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Are you Ready?

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Summary: A bit AU. What if Carter had been the one not cured in Antarctica, and was captured in Jack’s place in season 6's Abyss. The fic assumes knowledge of both Abyss and Chosen.

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Stargate > GeneralmatthewFR1317700132,30912 Sep 0412 Sep 04Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy and Stargate belong to their owners, neither of whom are me, dammit.

Author's Notes: Spoilers though the end of Buffy and Season 6 Stargate. I'm fiddling with the timing here, but since time of year isn't that important in stargate, it shouldn't be a problem. This is a one off short which has been demanding I write it for awhile (also my first published fanfic). I hope you enjoy it.

Summary: What if Carter had been the one not cured in Antarctica, and was captured in Jack's place in season 6's Abyss. The fic assumes knowledge of both Abyss and Chosen.

Prologue: May 20, 2003

Willow's hair gleamed purest white as she held the Scythe and worked her will on the ancient magic, transforming the Shadow Men's solitary warrior into an army, granting to the potentials gathered below her the power of the slayer. The magic then spread throughout the world and beyond, travelling at many times the speed of light, seeking the children whose destiny was battle. To each, it asked a simple question, whispered into the potential's mind.

''Are you ready to be strong?''


Three days later: May 23, 2003

''What was your mission?'' The voice of the system lord Baal echoed throughout the room, driving daggers of fire into Samantha Carter's already tortured brain.

''I don't know!'' Carter screamed, once more cursing her decision to allow the Tok'ra Kanan into her, even if the alternative had been certain death. She'd already died painfully a half a dozen times for failing to provide Baal with information she didn't have, and it looked like number seven was coming up fast. As the fluid burned into her once more, blotting out consciousness, she heard Baal call for the sarcophagus to be prepared. Yes, definitely number seven.


''Sam, you can't give up'' Daniel's voice came to her as she sat in her cell a few hours later, waiting for her next 'interview', ''You'll get out of this, help is on the way.''

''Jack and Teal'c? They've found me?''

''No, they don't know where you are.''

''Then who-''

''No one is coming, Sam. I can't tell you much; I'm not allowed to, but you'll be given an opportunity. Take it, and you can get out of here. Listen, they're coming for you and I can't be here when they arrive, but there are two things you need to remember. First is that the artificial gravity field Baal's using is set to just beyond human capacity.''

''I found that one out the first day. Actually, Baal told me. He wanted me to know so that he could use it as an additional torture, letting me know that I''m so close to being able to break loose, but not quite strong enough.''

''Oh.'' Daniel looked a bit sheepish. ''Well then, the other thing is this: you're ready to be strong.''

''I'm ready to be strong? What the hell is that supposed to mean?'' Carter asked, confused.

''I can't tell you that.'' The door began to open. ''Remember, Sam, you're ready to be strong'' and he was gone.


''Let us begin again. What was the name of your symbiote?'' Baal asked the question the had begun every interrogation session so far.

''I don't re-'' Sam started to say, as she was swept up in a wave of vision. A shining, white haired woman holding some kind of ax stood before her. Baal, the restraining field, and the interrogation room itself had vanished. They stood in what looked like open space, if space had been suffused in a warm glow. Sam was about to ask what was happening when the woman spoke.

''It is time to make a choice, Samantha Carter, a choice which will determine the remainder of your life. If you say yes, you will be among the few chosen. You will see wonders and terrors beyond imagination, be gifted with great power but given great burdens. If you refuse, you will continue on as before, and you will remember this meeting only as a quickly fading dream. So, now I ask: Are you ready to be strong?''

With that, knowledge flooded Sam's mind. Slayers, demons, watchers, magic. Destiny, battle, death. It was incredible, but somehow she knew it was the truth. She was shocked, to put it mildly. But into her mind intruded Daniel's gentle voice, and her decision was made. ''I'm ready to be strong.''

''So be it.'' Light flared, and she was back.

''-member.'' Sam finished her protestation, and then felt it. Power, surging through every nerve and muscle, coalescing into a flame in her heart. Senses sharp as an eagle's vision. Reflexes that would do a cat proud. Speed that would let her outsprint a cheetah. Strength like that of a gorilla, packed into her human. form. And above it all, a hunter and warrior's instinct. In that brief instant, Samantha Carter, USAF, was gone. In that moment, she was the ultimate warrior and predator, defender of humanity. The slayer looked up at the system lord and smiled with pleasure. This was going to be fun, she thought as she launched herself from the wall that would no longer contain her, aiming for the stunned goa'uld. Oh, yes, this was going to be fun.


The End

You have reached the end of "Are you Ready?". This story is complete.

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