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A Different Cup of Coffee

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Summary: They were both there for a quiet cup of coffee after a particularly tiresome night.

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CSI > CSI Las VegasKatiFR131461084,13216 Sep 0416 Sep 04Yes
Title: A Different Cup of Coffee

Author: Kati

Disclaimer: I don’t own them.

Crossover: BtVS/CSI

Rating: Pg

Summary: They were both there for a quiet cup of coffee after a particularly tiresome night.

AN: Nothing much really happens in this one.

He sat quietly staring down into his coffee in the smallish diner. His shift had just ended, which meant that for most people this was the time for breakfast. Even so there were only a scattered few people in the place.

“You look about how I feel,” a female voice said.

He looked up inquiringly.

“Tired,” she said in explanation. “Do you mind?” She asked with a small gesture at the seat opposite to him.

“No. Please sit.”

She put down her coffee on the table and sat down.

“I’m Willow.”


“So you come here often?”


Then they both lapsed into silence. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence, but not the sort of companionable silence that existed between friends either, because they didn’t know each other.

Neither of them had come there to find company. They were both there for a quiet cup of coffee after a particularly tiresome night. However, they both found themselves quietly grateful for the others presence, silent or not, offering a brief respite from the troubling thoughts that would no doubt return once they reached the solitude of their respective homes.

He was the first to finish his coffee. He stood up and offered her a quiet “thank you,” before he left. She didn’t ask for an explanation, only accepted the acknowledgment of gratitude with a small smile.

She finished her coffee in silence before she too left.

It was more than a week before they both happened to be there at the same time again. This time their respective nights had been less troubling, but considering their chosen areas of occupation that might still be bad enough. Even a quiet night might well be nightmare inducing for a normal person.

This time they found themselves talking a bit. A neutral topic concerning a book they had both happened to read. Books were a safe subject, at least as long as you stayed away from the more... specialized ones, particularly so in her case.

So they met from time to time in that place, at first randomly, later more deliberately. It was nearly four months before one of them thought to suggest they meet somewhere else.

And that was how it began. There were no bells, no swooning, no instant attraction or love at first sight. When they first met she had still considered herself lesbian, in fact she still wasn’t sure what to think about that. He had hardly been looking for a relationship in someone so much younger than him.

No the warm fluttery feelings had come later. It hadn’t been an all consuming passion, this had been much quieter. Attraction had grown out of familiarity, love from friendship and in all honesty, they preferred it that way.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "A Different Cup of Coffee". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking