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Summary: After Buffy dies Dawn is sent to live with her uncle and Aunt in England. She's part slayer and still being hunted as the key, but will she be any safer at Hogwarts?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered(Past Donor)hellmouthprincessFR1357,1230238,71212 Sep 043 Oct 04No

The Dementors

Chapter Four: The Dementors

Just a quick note to warn you all that there may be a bit of a drop in standard, ie my chapters are gonna get kinda crap until I've got Dawn firmly stuck into the magical side of the HP world. This is proving to be quite difficult, but I'm pretty sure it should get better once I've got her there.

That one occasion where Harry had filled Dawn in on their stalkers was the only time they had really talked. Now they were both sticking to the ignoring rule set by their aunt and uncle. Both were too caught up in their own worlds trying to deal with the grief anyway.

That night Dawn had come out of her shell more than she had in a while. She was having too many flashbacks of always being out of the loop back in Sunnydale. She didn’t want to be back in the position where the big Scooby meeting was going on downstairs and she was listening in to what she could trying to work out what was going on. Remembering that feeling had driven her to glare it out of Harry. If that hadn’t worked she was going to start on the more physical technique of hitting.

Harry had just been downright scared of Dawn. He was also a terrible liar and couldn’t think of an excuse after he’d promised to tell her the truth. He was so surprised at how she had taken the news that he had forgotten to ask her the two big questions in his mind, why was she being followed? and how could she tell? The no communication rule made it difficult to ask, that and the fact that she stayed in her room most days while he preferred to walk around outside when he wasn’t busy doing chores.

Harry now knew that there was the possibility that somebody was following him at all times. He tried to be quiet and listen for any signs but he found none, he even began to wonder of Dawn had just sensed his general apprehension and tricked him into talking. He knew staying in at all times was completely out of the question, so instead he was just careful when he went out. He tried to be aware of his surroundings, he never went too far from the house and he always had his wand on him.


One night he had been walking when he came across Dudley. The two of them had had an argument, and Dudley had revealed that at night Harry was talking in his sleep, shouting for Cedric and his parents as he relived that horrible night in his dreams. He now had his wand pointed at Dudley and it had the desired effect of making him shut up about his dreams.

“What’s going on here?” asked Dawn as she appeared by Harry’s side. She was also one for walking at night, normally she would avoid the others, but tonight her curiosity got the better of her. .

“Make him point that thing somewhere else!” demanded Dudley.

“What exactly is that thing?” asked Dawn, she had never actually seen a wand before, although her head was sorting through all the information to bring her to that conclusion. Harry was a wizard. He had a book about wands under his bed that she had found ages ago. The Dursleys were afraid of magic, Harry was holding a stick at Dudley and that seemed to scare him. Therefore: magic wand.

“This?” said Harry casually. “This is just some stick I picked up”

“Riiight, well maybe you should point your stick elsewhere”

“I dunno, I kinda like pointing it at Dudley” he turned to Dudley. “You are never going to talk about THAT again. Do you understand?”

“Don’t point that thing at me!”

“Do you understand?”

“Point it somewhere else!”

“Do you understand?”

“Get that thing away from…”

Dudley gave an odd shuddering gasp, as though he had been doused in icy water. Dawn had to prevent herself from making a similar noise as she felt a coldness wash over her. The whole world seemed to pitch black, as she began to make out her surroundings once more she thought she saw to shadowy figures at one end of the alley, they were tall and wearing long black cloaks that covered them from head to foot. When she looked closer she began to doubt they had feet, they seemed to just glide, and they were gliding closer.

The panic was beginning to grow as they grew closer, and then suddenly she was up at the tower again. The crusty guys had tied her up but she could see the rescue party coming for her. Hope flared briefly as she watched her friends fight below. Then she saw Buffy apparently lose and she screamed until she realised that had only been the buffbot. Then Spike was there and she let out the breath she seemed to have been holding since the whole lot arrived. She screamed again as he was thrown off, then the screams were of pain as Doc began to slash at, the blood dripped down and the light danced on her face. The portal was open. Then before she had a chance to register anything else, Buffy was jumping. Buffy was dead lying at the bottom then…

“Dawn, Dawn come on, it’s all right they’re gone” It was Harry, his voice was kind and didn’t fit with everything she had just seen, she could hear another voice behind him, an old woman urging him to hurry. She couldn’t really see properly yet, but she felt Harry loop an arm under hers, then another under her legs and pick her up. He started to carry her until he realised he would have to help Dudley along as well. Instead he settled on letting Mrs Figg help the lighter Dawn to walk as he dragged Dudley.

Dawn was aware that she was walking but she couldn’t really concentrate. She wanted to know what had just happened. She was sure Harry had said ‘they’ are gone. So someone had done that to her? How? It had been so real, that was real pain she felt it was worse than her dreams. She was surprised to find that she wasn’t actually bleeding, instead all she could feel was scars that were still in the process of healing. It hadn’t been real, then what was it?

Dawn wasn’t sure what happened next, because she was out cold. She was already not quite there because of the Dementors and the exhaustion from not sleeping properly for at least a month began to kick in. While her relatives argued around her she was left on the sofa, nobody giving her a second thought.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Lost" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Oct 04.

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