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The Trojan Man

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Summary: Buffy get's transported to Troy right when the Trojan war is about to start, sparks start to fly between Paris and Buffy leaving Helen jealous and upset. Read the story to find out what happens.

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The City of Troy

OK so this is the 2nd chapter, I don't know if it's good or not but I'm crossing my fingers, Ok so not really b/c Im typing right now and that would probably mess me up but ya know what I mean.

In this chap. Buffy meets Cassandra, and Paris.

I do't own it I swear.

Chapter Two

Buffy watched as crowds of people ran past wanting to greet their returning princes,
she was trying to find a place where she could stay and go unnoticed, but had no such luck.

When Helen and Paris came into the city they rode on a chariot, the crowd groveling in their

Buffy watched them staying low so that she wouldn't be scene by the guards,
then a women with brown hair spoke to her.

"I know why you are here," the women said to Buffy. "I had a vision of you."

"What, are you talking to me?" Buffy said to the women with a puzzled look on her

"You are a warrior, strong and skilled at fighting. I've seen you,
in my dreams. I am Cassandra, my father is the king of Troy,
I can help you."

The women then signaled Buffy to follow her into the palace, and they walked
to a room that was empty in the women's corders.

"Please excuse me for my rudeness, but Troy needs your help, or I fear that we
are all doomed." Cassandra said walking over towards a chair then sitting down
to tell her about the visions that she and her twin brother Helenus both had
about Troy's fate if Helen stayed.

"There will be millions of men dead and all from my brothers stupid mistake.
The Gods had warned our father before Paris was born that he would bring ruin
to Troy, I wish they had strangled him as an infant."

"Wait, are you talking about the Helen that's supposed to be the most beautiful women on earth,
the one who was the reason the Trojan War started?" Buffy said with curiosity, and a little anger at the fact that she
was sent here when a war was supposed to start.

"Do you have the gift of visions to?" Cassandra asked standing up to face the slayer.

"No, I just, um, well, I'm from the future, and I got sent here by a big scary demon thing, uh, it's a long story."

"Your words confuse me, I do not know the meaning of them."

"Sorry about that, it's the whole time difference new vocabulary thing."

Cassandra stared at her a while longer not knowing what to do next.

"You can stay here until the time comes when you are to leave." Cassandra said to the slayer walking towards the door.
"You are of course invited to dinner tonight, if you come with me we can find you a much more suitable outfit.
Then we can talk about why you are here.'

Buffy shook her head and followed her new acquaintance into what she assumed was her bedroom and handed her
a White dress that had rope-like straps, and sandals to go with it.
Buffy looked at it for a second then back at Cassandra with a puzzled look on her face.

"What?" Cassandra asked inspecting the dress for faults.

"I can't wear a dress." Buffy said assuming she would have known that.

"Why not, is it the color?"

"No, I just can't fight if I'm wearing a dress, plus hello girlie!"

"You wont be fighting anyone tonight, there's no need, atleast not until the Greeks are here, which shouldn't be for months."
Cassandra laughed a little then walked out closing the door behind her, leaving Buffy alone to get dressed.

After Buffy had gotten dressed in her new dress Cassandra showed her around Troy, she took her to see all of the temples and every other
building in the city. When they finally finished it was time for dinner so they hurried back to the palace and Cassandra gave Buffy yet another
dress to wear that was for special occasions, apparently meeting the king and princes was special.
This dress was a velvet dark green one, then she put Buffy's hair up, she had forgotten how beautiful she could look, I guess that's what
happens when you spend five years saving the world from smelly, slimy, and all around gross demons.


Paris and Helen had been walking through the city when he saw a blonde women walking with his sister Cassandra,
he had never seen her before and was attracted to her instantly but he hadn't done anything because he loved Helen
and they were ingaged so he tried to forget about the girl.

At dinner when he and Helen had walked in hand in hand the strange women was there with his sister being introduced to his father and Hector.
He was staring at her when Helen noticed and looked in her direction.

"Paris, do you think your father likes me?" Helen asked trying to get him to look at her, again when he turned and looked
back at her he smiled and squeezed her hand.

"Of course he does. Who wouldn't?" He said then he kissed her on the cheek.

Then Cassandra started to walk towards them bringing the women with her.

"Paris this is Buffy, she's visiting from a city called Sunnydale."

The girl, who's name was Buffy smiled at him and bowed down to him politely, then put her hand out towards him.
"It's nice to meet you Miss Buffy," then he took her hand and kissed it gently.


Buffy blushed as the prince kissed her hand then smiled at her.
He was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen and he was the man who stole Helen from her husband
so she knew he was off limits.

"It's nice to meet you to Paris," then she turned to Helen and said "the stories about you really didn't exaggerate, you're very pretty."

Helen smiled at Buffy and said "Thank you. It's funny, I've never heard of a place called Sunnydale, is it near here?"

Buffy panicked a bit then came up with a little lie "It's a really small city south of here, not a lot of people have heard of it."

Helen smiled again then Buffy looked back at the prince who was also smiling still, she couldn't help but smile back
then she saw Helen and could tell she was jealous.

"Paris I think we should sit down now, I haven't eaten much today." He shook his head then looked back at Buffy.

"Again it was nice to meet you." Said Paris then Helen turned around and started walking away thinking her fiance was following but
he kissed Buffy's hand once more and flashed a quick smile before turning around also to sit with Helen.

Buffy blushed once more then looked at Cassandra who smiled and then showed Buffy to her seat and then they ate dinner.

[end chapter]

All right that's it I hope it was good and if not tell me.
If by chance you did like it Review and tell me.
}good reviews+bad reviews= better chapters sooner{
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