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Last One Left

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Summary: Response to the Last Scooby Standing Challenge (458) Dawn reflects on the past and makes a decision for the future.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredCataclysmicFR1511,163032,63510 Sep 0410 Sep 04Yes
Last One Left

By Cataclysmic

Challenge 458 – Last scooby standing.

Dawn watched the street below her from the window of the cheap hotel room in St Louis she had managed to scape enough money for. Everything was so different now. Down on the street vampires were calmly interacting with their human counterparts, probably chatting up their next meal.

Everyone she knew and counted on to be there for her was gone. Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Spike hell even Angel and his gang were gone. They were all gone, everyone was gone except for her.


There was no one left to help her through their deaths, deal with the changes to the world with, she was alone.

And boy had the world changed; the destruction of Sunnydale, the final closure of the Hellmouth was only the beginning.

In fact it was only a side effect of what had happened that day that made the world the way it was today. By closing the Hellmouth, once and for all every demon, vampire, former denizen of the underworld found themselves stuck in this dimension.

Naturally the greater majority was not happy with the latest development in the constant struggle between good and evil. Not that it was much of a struggle anymore.

The demons had gone out in search of the Slayers, newly called with little training they had not stood a chance against hordes of demons with not weapons or knowledge of what they were.

Buffy’s Slayers had lasted longer, waging war against the demons bringing their numbers back down. But even they could not last forever, without the knowledge provided by the Council and Giles’ books which piece by piece had been lost to them they had already been fighting a losing battle.

They had left her behind when they went to face the end. Willow, Buffy, Xander and Giles had drugged her and left her in a hotel room with all their money and possessions. They had left notes, to say goodbye like people who commit suicide sometimes do.

Which all things considered it probably was suicide. She had waited a month there in that hotel room hoping they would come back scouring the newspapers for news of their gruesome deaths. There was nothing, but she knew in her heart they were dead. She was sure that in the end they would have taken as many of the bastards with them as possible.

It had been hell for her when she finally decided to leave. It was like admitting her defeat, but she knew they didn’t leave her here to rot away in the hotel room.

So she had ventured out, and had been surprised. In all her scouring the newspapers for news of her family she had not picked up on or noticed the major news piece.

Addison v Clark was the ongoing court case which could legalise vampirism. Of course it wasn’t ongoing now but it was at the time.

The world had changed again while she had encased herself in her hotel room. The world which had previously been ignorant except for those directly involved of the ‘supernatural’ now generally referred to as the ‘preternatural’ was now very much aware.

It was strange to have people debating things on the street they would have previously gone out of their way to ignore.

Even stranger was, that she, Dawn Summers did not really know where she stood on the whole legalised vampire thing. Ideally she should think it would be bad, in fact in the beginning she had thought it was bad, extremely bad, as in were they mad they were going to kill themselves bad.

But then she had run into some of these vampires. They were different, they had changed. She was no Willow and couldn’t tell if they had their souls or not but they were not the same type of vampire she had known all her life. The kill first dispose of the body later type. Sure they were still a bit vicious, they were vampires after all but there was something a whole lot more human about them.

She didn’t trust them, but she didn’t entirely not trust them either. She had wondered for months all over the country trying to figure out how she felt about this new world before she finally thought to go to Angel for help reconciling herself with this world.

Angels gang, God now that was a horrible way to die. They had been bombarded by some sort of demons. Taken apart piece by piece, one by one until there were none of them left. She would never forget the scene that greeted her when she had finally thought to go to Angel for help.

Blood was everywhere, practically every surface in sight had been splattered in blood of one form or another.

Connor and Angel had been the worst, advanced healing and all that; more they healed the longer they survived, the more they had to watch as their companions were tortured, she imagined.

Connor had still been alive when she got there, either they were hadn’t known or realised that he was half vampire. But that hadn’t been enough to save him. In spite of his advanced healing Connor had taken too much damage to survive, he died not long after she arrived.

She wasn’t sure he would have wanted to live after what had happened anyway, being the last one left, was extremely hard. Then again perhaps it would have been easier for Connor; he had been practically alone his whole life.

She had explored the hotel after that, practically everything had been destroyed.

It was in the basement, which they had used as a holding cell for those not currently being tortured that she had found out what really happened.

Pleas for help and accounts of their experienced were printed in blood across the walls, messages from Fred, Angel, Connor, Cordelia, Gunn, Wesley scribbled across the walls no doubt in their own blood.

They had been held for a month before they were finally allowed to pass on as far as she could tell, and it had been far from pleasant. Fred had killed herself in the first week reopening slits on her wrists from the demons with her finger nails. One by one they had each died, the survivors documenting their passing on the walls until only Connor and Angel were left.

She had left quickly after that, fled the State kept herself moving until she found herself here, in St Louis finally out of money.

It was time to face reality.

Or not as the case may be.

Dawn walked over to the small battered vanity.

It was time to make a decision.

On the vanity sat a gun and a local newspaper open to the jobs section.

Yes it was time to make a decision.

She picked up the newspaper leaving the gun sitting on the vanity.

She needed to get on with her life.

The End

You have reached the end of "Last One Left". This story is complete.

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