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Summary: After Buffy dies Dawn is sent to live with her uncle and Aunt in England. She's part slayer and still being hunted as the key, but will she be any safer at Hogwarts?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered(Past Donor)hellmouthprincessFR1357,1230238,71212 Sep 043 Oct 04No


By Hellmouth princess

Disclaimer: I own nothing, characters are property of JK Rowling, Joss Whedon etc.


“Well why can’t you get custody of her?” complained Willow, as she sat looking depressed in Buffy’s living room. Buffy wasn’t there anymore but it was still her house.

“Because then he’s have to explain why an ex school librarian was so close to two teenage girls in the first place” said Anya trying to be helpful “People might think Buffy was an orgasm friend, then they might wonder if it started back during school when he was a member of the faculty and she was a pupil and a minor and then they would probably assume Giles was some kind of sick…”

Everyone cringed at the thought, but Giles said, “That was one of the problems, it’s also doubtful that I would win out over family without a valid connection. I also think that this might be for the best”

“What?” Willow almost shouted. “How? How is Dawnie going to the other side of the world for the best? She should be here, with us”

“This is her family Wills” said Xander. “This man is Dawn’s uncle; he’s the only real family she’s got left now her dad’s gone as well. Maybe this is the best. She gets to have a normal life, with a normal family, she’ll be living with her aunt and uncle and her cousin”

“I just…” Willow struggled to explain it. “I just feel like we owe it to Buffy to look after Dawn”

“We owe it to Buffy to protect Dawn” said Giles gently. “I think sending her away would be the best way to do that. She needs to have a normal childhood away from the hellmouth”

Tara squeezed Willow’s hand and gave her a small smile. “I guess so…” said Willow reluctantly.

“Well if there are no more complaints then Dawn will be leaving for England next week”

“So how’s she getting there?”

“She’s flying to Heathrow I believe and her aunt and uncle will pick her up from there and take her to little Whinging”
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