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Jadzia Gets Slain

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Jadzia’s Fantasies". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dax assumes the identity of a vampire in her favorite holosuite program and meets someone who has a definite fondness for sexy vamps. (Buffy/Jadzia Dax) Third Story in my "Jadzia's Fantasies" Series. *Femslash*

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Star Trek > Deep Space Nine(Past Donor)DanKnightFR2113,262032,74711 Sep 0411 Sep 04Yes

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Title: Jadzia Gets Slain

Author: DanKnight (

Rating: NC-17 (sex and sexual situations)

Pairing: Jadzia Dax/ Buffy.

Spoilers: None for Buffy. No real spoilers for Deep Space 9, but it is set some time prior to season 7.

Genre: Unconventional, Slash, Cross-Over (Buffy/Star Trek: Deep Space 9.)

Archive: ask first, but I am sure I will say yes

Feedback: Are you kidding? Of course I want feedback. Good, bad, indifferent, bring it on!

Synopsis: Dax assumes the identity of a vampire in her favorite holosuite program and meets someone who has a definite fondness for sexy vamps.

Authors Note: Beta read by Electronis Zappa. This is the third story in my “Jadzia’s Fantasies” Series. Although it can be read by itself without any trouble.

Disclaimer: The character of Buffy belongs to Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon, FOX, UPN, WB, and whoever else is involved with Buffy, who’s name I forget. Bottom line, I don’t own her. Jadzia Dax, Quark, and Morn are the property of Gene Roddenberry, Paramont, and others who are also not me. I am merely having fun with others characters and am making no profit. So please don’t sue me.


Jadzia walked into the holosuite and made sure her security code had been entered. She didn’t need anyone eavesdropping or unexpectedly barging in, especially Quark. She could only imagine how much he would charge for a holo copy of one of her ‘sessions’.

Once she was sure the program was secure the Starfleet officer began removing her uniform. She was glad to finally have it off. It had been a long day, one she was looking forward to toping off with a little fun.

Once stripped down to her black bra and panties the Trill reached in and pulled out her leather pants and slowly slid them on. They weren’t the most comfortable things she had ever put on but she had to admit, they did look good on her. The 21st century may not have always had the most practical clothing for women, but it was certainly some of the sexiest; at least as far as she was concerned.

The young Trill then reached in and pulled out her tight black tank top and slid it on. It complimented her form nicely, showing off every curve of her upper body and cut low enough to give off a flattering amount of cleavage. She sat down and pulled out a pair of leather boots. She put them on and zipped them up on the sides. Then she reached in and pulled out the last item, her leather jacket completing the ensemble.

“Computer…” Dax said as the machine beeped in response. “Mirror.”

A full length mirror appeared in front of her and Jadzia took in her outfit. “Oh yeah. This is definitely the look of an evil vamp. So much better than doing this in my Starfleet uniform.”

Jadzia took a deep breath. Preparing herself for the intense but oh so wonderful experience she was about to have. “Computer…” Dax commanded, more than ready to get the show under way, “Initiate program Dax Gamma 610”

“Acknowledged” The computer voice answered back. Instantly her surroundings changed and Jadzia found herself inside a warehouse. A perfect hideout for a creature of the night which Dax would be one of. At least for the next couple hours.

Suddenly the warehouse door behind her smashed open. Dax jumped as it did. It wasn’t an act either, no matter how many times she ran this program that part always made her jump.

The Trill quickly turned around and looked towards the now shattered front door. Before her stood a petite blonde, her strength betrayed by her size. Her name was a familiar one to the world over centuries ago, at least those with a television. It was Buffy Summers.

“Slayer!” Dax said in her best portrayal of venom mixed with shock.

“Oh come on now Jadzia. Don’t act so surprised. Did you really think you were going to hide out here in my town?” Buffy said nonchalantly as she walked towards her.

“Congratulations then. You found me here” Dax said glaring at Buffy, “Now you can die here.” Jadzia then threw a punch landing squarely on the Slayers jaw.

Buffy’s head shot back as Dax went for another punch, but this time it was blocked as the slayer grabbed her hand, stopping her blow. Jadzia attempted another punch but Buffy blocked it with her other hand. She then jumped into the air flipping backwards and let go of the Trill’s hands while simultaneously kicking her in the chest. The holo-safeties insured that the blow hurt about as much as being hit by a pillow but Dax played along and staggered back, selling the maneuver.

Jadzia then steadied herself and grinned, “That all you got Slayer?” she shot back. As if to answer her Buffy cart wheeled in mid air, her feet hitting the Trill’s face so fast she never saw it coming.

Again Dax staggered against the wall and hit it, enjoying the fun of acting out such an overblown fight scene without the danger of being hurt. She never did get how the stunt men back in the days of television were able to pull this stuff off. But besides being fun in the holosuite, the physical contact and adrenaline rush got her in the mood for other physical activities.

Buffy threw another punch at the pseudo vampire but this time the brunette actually saw it coming and dodged leaving Buffy’s fist to hit the wall instead. Buffy grunted only slightly in pain but it was enough for the other woman to grab Buffy and spin her around. Now behind her Dax gripped her arms and pulled her in closely and Buffy let out a small grunt of pain.

The trill leaned into the slayer while holding her tight, her mouth inches from the blonde’s ear “Say goodnight Slayer.” She whispered as she tossed Buffy into the air clear across the warehouse. As Dax did it she grabbed onto Buffy’s tank top, causing it to tear one of the shoulder straps.

The slayer, her shirt now half off, went flying straight into a nearby wooden chair, crashing into it and reducing the chair to a pile of splinters. Jadzia thought that was actually kind of fun. She briefly considered telling the computer to set up for it again, but decided it would ruin the flow and started towards the fallen Buffy.

Dax then grabbed Buffy and lifted the Slayer above her head effortlessly thanks to the holo programming. She was about to toss the petite blonde into a nearby table when she felt a punch from Buffy above her. It wasn’t a move she had seen Buffy do before, in fact she almost forgot to react to it. But she did and dropped Buffy, the agile girl landing on her feet behind her.

Jadzia felt Buffy kick her in the back and fell forward right on her face. On the ground, the Trill looked around and saw a nearby pipe and grabbed it. She then quickly rolled over, swinging at Buffy with it. However, the Slayer dodged it easily.

Jadzia got up and swung again but Buffy arched her back, leaning backwards she gracefully dodged it. Unfortunately, the way Buffy’s body so flexibly bent backwards in such a delicious pose temporarily distracted her opponent. Jadzia didn’t see Buffy grab her own metal pipe off the floor while bending backwards and come up swinging.

Jadzia barely deflected it with her own weapon. Buffy swung again and Dax was glad to have spent all that time with the bat’leth. The dueling came in handy. For the next minute Dax and Buffy traded thrusts and parries, not managing to hit anything but making an impressive show of it had anyone been there to see it.

The Trill was having a great time and was sure she could have continued this epic battle longer, but all this exertion was starting to get her blood pumping. She decided it was time to get to the best part.

Dax swung her pipe at Buffy but made sure she was slow enough that this time the slayer was able to catch it. Buffy then twisted Jadzia’s wrist causing her to drop the pipe. She then grabbed at the disarmed Trill by the jacket. She was able to push free of the Slayer but had to slip out of her jacket to do it. Leaving only her skimpy top.

Jadzia threw a kick but Buffy easily deflected it and grabbed at her again. Dax stepped back but Buffy got her top and as the Trill dodged her top was torn off by the slayer. Dax loved let out a smile, even if it was out of character. She loved that part of the program, it got her so ready.

Buffy linged again and grabbed Dax and this time was able to pin the older woman, now only in her bra from the waist up to the wall. Dax struggled, or rather pretended to, as Buffy put her leg on the older woman’s stomach and leaned back onto the ground flipping her as she did.

Dax got up but was met with a roundhouse punch from Buffy right as she turned around. The trill let out her best impression of a painful grunt and pretended to fall onto her back. The Slayer then reached for a nearby piece of wooden debris so conveniently placed in the warehouse.

Buffy then straddled Dax’s stomach pinning the taller woman. Once she was sure she her opponent was pinned the Slayer and reached up, the stake aiming straight for her heart.

“Nooo….” Dax cried as Buffy thrust the stake for her chest, then stopped just before it hit it’s target.

“Wha?” Dax called in pretend shock. Buffy pulled back and thrust the stake again but stopped. Looking confused as if fighting the urge to not stake her opponent, and losing.

“What’s wrong Buffy. Can’t do it?” Dax asked smiling cockily.

“Yes I can.” Buffy said as if trying to convince herself more than Jadzia. “You’re a vampire, and I am not going to let you live.”

“Trying to tell that to me, or yourself?” Dax asked as she smiled seductively.

“Shut up!” Buffy snapped.

Dax started to answer but before she could say anything the blonde lowered her head and pressed her lips into the brunette’s. She kissed Dax aggressively, almost angrily. Then she released the kiss as the Trill let out a very non-vampire like gasp for air. Buffy looked down in slight shock at what she had done.

Jadzia started to once again say something to the woman still lying on top of her. But before she could get it out Buffy pressed her body back against her and once again kissed the ‘vampire’ passionately. Dax let out a moan as the other woman kissed her. She then felt Buffy’s tongue invade her mouth, intertwining with her own.

The smaller woman moved her hand up Jadzia side brushing it against the Trill’s sensitive spots. Buffy separated herself from Jadzia just enough to move her hand towards her lace covered breast and gently squeeze. Dax let out a moan as Buffy rubbed her barely covered breast.

Slowly Dax reached up towards Buffy’s shoulders and pushed her off, releasing Buffy’s hold and making a show of her supposed resistance to give in to her “enemy.”

Dax shakily got to her feet but after barely having a chance to stand up straight she felt Buffy grab her and shove her against the wall. Pinned to the wall once again, this time half naked the Trill reached out and grabbed at the blondes skimpy white tank top and ripped it the rest of the way off, exposing Buffy’s own bra. The smaller girl, the lust in her eyes mirroring Jadzia’s grabbed at the taller woman’s arms and pinned them to the wall.

Buffy then began to kiss Jadzia hard and passionately as she worked her leg between the Trill’s. Buffy wasn’t about to let the brunette take control. And Dax had no intention of letting Buffy lose control. Her show of resistance over, the brunette began to grind into Buffy’s leg, letting out a load moan as Buffy finally broke the kiss.

Buffy felt Jadzia’s dry humping and realized the effect it was having on the older woman. She released Dax’s arms and grabbed at the belt loops of her leather pants. The blonde then began to guide the other woman’s crotch into her leg. Dax began to moan again as she wrapped her arms around the slayers shoulders for support, the sensations becoming more intense.

“Uh… Oh shit!” Jadzia moaned as her crotch continued to grind into the slayer almost as if the Trill had no control over it. She moaned louder as she already felt herself nearing her first orgasm of the night, which would probably not be her last.

“Oh Fuck. Oh I’m gonna… I’m gonna...” before Dax could finish she let out a loud scream as her body tensed and her orgasm washed over her. She couldn’t believe Buffy brought her over the edge so quickly. As much as it excited her she was almost embarrassed that Buffy got her off that easily.

Before she had time to reflect on it, or barely even recover, she felt the slayer’s hands undoing her pants. Taking her cue Jadzia reached down and shakily undid the blonde’s jeans. She then shoved Buffy down, falling on top of her.

The Trill reached down and started to slide Buffy’s jeans off. The blonde was not about to let Dax wrestle control away from her that easily however. She rolled over taking Jadzia with her. Now the one on top, Buffy began to pull down the other woman’s leather pants, her underwear sliding down with them. The Trill wriggled her hips as she kicked off her boots helping the younger woman undress her.

The petite blonde then kicked off her tennis shoes and removed her jeans the rest of the way, then her own pair of panties as Jadzia removed Buffy’s bra. Both of them now naked, Buffy pressed her body against the brunette. As the two of them kissed hungrily once more Jadzia felt the blondes breast press against her own. Feeling the teenager’s tight young body grinding into herwas driving her crazy.

While still locked in the kiss Buffy slowly started gyrating her hips, causing her mound to grind into the burette’s. Jadzia let out a low moan into Buffy’s mouth. She then released the kiss and gave Dax a wicked look, “Like that?” Buffy asked raggedly, clearly the friction was getting to her too.

Jadzia opened her mouth to answer but all she could do was let out another moan. She moved her hips back, gyrating her mound into Buffy’s. The slayer let out a moan of pleasure herself. But before Dax could do much else she felt the petite girl lean in and start kissing the spots on her neck. The brunette Trill let out another moan, followed by a whimper as she felt the other woman’s mouth on her spots. Jadzia wasn’t pretending to lose control anymore, right now Buffy was fully in control of her. And Dax loved it.

Sensing the other woman’s resistance fading, Buffy began to grind her hips harder and faster into Dax as the Trill moaned helplessly.

“Oh Buffy… Harder. Harder!” She cried almost pleadingly.

The blonde obliged grinding her mound harder and faster into Dax. The blonde’s moans and grunts intertwined with her own, but Jadzia was clearly getting the better of it. The older woman let out another long moan. She was feeling herself about to be brought over the edge once again.

“Oh … Oh I’m gonna cum again. I’m going to cum again!” Jadzia cried out before she tilted her head back and with a loud moan felt the waves of pleasure wash over her. As Dax finally came down from her orgasm she felt the blonde still grinding against her, after a moment Buffy let out a load moan finally bringing on her own release.

Dax panted trying to recover before she felt Buffy’s hand move up her leg, she clearly wasn’t finished with the older woman just yet.

“What the…” Dax began to ask surprised. She had programmed for random scenarios but Buffy was never this relentless. Dax wasn’t complaining but she was starting to wonder how much more she could take. Buffy was intense. Before she could finish her question she felt the other woman’s small fingers rub up and down her now sensitive pussy.

Dax let out a soft moan. “Oh my…” before she could finish she felt Buffy’s fingers slowly rubbing up and down her slit. “Uhhh.”

Buffy began to insert one finger into Jadzia’s mound, then another before slowly moving them in and out. The Trill’s arms dropped gently to the side as she felt the hologram work over her pussy, already sensitive from the onslaught it had already received. The blonde then began to move her fingers in and out, first slowly then faster and faster.

Dax moaned as her chest heaved up and down. She could barely even move anymore. As Buffy continued her onslaught Dax began to moan louder and louder, she felt another orgasm coming on. Her back arched up this time as she tilted her head back and let out a loud moan once again, as yet another powerful orgasm washed over her body. Buffy continued to pump her fingers in and out as the orgasm continued only letting up after it finally subsided.

“No… No more.” Jadzia pleaded breathlessly, her body now covered in sweat. She felt ravaged, the blonde had completely worn her out.

As Jadzia lied on the floor limp, she looked up and saw the holographic Buffy look down at her. After a second Buffy’s face changed to one of shock, having just realized what she had done, and with someone she viewed as an enemy.

“Wasn’t good for you?” Dax asked breathlessly with a smile on her face.

Buffy got up and quickly went for her clothes and began dressing again.

“Aw what’s wrong Slayer? You don’t want to cuddle?” Dax asked continuing the role she had given herself. She loved the fantasy of Buffy getting so caught up as to do all of that to her without even thinking.

As Buffy finished throwing her jeans and ragged top back on as best she could she grabbed the stake and leaned down as if to stab Dax in the heart. Buffy stopped right before it touched Dax, as she always did. This time Jadzia was too tired to even pretend she thought it would stab her but of course the hologram didn’t notice.

“If you tell anyone about this…” Buffy started to finish but apparently she thought the implication was clear.

“Who would I tell?” Dax answered, a true answer in and out of the holosuite.

“Stay out of my way from now on.” Buffy then got up and quickly left, frustrated that her lust got the best of her.

The Trill let out a sigh as she heard the door to the warehouse slam shut. She started to get up but her body was still weak. “Computer.” Jadzia called out as the computer beeped in response. “How much longer do I have the holosuite for?”

“You have one half hour of time remaining.” The computer answered back.

“Thank you.” Dax said, grateful for time to recover or else she would get some definite questions stumbling out of the holosuite.


“Here’s your drink Dax.” Quark said as he handed the Starfleet officer her beverage. Dax took it, having gone to order a drink once she finally got dressed and exited the holosuite. “I take it the program was satisfactory?” he asked making conversation.

“Very much Quark.” The officer replied. “It was the best… massage I have had in a while.”

“Well you certainly seem relaxed.” The Ferengi said.

“Definitely.” Dax answered downing her shot. “Well I am going to go get some rest. Have a good day.” She said before getting up from her stool. She then patted Morn on the shoulder, “You too Morn.” She answered.

Quark then looked at the large alien sitting at the end of the bar as Jadzia walked towards Quark’s exit. “You are right Morn. She is definitely walking funny all the sudden.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Jadzia Gets Slain". This story is complete.

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