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Dreams of the Ring

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Summary: Anya has a friend that can allow Willow, Cordelia and Buffy to dream themselves into the Lord of the Ring, in almost real life detail. Multiple Pairings.

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Lord of the Rings > GeneralLucindaFR15511,034044,60419 Feb 0322 Sep 03Yes

Dreams of the Ring

Dreams of the Ring

BtVS/LotR crossover, sort of

Author: Lucinda
will contain nothing worse than the books, movies or series.
main characters: Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Willow
disclaimer: I own nobody from BtVS, and nobody from Lord of the Rings (the story or the actors)
distribution: If you want it, ask. I'll probably say yes.
set in Season 4, but pretending that Fellowship of the Ring & Two Towers were/are out on video/dvd (so, semi-AU, right?)

They'd fought against the Initiative, and managed to destroy ADAM, although it had been a close matter. There had been smoke that they seriously hoped hadn't contained anything poisonous, and explosions, and the collapse of the underground complex used by the Initiative, along with the attempted escape or evacuation of the soldiers and many of the demons and vampires held captive. Perhaps they should be concerned about what the escaped demons might try to do, or what sort of contingency plan the soldiers might have.

But they were all exhausted. Buffy, Anya, even Willow felt as if their muscles were skin covered wet rags, layered over bones of lead. Their eyes stung from the smoke, and the last thing any of them wanted to consider was Slaying of any sort. Or any sort of complicated planning.

Cordelia's unexpected presence at Buffy's house gave the weary women the impression that evil had been over active all over, especially when Cordelia had simply winced when asked how things had been going.

"I just want to collapse into a chair and have an exhausted girls night." Cordelia's words held a definite wistful note. "I don't want to talk about work, or fighting evil, or taxes, or money."

"What does that leave?" Anya sounded tired and curious.

Buffy gave a tired grin. "Traditionally, we watch movies with cute guys and eat junk food. And trust me, I have just the movies. LOrd of the Rings... have you seen those guys? Hot doesn't cover it."

"Girls movie night?" Cordelia had a small smile. "You mean with ice cream and popcorn? Oh, count me in."

"Wait, Lord of the Rings... is that the one with the cute blond guy with the funny pointed ears?" Anya's question produced stunned looks of astonishment.

Willow spoke slowly, gently as if to diffuse possible tension or violence. "Yes, the cute blond archer with the pointed ears... that's Legolas, he's an elf. They're based on a trilogy of books by a guy named Tolkein. Any of this sound familiar? If not, just go along with it and watch the movies. Otherwise, Buffy will start in on why you simply must know who Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen are."

Anya gave a small sigh, and said no more dangerous words. Perhaps she was simply too tired to have Buffy wax passionate about random actors. Perhaps she had decided to watch the movies and try to figure out the big deal for herself.

Buffy was grinning like a madwoman as she reverently placed the first disc into the DVD player, a whispered chant of 'legolaslegolaslegolas' emerging from her lips.

The four settled back with popcorn and assorted drinks, allowing themselves to be transported into the epic tale of Frodo and the One Ring, awed by the scenery, and impressed by the fight scenes and the cute guys.

"Wow... I get it now. Where's the third one? I want to see what happens next?" Anya's voice held a mixture of excitement and exhaustion.

"Can't. It hasn't been finished yet. We have to wait another month before it's out in the theatres." Willow's voice held just a little bit of a pout.

"Am I the only one that's ever wanted to be able to just... jump into a movie and grab the cute guy?" Buffy's voice was thoughtful.

"Nope. Got another one right here... he was just yummy. Hello salty goodness..." Cordelia's voice was wistful, as if she was imagining what she would do if she did seize the guy.

Anya shifted a little in her seat. "That's not a new idea... pretty common, although it used to be songs and legends." Her words were interrupted by a huge yawn. "But I know someone... who can come close."

"How close? Close enough to feel their sexy sweat?" Cordelia's voice was interested, but slightly cautious as she remembered the amount of trouble the last wish she'd made near Anya had caused.

"There's a short incantation, and some fragrant oils... and then you go to sleep. You have a dream, and in the dream, you've put yourself into the story, however you wanted. It all feels like it's really happening, and you can change how things turn out." Anya sounded enthusiastic.

Willow frowned slightly. "You said it feels real... how real is it? I mean, if you get hurt in the dream, are you hurt in reality? Can you get really injured from this?"

"It's not that real. You can't die from things that happen in the dream, no more than you can from a normal nightmare if things go bad. But it would be very vivid, very intense." Anya sought to reassure Willow.

"But we could see them, touch them, and you know, everything?" Buffy's voice was eager, and her eyes bright with something part way between hope and lust.

"Close enough to feel like you're touching them. Should I summon my friend and get the incantation?" Anya had a smile that reminded Willow of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

"Yes!" Buffy and Cordelia's voices blended together on the word, their resolve firmly set.

end prolog.
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