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00Zeppo returns

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This story is No. 2 in the series "00Zeppo". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy/James Bond crossover continuing where my story "In His Lady's Service" left off. Finally got a new chap up. It's done. *grin*. Had to round it out with a chapter. Working on the first in the new sequel.

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Revelations and Planning

(I’m not going to rewrite every single episode... but I will attempt to cover what I viewed as major points during the show leading up to the end of this particular sequel. Also, memory of certain things is sketchy right now, and I can’t get a hold of the 3rd season to correct it. When I do, I’ll modify the chapter and let you know.)

Bond sat thinking on the plane. Then snapped his fingers, and dialed Xander.


“Forgot one thing.”

“What’s that Dad?”

Bond blinked. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that. Anyhow, I didn’t just randomly pull out the gun. It shot a tracer. It should be good for four days. Q designed it. Unless he uses a spell, Wesley won’t be able to lose it. The frequency is linked to a portable device in the lower level at the warehouse. There’s one of your own, but in a different casing in case you need to continue tracing him. It’ll look like a mechanical pencil, with the name Exports on it. Also, Q mentioned something about a few new weapons there for everyone.”

“Understood... come back when you can.”

“Will do.”

Xander walked up to the entrance to the warehouse, and used his key card to enter. As he walked through the main area, several people stopped and looked, then turned back. If he didn’t belong, he’d have been at the official main entrance to be greeted by someone.

As he walked up to the manager’s office, Xander wondered what exactly Giles would do about Wimpy as he’d decided to call him.

After closing the door, he walked toward the desk. He flipped up a false corner that was keyed to his and James thumbprint, and pressed the button underneath. A section of the floor gave way and he went down a level. As he went down, he saw someone familiar.

“Q! James didn’t say you were going to be here.”

“I’ve already supplied him with what he needed. Now pay attention Xander.” Q picked up one of the mini-crossbows from the previous battle. “I’ve created some special ammunition for you and your friends. However, I think Willow should forgo using it. Angel might not be safe around her.”

Xander grinned. His friend was a genius in many areas, and was coming along in witchcraft... but archery would always be her weak point.

“I’ve set aside a whole room for these bolts. They are special, with a hollow center complete with Holy Water inside. Now... that in of itself wouldn’t mean anything. But they are exploding bolts. Even if you miss the heart and hit something else, there will still be extreme pain for the vampires. The explosive can only be triggered by this section of it.” Q pointed to a little piece of wood that looked like a mini lever. “When the bolt enters the vampire up to this point, the explosion will trigger. It’ll be localized, so you can use them as a stake.”

Q loaded one, and fired at a dummy. A chunk of it where the heart would have been was blown out. “Note that I put in a safety feature. The part that would be a handle if you did use it as a standard pointy weapon remained intact. There will probably be splinters in your hand however... but better that than dying.”

Xander blinked. “Cool.”

“I’ll never understand youth and their unique expressions.”

Xander grinned. “Q, James said you had a particular mechanical pencil for me. As well as a device to keep track of a tracer.”

“Ah yes. The pencil is fashioned after something I designed for Bond a long time ago... I won’t bore you with the details on that. Let’s just say that the results were... explosive. The trigger is the button on top.”

Xander walked in to the school with the agent called Fred. The name was probably fake. Xander figured it was easier to sneak new weaponry past Snyder that way. Fred had it stashed in his suitcase and in special packs hidden in his overcoat. Xander just used his backpack.

“I know I’m supposed to use you for more than this.... but this is needed.”

The agent blinked. “If you mean that you should wait for a life or death situation... I’d rather have the vacation time.”

Xander pondered that for a minute. “Makes sense.”

They continued on to the library. When they neared, they saw Buffy and Faith heading out. A perplexed Wesley and a maniacal Giles in true Ripper form were staring at each other.

“Buffy, Faith. Give me a minute, I’ll give you a ride to where you want to start patrol.”

They paused then leaned up against the walls. “Who are we to pass up a free ride.”

“Great, I think I just became Alfred.”


“Bruce Wayne’s butler... never mind.”

Xander and Fred continued in. “Ah Wesley. I see you recovered from meeting my father, James Bond. Who I might add has been training me.”

Wesley flinched. “We’re having a private talk here.”

“Giles is in charge of the library, it’s his choice if I leave. Do you want me and Fred to leave G-man?”

Giles blinked. “For a little while, I need to have a few words with this idiot.”

Xander grinned. “Ah. Well, while I’m here. Shall I introduce you to some improved crossbow bolts that Q brought? They explode on contact and spray holy water all over what they hit as well. Or they can be filled with something equally nasty.”

Giles grinned. “Can I see?”

Wesley stared wide-eyed. “Improved...”

Xander shook his head. “Having the British MI-6 working in Sunnydale with full knowledge and permission of the upper echelon of the U.S. government has its advantages. Wouldn’t you agree Wimpy?”

“The name is...”

“I know what the name is.” Xander said as he and Fred placed everything down. “Fred here will demonstrate their uses. I’m going to drive Buffy and Faith through town.” Xander then looked at the agent. “I wouldn’t suggest leaving before I get back, or before daylight. Giles tends to stay here too.”


“Where to ladies?”

“How about the park, we’ll start there.”

“Ok. Want me to walk with you? Or stay in the car ready to use the weapons.”

“Boys and their toys.” Said Faith.

Xander grinned.

Xander pulled up near the section Buffy and Faith were fighting in. When he thought about it later, he realized that had been a good thing. It would’ve been messy otherwise.

The two slayers were fighting several vampires. As they did, a man came running toward them. Xander couldn’t bring the weapons to bear due to the close knit fighting, so he got out and ran. When the person neared Buffy, he put his hand on her shoulder. She grabbed it, and spun, throwing him toward Faith. Xander tackled him and they both fell to the side. Faith never noticed.

“Buffy, he’s human not vamp!”

“Oh, sorry.” She said in the process of staking another.

“So, do you finally see the error of trying to take over from me?” Giles asked.

“I don’t have a choice do I?”

Fred sat across the room at a table, reading one of the books on demons. He listened with one ear to the conversation.

“No. At least this way, however, you can stay on. We can always use a fresh outlook on things. And, given time, you might gain the respect of everyone including me. As for during research, we all listen to different opinions.”

Wesley sighed. “Fine. Travers won’t be happy.”

“So don’t tell him unless he asks. The reports are for your own records anyway. Watchers just send the overviews. It takes too much time to make copies.”

The other watcher grinned at that.

The library door opened, and the slayers and Xander walked in. With them was an unknown man.

“Giles, this guy has some information for us.” Then Buffy noticed Wesley. Her eyes narrowed. “What’s he doing here?”

“He’s agreed to not interfere with me. In other words, I’m still your watcher. In return I’m letting him stay as an extra pair of eyes and hands. At least be cordial to him.”

“I’ll try. Anyway, do you want to hear it?”

“Yes. But the deputy mayor might want to sit down... he looks tired.”

“The...” Buffy looked at him. “Sorry, didn’t recognize you.”

He blinked at her dazedly. “That’s ok...”

After listening, Xander called in a favor and sent the deputy mayor on his way with a new identity and papers. Then they all sat down for research and planning.
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