
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