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Ashes To Ashes

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Summary: She ran from a past which still plagues her to this day. After Buffy Summers has enough of the Hellmouth, can she find salvation in the past she left behind? And hope to defeat the Dark Lord who killed her real mother?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredRebornPhoenixFR1536,3900174,79712 Sep 049 Nov 04No

Country and the Order

AN: I got bored and I was in class talking to a friend (which I got detention for) when she dared me to at least mention more than a page of country music. She’s evil and a cowgirl. Bad combination. ON with the story…


Tara and I were sitting on the couch munching on cookies while watching MTV.

“Half of these people are stupid,” I muttered making Tara smile.

“This is California,” Tara smirked, “Rap isn’t a big thing, but pop and pop-rock is the big thing.”

“Yeah, cos they had Michelle Branch at the Bronze the other day. Pretty good show,” I said. “Now only if they could get some cute country guys here. They always have big muscles.”

Tara chuckled and I turned the station to CMT making her laugh when I let out a happy squeal.

“What? I like this song,” I said.

“I never thought of you as a country girl,” Tara said.

“I’m offended,” I said with my accent.

“Well you bloody well should be git,” Tara said feeling at home when she talked with someone who had the same accent.

“Bloody ponce,” I smirked and we laughed.

Then the phone rang and I accidentally answered with my accent with an English “Hello?”


“Hi Giles,” I said back with the California accent with a smiling Tara who was watching CMT.

“Was that an actual decent sounding accent I heard?” Giles asked.

Why the hell not. “Well depends on if you’re going to criticize me like the others in the bloody gang because I am actually from England. Stupid gits.”

There was a silence on the other end.

“Good going you stupid ponce. Give Giles a heart attack,” Tara said.

“Who was that?” Giles asked.

“That was Tara,” I said. “Who’s also from England.”

“Why didn’t I know this?” Giles asked.

“Because I ran off,” I said. “Long story Giles. What’s the up?”

“Council is looking out for you,” Giles said.

“Well I’ll be somewhere that they can’t touch me. Trust me on this one,” I said then smiled as another song came on. “Why do they want me?”

I started mouthing the words along with Tara as I listened to Giles.

Finally when he was almost done we both sang, “Good little girls make some wild women.”

“What the bloody hell are you going on about?” Giles asked.

Then a loud crack was heard.

“What was that?” Giles asked.

“Got to go,” I hung up and we both stood up and went into the kitchen where a dog and Moony were. “Heya!”

“Phoenix,” Moony greeted then he looked at Tara. “Alli-Cat.”

Sirius turned into himself.

“Padfoot,” Us two girls greeted.

“My two favorite girls,” Padfoot smirked hugging us both.

“What’s going on in England?” Tara asked.

“Nothing much besides the ‘Dark Lord’ coming to full power,” Moony said.

“Alli-Cat you coming too? We have plenty room at my place,” Padfoot asked.

“I would bu-” I elbowed Tara lightly and she glared at me before thinking. “You know what. I’d love to.”

“Good cos ‘Mickey-G’ would love to see you,” Moony smirked.

“You called her that too?” I asked Tara who nodded. “We’ll rule the world. I bet you didn’t turn Snape into a chicken though.”

“The reason she had to get away was because she dyed Lucius’s hair Pink,” Moony said and I turned to Tara.

“You’re a goddess,” I said. “We’ll definitely rock that world man. Alright. I’m packed with 2 bags. Let’s head to your dorm.”

“Alright,” Padfoot said.

In the car……

“What are you listening to? It’s actually kind of decent,” Padfoot said and Moony agreed.

“You start saying y`all and yee`haw, Buffy, and I’ll get worried,” Tara smirked and I glared at her playfully.

“It’s country. Blue County,” I smirked as we parked.

20 minutes later I parked in front of the magic box with my bags.

“We’ll use the portkey out of here since I have to give Willow the keys,” I said mostly to Tara and she nodded.

“We’re off to see the Wicca,” Padfoot said as we walked in making us laugh.

“Wills here’s the keys,” I said tossing them to the redhead who caught them. “Well we’re off. Giles is going to call you all later so explain it to him.”

We all did our silent goodbyes then us 4 grabbed the portkey. 3 seconds later we were in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place.

“You really need to redecorate,” I said looking around.

“Maybe a few flowers at least,” Tara said.

“Dear lord,” A voice said making us two snort before turning to see Dumbledore.

“Hey Dumble-D,” I said.

“Allison, Buffy,” He smiled. “Or should I say Alli-cat and Phoenix.”

We looked at each other and smirked.

“Alli-cat and Phoenix,” we said together.

“You know you still owe McGonagall a Transfiguration essay Phoenix,” Dumbledore said and I big my lip.

“A vampire ripped it?” I tried.

“Not your best, but it’ll work,” McGonagall said walking in.

“Yes,” I said then sobered up with a smile. “Uh, thanks?”

She chuckled.

“We’re about to start a meeting. Would you two care to join us?” Dumbledore said and we shrugged walking with the group.

We entered the room where a lot of people were gathered and us two smirked.

“English version of the Scooby gang,” I whispered to Tara as we sat between Padfoot and Moony.

“All that’s missing is the donuts and a vampire,” Tara said then Snape walked in. “Well one out of the two.”

We laughed quietly but Snape turned to me and I stuck my tongue out at him. He glared.

“Don’t get pissy. I had to have had a reason to turn you into a chicken in the first place,” I said and laughter erupted.

“Then what was your reason for all other pranks?” Dumbledore smirked at me.

I paused, “My latest have been because of demons or vampires, but otherwise.”

“Blame it on Xander,” Tara and I said.

“And for the others,” I said.

“Blame it on Padfoot,” Tara and I said.

“And for the one in 5 seconds, blame it on Prongs. He suggested it,” I said then Snape turned into a bunny after I muttered something.

“Anya would have a fit,” Tara whispered as we laughed.

“Thank god she’s not here. She’d think we’re all going to die,” I smirked and Tara laughed remembering that.

“Ah yes. The bunny omen meaning that we’re all going to die. Well in the end you only died,” Tara said not caring if anyone else heard.

“Thrill ride really,” I said.

“Anyways,” Dumbledore said then Snape turned back glaring at me.

“James is already dead so you can’t kill him, and I’m practically a phoenix so I’ll just come back cranky,” I smirked. “Too bad for you.”

Snape sat down saying nothing.

“First things these two young ladies are Buffy Stephens-Summers and Allison Black-Maclay,” Dumbledore said and us two smirked.

“What are they that they’re here?” someone asked.

“Besides witches, she’s a kick ass wicca and I’m a slayer. Might be a small reason besides the facts that we both together have stopped about 2-3 apocalypses, coupla massacres, and over 100 demons,” I said.

“And an Army,” Tara pointed out.

“Oh yea. The Initiative,” I said.

“You’re the slayer?” the same someone said amused.

“You can call me that or if you want you can just acknowledge me as a girl who can kick your ass,” I said. “One or the other.”

“The Ministry is saying the Slayer is in prison,” Another person said.

“Ah yeah. Faith. Two slayers,” I said then got looks. “I drowned and got brought back, Kendra was called, and then she died calling Faith. Faith went psycho and I knocked her ass in a coma before she went to jail 2 years later.”

“You only didn’t kick her ass again because you’re boy-” Tara started muttering before I kicked her under the table making her smirk.

“Anyways,” Dumbledore chuckled. “They’re telling the truth. Second, Voldemort is lying low which probably means he’s planning something. We think it has something to do with the prophecy.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Voldemort only heard the latter of it when it was spoken so he most likely wants to get a hold of the full thing which involves using Harry,” Dumbledore said. “Since school starts in 2 days we’re going to have to watch when and how we send information. The ministry has place Dolores Umbridge there probably to spy on us.”

This time Tara rolled her eyes making me smirk.

“We have a reason to believe that Voldemort is swaying the Dementors to his side so he can break Death Eaters out from Azkaban, but Fudge isn’t putting extra security on it at all.”

“Shock me, shock me,” I muttered.

“That’s all for tonight. Tomorrow we’ll set up a guard for the trip to Kings cross,” Dumbledore said and some people apparated out while others left.

“Usual crap eh?” I asked Tara.

“Usual crap,” Tara agreed as we stood. “By the way what was Giles going on about?”

“Council after me. Don’t care,” I shrugged.

“Lovely,” Tara muttered.

“Dinner?” Moony asked and we nodded.

We walked into the kitchen where we froze when we saw the red heads. Then we looked at each other as two red headed twins started talking to- Mini-Prongs.

“Damn,” I said looking at Harry.

“Yeah,” Padfoot smirked as we sat at the end of the table by the kids.

“I just saw James,” I muttered, “and he’s really a mini-prongs.”

“Scary,” Tara agreed. “Want to think something even more scary. Think of Xander then look at Harry.”

I did and my eyes widened making Tara chuckle. I turned to Moony and whispered the same thing to him. He did then looked at Harry and his eyes widened.

“Oh yeah,” I muttered.

“That is interesting,” Moony said.

“Oh yeah,” Tara said repeating what I said.

The twins were talking to Harry and luckily enough I could hear with my slayer hearing.

“We’re planning everything out. Supplies list and all. We’re working on some stuff still which will be ready by the 2nd month into school we hope,” Fred whispered.

“Then anyone willing to play can get out of class at any time,” George added with a smile.

“How?” Harry asked.

“Fainting to get out, bloody noses, and things like that,” Fred said.

“Brilliant,” Harry smirked.

I smirked too.

“What?” Tara asked me.

“Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum are pranksters planning ways to get out of class,” I smirked.

“Xander could help with that from what I’m hearing he did in high-school,” Tara said.

“No he just usually was making out in the storage closet with Cordy,” I smiled ad Tara chuckled.

“What are you two laughing about?” Padfoot asked as the plate of rolls got passed around.

“Xander’s dating habits,” Tara smirked and I groaned.

“Don’t even get me started. I gave up on his dates after the mummy girl,” I said rolling my eyes.

Moony chuckled, “What about your dating habits?”

“Don’t even get me started with mine,” I said.

“A story for over a drink then?” Padfoot smirked.

“Over plenty drinks,” Tara and I said.


Tara and I were sharing a room until the kids went to Hogwarts. After laying in bed for an hour and staring at the ceiling I stood.

“Where are you going?” Tara asked me.

“Get a drink. Maybe get drunk,” I said smirking. “Later.”

I walked downstairs in my PJ’s and found Padfoot in there taking out a bottle of vodka. While his back was turned I grabbed it and grabbed a thing of orange juice before sitting with a glass. He turned around and jumped when he saw me.

“Could you be a little noisier, wear a bell?” he smirked walking over.

“That would take the fun out of it,” I said sighing as I poured a glass of orange juice before grabbing a shot glass and putting 2 shots of vodka in it and stirring it.

“Well I see someone else has the right idea,” Padfoot said pouring himself a glass.

Since I came “back” I drank, not like an alcoholic or anything, just little things like every person does sometimes.

“Everything happens for a reason,” I said downing a bit of my drink.

“You’re reason?” Padfoot asked and I snorted.

“Sorry ‘The Reason’ is a song in the states,” I explained. “My reason. Life’s a bitch, then you die, fuck the world, let’s get high.”

Padfoot snorted this time.

“How’d you really get brought back?” He asked me and I downed the rest of my drink.

“My friends,” I said. “Was a bitch, still is a bitch.”

“How ya dealing?” He asked drinking.

“Depends on when you ask me,” I said filling up a shot of vodka and then was about to pour it when I just downed it.

“When were you called?” Sirius asked and I popped my head up to look at him.

“The summer I left. A week after I turned 15,” I said. “So about a month after I left here. Why?”

“So if you were to become 15 again you’d still be a slayer?” Padfoot asked.

“Yeah. Probably able to do what I could do now because I would know how to use my power too,” I said. “What are you getting at?”

“Would you become 15 again?” Dumbledore asked from the doorway.

“Huh?” I asked.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Ashes To Ashes" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Nov 04.

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