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Of Scoobies and X-Men

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Summary: COMPLETE Xanderzone Halloween Challenge 2004 - Scoobies and the Cordettes get paired up to lead the kids and must have costumes to work within groups.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredAnimeRoninFR18827,15983539,97911 Sep 0424 Apr 05Yes



AN: It was pointed out to me on TtH that I did, indeed, promise to possibly bring the Cordetts into this story, and while I kinda did (mention of Aura and her semi-involvement with Xander) I’ll keep that promise.

AN2: Moderate Harmony bashing – everyone’s favorite non-vamp.

(Sunnydale – 2 days later)

Xander groaned as he walked to the corner store, intent on grabbing the morning news and going back to bed after a rough night, but he wasn’t that lucky as he heard a voice that hadn’t called down on him in a while shout out at him, “Hold it, Dweeb Boy.” He turned and saw Cordelia Chase, followed by Harmony Kendal and several other sheep, and she was storming at him – what a way to start the day.

“Cordy, can this wait about ten seconds? I came down here to get a paper, not exchange half-witted verbal barbs with your sheep.” He turned and walked some more, finding his paper waiting on him, and a cup of coffee, “Thanks, Margaret.”

The older woman there, her face lines and yet she was still gorgeous, smiled at him as he handed over his money, “No problem, Xander. You hear about the heist that happened last night?”

He blinked and shook his head, but Margaret only motioned to his LA Times and he saw splashed across the headlines, ‘Art Deal Scandal – Ten dealers arrested’; he closed his eyes and counted to ten, pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger as he did, hoping that he had read the title wrong. After counting, he opened his eyes and saw that, indeed, he had not and he sighed.

Cordelia grabbed Xander but the shoulder and spun him around, “Listen, Dweeb, I have other things to do than to mess with you!”

He looked her in the eyes and she could tell that he was in no mood to put up with her, “What is it, Cordelia – make it quick, just like Harmony does for any and every guy.”

She smothered a grin as Harmony gave an offended snort, but didn’t let it show as she glared down at Xander, “Harris, I know you and Aura had your little thing, but what I want to know is what she wanted with a dweeb like you? She could have had any guy in Sunnydale, and yet she didn’t give the jocks the time of day – she only went on about ‘Xander this’ and ‘Xander that’.”

“Yeah,” Harmony chipped in. “It’s like you and her were doing it in the bathrooms between classes.”

He just snorted, “No, Harmony, you’re mistaking her for yourself.”

Harmony growled, “Hey, she was just as much of a slut as I am, Harris, though at least I admit it.”

Cordelia winced as she saw Xander’s eyes go flat and narrow, “Be very careful about what you say next, Kendal – they may be your LAST words.”

Harmony missed the threat and promise completely as Cordelia backed up with the rest of her sheep, apparently not missing it at all, “Please, like you’d ever hurt anybody.”

“The guy who killed Aura’s rotting in hell because of me, Harmony – I’d seriously reconsider disrespecting her memory.” Cordelia shivered at the tone in Xander’s voice even as she swore she saw his eyes shimmer slightly and go from that yummy chocolate brown they were to a fear-inspiring red-on-black before shifting back. He then turned to her, “What else, Cordy? This isn’t like you to come all the way down here for just a social spar.”

She shook off the slight tingle of fear she felt, barely, “Yeah, what were those feds doing with you all last month? They kept asking me and everyone else if you were linked to organized crime after the Mayor’s murder.”

Xander snorted, remembering the charges that had been brought against him, “Yeah, I heard about that – sorry, but that wasn’t my idea. I was there to buy a few of his antique books from him when it went down and, just like I told the feds, he was still alive when I was knocked out.”

Cordelia nodded, “So, you wouldn’t know what happened last night in LA, when one of the art dealers that my parents usually frequent was robbed? He was put in jail because of it, Xander, and he has a lot of our family jewels.”

Xander resisted the comment about her father not HAVING any ‘family jewels’, but instead went with, “Sorry, Cordy, but I just found out about it myself, though I do have a good idea who did it.” He skimmed the article about how the places were broken into, how they were all in the same building and it reeked of a certain thief he knew of.

She narrowed her eyes at him, “Harris, if I find out you had anything to do with this, I’ll …”

“Kill you,” Harmony finished for her.

Cordelia shot Harmony a glare, “Did I give you permission to speak, Harm? No, I didn’t – no, Harris, I won’t kill you, I’ll just make you wish you were dead.”

He gave her a mock look of horror, “You’ll make me sleep with Harmony? Oh, gods, no, don’t do that, Cordy, that’s cruel!” His remark had the intended effect of cracking up all of the Cordetts save the aim of the remark, Harmony – he knew he would pay for the remark, it was just a matter of when. “Seriously, Cordelia, are we done? I’ve got a few people to go see about a few things.”

She nodded, her eyes narrowed slightly, “Very well, but don’t think this is over, Harris.”

Harmony snarled, “Yeah! She’s going to get you for what you said about me.”

Xander just rolled his eyes slightly even as he walked past the group, but he also noticed that as he did, two of the other three girls watched him and he had to suppress a smile – even without Gambit’s influence, he still had it.

(Later – Summers Residence)

“Um, Xander, it’s not what you think it is,” Joyce managed to get out as Xander walked into the room, the LA Times in hand and his mouth dropped open. She knew that he was looking at Dawn, who was hanging from the ceiling from a harness and with several pulleys that made it possible to hold her own bodyweight with one hand.

“Oh, is that right? Then I’m not looking at the two-bit thieves who ripped off ten different art dealers last night and had them all arrested for the fakes they are?”

Dawn looked at him, slightly outraged, “Hey! I’ll have you know that we did that job right!” She then blushed as Joyce glared at her, shaking her head ever so slightly, “Oh, uh, opps?”

AN: Okay, peoples that, as they say, is that – yes, I am working on another story, and it’ll be a one or two chapter thing, and definitely in the future. I’m not saying who set up the rip-off of the people, but just remember that they were all in the same building – why settle for just one, after all? R&R, please, AR.

The End

You have reached the end of "Of Scoobies and X-Men". This story is complete.

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