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Sunnydale Paradise

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Summary: Buffy/ Weird Al Yankovich's Amish Paradise. And yes, it was at 4am that I wrote this... for some odd reason a friend made me watch Al sing about the Amish... so this came about.

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Miscellaneous > MusiccwolfFR131638091,23012 Sep 0412 Sep 04Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any of Weird Al’s stuff, nor do I own Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I don’t do descriptions of videos well.. you’ll have to supply the images in your head.

(camera pans in to a downtown area. A blonde girl with a sword runs past chasing two men. In the middle of the street stands a young man with his head bowed. He raises his head and opens his mouth)

As I walk through Sunnydale where I was born and raised

I take a look around and realize that it’s day.

That's just great for a person like me

I can relax without a vampire to find me tasty.

At 1 am in the morning I’m on patrol

With Buffy beating the dickens out of vampires... fool

And I've been patrolling and joking so long that

Even Oz thinks that my mind is gone

I'm a zeppo with a plan, I'm into raiding the kitchen.

Got a stake in my hand and pieces of donut on my chin.

But if I finish without a battle and you finish thine

Then this morning we're gonna sleep till 7:59.

We been spending most our lives

Living in a Sunnydale Paradise

I've killed a vamp or demon once or twice

Living in a Sunnydale paradise

It's hard work and sacrifice

Living in a Sunnydale paradise

Anya sells items at extreme prices

Living in a Sunnydale Paradise

A local vamp kicked me into the wall last week

I just smiled at him and I watched what Buffy did wreak.

I really don't care, in fact I wish him well

As he’s turning to dust on his way to hell.

But I ain't never killed a human even if he deserved it

A zeppo with a ‘tude?

You know that's unheard of

I never wear dress shirts and I refuse to get into a spat.

And my fellow slayer groupies agree

I really look good being slammed on my back... fool

If you come to visit, you'll be screaming in less than a year

We haven't even scratched the surface in 7 years.

But we ain't really goofy, so please don't point and stare

We're just sleep impaired

There's no backup, no flamethrowers, no armored car

Not a single luxury

The police hide behind locked doors

From what they cannot see

We been spending most our lives

Living in a Sunnydale paradise

We're just scared and heroic folks

Living in a Sunnydale paradise

There's no time for screams and fright

Living in a Sunnydale paradise

We all fight, in hope of just one peaceful night

Living in a Sunnydale Paradise

Throwing a few stakes, watching a spell cause a splatter.

Raised a Slayer on Monday, I hope I won’t need to raise another.

Think you're really righteous?

Think you're pure in heart?

Well, I know I'm a million time as humble as thou art

I'm the goofy guy that’s sent on a snack hike

Running day and night scorin' points against the undead life

So don't be vain and don't be whiny

Or else, my friend, I might have to get medieval on your heinie

We been spending most our lives

Living in a Sunnydale Paradise

We're all crazy socialites

Living in a Sunnydale paradise.

Cops run screaming at the lack of light

Living in a Sunnydale paradise

But you'd probably think it bites

Living in a Sunnydale paradise.

(switch to several people standing with candles. Intermixed are the slayer and crew)



(Each one of the slayers crew pops stakes out, and the rest go poof)


- - - - - - - -

Buffy slammed the door to Xander’s room open and stood in shock as he curled in a corner screaming.


He stopped, shuddered, and looked up in horror with his one eye. “If Andrew EVER suggests watching Weird Al Yankovich before I go to sleep again, I’m going to stake him!!”

The End

You have reached the end of "Sunnydale Paradise". This story is complete.

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