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With Special Guest

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Questing around the Galaxy". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Cordelia gets a part as the 'girl of the episode' for a series called 'Galaxy Quest'. Also featuring Willow.

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Movies > Galaxy QuestLucindaFR15925,14671624,10820 Feb 039 Jun 03Yes

With Special Guest

title: With Special Guest
author: Lucinda
some violence, some kissing, and lots of confusion. Possibly a few bad words.
main characters: Willow, Cordelia, Alex Dane
pairings: hints of Cordelia/Jason Nesmith, Willow/Alex Dane, Gwen DeMarco/Angel
disclaimer; I own nobody from Buffy/Angel or from Galaxy Quest. There may be a few minor original characters.
distribution: Bite Me, WLS, NHA, Twisting the Hellmouth, anyone else please ask, I'll probably say yes.
dedicated to Rose, who I blame for the idea.
note: AU post season 6ish for BtVS, AU season 2ish for Angel. Tara split with Willow and left town. Willow resurrected Buffy who was rather cold and doing naughty things with Spike. Willow felt left out, unappreciated and very hurt by Buffy's reaction to her resurrection, so she moved to LA. Darla stayed dead.

Willow shook her head, trying to figure out how her life had become so entirely strange. She lived in Los Angeles now, in room two seventeen of the hotel Hyperion, owned by Angel. The place was beatiful, even though parts of it still needed restoration and serious repairs. Instead of paying the traditional cash or check rent, she helped in the general fighting of evil and helping the hopeless, lending her computer skills and the occasional magic.

Most of her spells even worked exactly as they were supposed to now. Her major ones, like when she'd resurected Buffy and excorcised the evil demon ghost from the new base of Gunn's friends had gone perfectly. Her blessing intended to protect the coffee maker from Cordelia... had gone less smoothly.

Yes, she was essentially living with Cordelia Chase, her one time nemisis, Wesley Wyndham-Price formerly the stuffiest stiffest shape of a person she'd ever seen, Fred who had a gift for physics and invention that left Willow in awe, and Angel the souled vampire. None of this was anything like how she'd pictured her life being at twenty. Well, except for the not living in Sunnydale anymore part.

Now, she was waiting for Cordelia to come back from an audition for a part on a television series. Maybe then she could actually get Cordy to tell her what she'd actually been auditioning for anyhow. Realistically, she knew that if her friend got a part, she'd find herself watchig the show, just so that she could offer Cordelia the encouragement, but it would be so much better if it was something enjoyable.

Bored, she flipped on the television, putting it onto the SciFi channel since there wasn't anyone here to argue with her at the moment. There was currently a show on about aliens living in Roswell, New Mexico. Willow sighed, settling into the chair as she tried to pick up the storyline and figure out who all the characters were. Then, there was the regularly scheduled commercial break with the delightfully bizarre commercials that SciFi was well known for.

Then came a commercial that made her sit up and grin with delight. Galaxy Quest, shown Thursday nights at ten pacific. She felt like leaping with joy. She'd caught a few episodes of that, and had enjoyed them imensely. But every time she found it, it was shortly before it would be rescheduled. She'd only caught a handful of the new episodes, and about two dozen of the original series... It was such a nice thing that it had the same core characters this time around, played by the same actors.

She'd always liked the show. Her favorite character had always been Dr. Lazarus, the guy who saved people by being smarter, rather than blasting them. She's wanted to like Tawny Madison, seeing as she'd been the only consistant female character, but she'd just seemed so... well, what did she do besides look pretty and be someone for Taggert to flirt with between planets? She seemed to have a lot more to do in the newer series. Willow smiled as she settled back to watch.

It ended with the dramatic distress call of a small trading vessel, making Willow realize that this had to be a rerun, she remembered seeing the episode where Taggert saved the Space-Merchant - plus the mandatory pretty yet exotic daughter, from a landslide while his engineering staff had made some repairs to their ship. Taggert seemed almost like a man-slut, going from woman to woman to female... And they always fell for it.

She heard the door shut, and the tapping of Cordelia's heels on the floor as she walked across the marble inlaid floors. Smiling, Willow made her way over to meet her friend, certain from Cordelia's smile that something had gone well.

"Hey... everything go well?"

Cordelia gave a happy squeal and hugged Willow with more force than her elegant appearance would imply she even possessed. "I got the part! I got the part!"

"Wonderful! Now, who are you going to be and on what? You didn't actually tell me before you left." Willow smiled, enjoying Cordelia's happiness.

Cordelia paused, looking at Willow. "I didn't? But I thought... no, that must have been Wesley. I get to be a princess... well, an alien princess in some science fiction show... but still, a princess. I think it's called Galaxy hunt or search..." She pulled out a crumpled paper, and unfolded it. "Right, Galaxy Quest."

Willow's jaw dropped. "Galaxy Quest? With Gwen DeMarco and Alex Dane and Jason Nesmith? Galaxy Quest with the ship Protector? You're going to be on Galaxy Quest? That's great!"

"Which one's the cute but arrogant captain Taggert? I have an onscreen kiss with him..." Cordelia looked amused by Willow's reaction.

"That's Jason Nesmith. His character is like that, always flirting with the ladies. Maybe I can go over there with you for the shooting..." Willow had the feeling that she was getting a far away look in her eyes.

"I guess I'm the girl of the episode then. Hey, it's not too bad, and maybe there's a chance of it becoming recurring... I can hope." Cordelia sounded almost philosophical.

end part 1.
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