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Harry Potter And The Gorgeous Girl

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Summary: Harry Potter Smashes into a girl who is new to the area what will happen next

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterDawnie2FR1873,907046,61711 Sep 0418 Aug 05No

Harry Potter And The Gorgeous Girl

Disclaimer-As much as I'd like to...I do not own these characters they belong to Joss Whedon and JK Rowling.

Pairs- Dawn/Harry Hermione/Ron Ginny/Neville

This is my first story ever and I hope you all enjoy it. Please review(good reviews)
Luv ya! Dawnie

Chapter 1

BANG! “Oh my God I am so sorry I didn’t see you there,” said sixteen-year-old Dawn Summers. “It’s okay I should have been paying attention,” Replied Harry Potter who was now Seventeen. They both shyly smiled at each other. “My names Harry,” he said “I’m Dawn,” she answered back. “Look I’m really sorry the least I could do is buy you a drink or maybe walk you home, I really didn’t mean to smash into you,” Harry said. “You really don’t have to do that it was an accident I’ll survive,” said Dawn looking kind of embarrassed. “No but I want to,”. “Come on” he answered, so they went to this cozy little diner that was right beside a river it was called Tea Time.” How old are you?” asked Dawn “seventeen, and you,” he asked “Sixteen”

“Are you new here? We don’t see very many Americans in Britain,” Harry said as he sipped his tea “yeah I just moved here I don’t know where anything is.” she replied also talking a sip from her tea. “I could show you around,” he said “ that is if you’re not busy,” Harry hinted, “That would be nice,” Dawn said.

Harry and Dawn walked on a path through a big forest of trees accompanied by the beautiful moon. The sky was dotted with stars as Harry looked into Dawns big sparkling blue eyes he asked her if she wanted to go out for dinner and a movie the next night. "Um...Sure." Dawn answered blushing. Harry smiled then quickly turned away when he realized Dawn was staring right at him. Dawn smiled and grabbed his hand,Harry looked at her surprised. "What my hand's cold." laughed Dawn at the lame excuse she had just thought of. They continued walking hand in hand until they noticed a blond running right for them. Harry looked towards Dawn and let go of her hand. Dawn had a look of horror on her face.

"Buffy, what are you doing here?"Dawn asked “Where have you been you were suppose to be back by 10:00!" Dawn looked at her watch 10:30 “Oops my bad,” Dawn said sarcastically “Who’s that?” Buffy asked looking at Harry. “He’s my friend,” She answered back.
“Can he stay with us tonight? He lives with his aunt and uncle and they abuse him please,” Dawn begged. Harry was starting to turn red.

Did Dawn liked him? He could only hope She was this beautiful girl with gorgeous blue eyes. “Sure you could use some company Dawn” Buffy said smiling at her and Harry. Dawn led Harry through the beautiful house. The last room she showed him was her room. It was black and had black carpet. There was a huge queen sized bed that had red sheets with a black comforter. Posters of Musicians and actors covered her walls and her dresser had a makeup stand right next to it covered with what look to be very expensive makeup. “So what do you think?” she asked looking at Harry. “It’s Brilliant,” He answered back.

They sat down on the bed and started talking even more about their interests Harry was surprised when Dawn said magic. “ Magic? How do you know about Magic?” he asked “Forget I said anything about that” Gulped Dawn as she turned her head so Harry Couldn’t see the look of panic on her face. “ No I want to know” said Harry “Okay if you don’t tell anybody” she started “My sister Buffy is a slayer she kills Demons and Vampires or basically anything trying to kill or harm people” Dawn spoke very quickly only taking a breath after she poke that very long sentence. “Can you keep a secret?” Harry asked, “Yes” stuttered Dawn a few seconds later. “Okay good I’m only telling you this because I really like you so here it goes I’m a wizard” He said slowly so Dawn would understand him without him having to repeat it. “Oh well that’s cool so you do magic right?” Dawn asked, “Yeah spells and curses stuff like that” Harry spoke “ that’s really cool” Dawn said Harry smiled. “So you like me?” Dawn asked Harry started blushing “Yeh loads” he said Dawn leaned over and kissed Harry on the check. “ Your sweet” Dawn said “thanks” Harry, said looking dazed.

They finished the night by watching 2 horror movies making fun of the Characters through both. They fell asleep holding each other and slept soundly the whole night.
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