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Day of Jubilee

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Summary: Some Kinsey bashing at it's finest. Oh and Xander singing, which is always a good thing.

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Stargate > General > Characters: Robert KinseyKeiFR13169052410,38015 Sep 0415 Sep 04Yes
AN: A bit of fluff you guys might have fun with. No, I'm not neglecting Trick or Treat. My computer crapped out on me and I have half a chapter written on a computer I can't currently access. I'm not re-writing it. I LIKE that part of the chapter. Updates soon hopefully.

Spoilers: Eh, not much, vague Buffy Season 6/7 references. Stargate is pre-Season 8, with Daniel. The usual.

Disclaimer: Don't own anyone. Anything. Ahh, but I can dream.

**************** Day of Jubilee ******************

General George Hammond was in charge of the most top secret facility in the entire world and defended the earth against the encroachment of hostile alien forces. Okay, in all honesty the top secret was fairly relative. Especially lately.

Mostly thanks to earth’s very own forces of darkness.

He stared warily across the briefing room table and sighed. Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, and Teal’c sat serenely, hands folded primly on the table, faces schooled into careful masks of impassivity. Buffy Summers, who was usually the main instigator, had three inch heels propped up on the table as she leaned back nonchalantly in her chair and absently filed neon pink nails. Completely and totally unconcerned with the present crisis. Willow Rosenberg on the other hand was fidgeting, leg jerking, foot tapping, thumbs twiddling- the whole nervous she-bang.

But it was Jack O’Neill and Xander Harris who were really frightening. The two co-conspirators were sitting side by side, grinning like fools given leave to be stupid. Xander was whistling under his breath, just faint enough that the tune was unintelligible to George’s ears. Jack on the other hand was bouncing, literally, BOUNCING in his seat. The man who was second in command to the most top secret facility in the entire world, the man who had faced down BOTH hostile alien forces and the forces of darkness was giddy.

General Hammond had never seen Colonel Jack O’Neill giddy before. It made him very, very afraid.

George sighed again and rubbed a meaty hand over his forehead. “I’m just not really sure WHAT exactly to say in a situation like this. Could one of you at least TRY to give me a coherent report so that I can do some damage control?”

Major Carter glanced at Daniel who snickered and shot a meaningful look to Miss Summers, who raised a single golden brow in response before rolling her eyes and turning to one of her best friends. “Go ahead, Xander, give your ‘report’.”

Xander chuckled and rubbed his hands together in wicked anticipation at the blonde Slayer before standing proudly, his smile splitting his handsome face nearly in two. Oh this was going to be painful… Jack O’Neill clapped HIS hands together in delight and swiveled his chair to get a better angle of the show.

The shaggy haired youth smirked rakishly even with his eye patch before sobering and clearing his throat. Twice. He drew himself up to his full height, took a deep breath, and began to SING of all things.

“Joy to the world,

Kinsey’s dead,

A Vamp bit off his head!

“What happened to the body?

Some helldogs had a party.

“Our Day of Jubilee,

Our Day of Jubilee,

Joy to the world,

On our Day of Jubilee!”

There was utter silence in the briefing room for about five seconds before Jack dissolved into hoots. Seven seconds later Willow Rosenberg, Major Carter, and Daniel collapsed with hysterical laughter.

Teal’c compressed lips twitched in more silent appreciation.

“Encore, encore!” Jack shouted raucously.

Buffy Summers shook her head and examined her nails. “I told Kinsey that trying to marshall the forces of darkness for government was a bad idea. Vampires are SO not big on being experimented on.”

General George Hammond sighed a third time as a tentative smile curled his own lips as well. This Day of Jubilee? Despite himself, he laughed.


The President of the United States of America leaned back in his chair in the Oval Office as he scanned the newest report based on the joint efforts of his favorite SGC team and the newly reformed Watcher’s Council’s very best- the Scooby Unit. A report he was very eager to see the results of.

The most powerful man in the world kept a straight face for all of about ten seconds before chuckling. The SGC was SO getting a budget raise. And it looks like Xander, Buffy, and Willow would need another round of medals.

He hummed slightly off key to himself under his breath as he carefully shredded the ‘unofficial’ copy of the report he had been given. “Joy to the world…”

The End

You have reached the end of "Day of Jubilee". This story is complete.

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