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The Trojan Man

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Summary: Buffy get's transported to Troy right when the Trojan war is about to start, sparks start to fly between Paris and Buffy leaving Helen jealous and upset. Read the story to find out what happens.

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Hello, sry I havent written in a while but hurricanes keep hitting where I live and making the power turn off,
stupid Florida.
Anyways this is chapter 3 it's called tears, you'll know why once you read it.
Also parts with Helen and the iron curler thing are from the book Inside the Walls of Troy.
And of course I own nothing. :-(

Chapter Three


Her beauty they say was the reason a thousand ships were launched, thousands upon thousands of men died,
and the worlds greatest city fell to dust. They say that the great God Zeus was her father, that the gods had never
sculpted a more perfect face then hers. There were books, movies, and plays that spoke of her beauty still,
and she was only a few feet from Buffy in the women's courtyard sitting under an olive tree curling Cassandra's younger sister Polyxena's hair.Buffy was quite surprised that they had curling irons in 1193 BC of course it was
different from the ones they had in her time, as in not electric as much as a wood handled rod that was warmed on a brazier.

Buffy always seemed to catch herself staring at Helen, she was always kind and believed in the best in people,
Buffy wished secretly that she could be more like that, but I guess the whole accusing people of being bad came
with the slayer package. She kept watching as Helen continued to twist strands of Polyxena's hair into ringlets
and Cassandra's other sister Laodice watched also, with big round eyes.

"Careful," Helen said to Polyxena. "You must stand very still so that I don't burn your pretty face."

Polyxena obeyed, squeezing her eyes closed. Helen glanced up and looked right at Buffy then quickly
lowered her eyes. Buffy was confused by this then turned around to see Cassandra behind her,
then realized Helen wasn't looking at her, but at Cassandra.
She figured it was because she was unsure of what to expect, because the first day Helen had been
there Cassandra had made a scene screaming about her vision and telling Paris to send her back,
and of course no one believed it.

Cassandra walked back inside obviously feeling bad about the way she had acted towards Helen,
Buffy noticed and wanted to follow her but just as she was about to turn and walk away Helen
called her name.

"Buffy," she said finishing Polyxena's hair then telling the two younger girls to leave so that she could talk to Buffy.

Buffy walked out into the sunlight and squinted her eyes for a second at the surprising brightness of it.

"I've been meaning to talk with you but I really haven't had much of a chance." Helen said urging Buffy to sit
down next to her. "You and Cassandra know each other pretty well, I mean you have spent most of your time
with her, right?" Buffy nodded not really knowing what to say to such a beautiful creature.

"Well, do you know why she hates me?" Helen asked sounding a little upset.

"She doesn't hate you, she just has the vision things and thinks something bad is going to happen." Buffy said
putting her hand on the women's shoulder.

"She thinks that I will be the cause of a war, because I came to Troy with Paris, that men will die, and it will
be all my fault." She said almost in tears.

"Hey, ya know maybe it wont happen, I mean your just one girl right." Buffy said lying but hoping that maybe she
could change the past by saying it.

Helen looked up at the slayer then tried to smile, failing miserably she laid her head in the slayers lap and started crying
her eyes out for almost an hour. Buffy couldn't help but shed a few tears for the girl, after all it wasn't her fault she fell in love,
and Buffy knew all to well how unpredictable love could be, I mean she fell in love with a vampire for gods sake.


Paris was standing at his balcony when he noticed the two women crying into each others arms, he stared at them
for a moment then since they were both blonde he realized who it was, Helen and Buffy.

He watched and saw as Buffy, the shorter of the two, lifted Helen off of her and said something to her, of course
he was way to far away to hear, Helen then shook her head and wiped her tears, then standing up and pulling
the wrinkles out of her dress, giving a quick smile to Buffy before she walked away.

Buffy just continued to sit there watching as Helen walked away, when she was out of sight Buffy fell apart
crying hard and hiding her face in her hands as she did so.
Paris frowned not knowing why everyone was so sad, so he walked down the stairs and into the courtyard
and towards where Buffy was sitting, picking a flower on his way to the bench.

"Miss Buffy, may I ask what is wrong, I don't normally like seeing my guests in such a depressing mood." Paris
said sitting down next to the slayer as she lifted her head in shock that he had been watching her he put the
flower behind her ear.

"Sorry, I didn't know anyone was around, I'll leave," she stood up and started walking away, but he grabbed her hand
before she had moved two feet.

"No!" He screamed not realizing how loud he had said it, he just didn't want her to leave.

Buffy turned around and looked at the prince and saw that he was staring at her in the same way Angel used to
back when she was still in high school, he lifted his free hand up to her cheek and wiped her tears away, and she just
stared at him trying not to cry in front of this man she hadn't known long enough to be comfortable to cry in front of.

"What is wrong?" He asked her making Buffy uncomfortable at how close he was to her. "Why do you cry?"

Buffy pulled away, realizing they were still holding hands and took a few steps back.
"I'm just a little home sick I guess, I miss my friends and my family." Remembering
everyone only made her start to cry once again, then Paris pulled her towards him and held her
as she cryed and told him about how Riley had left and that her mother had been sick,
and that she had left everyone when she knew they would need her the most, with Glory
there and not knowing how to fight her, they were helpless.

He comforted her with stories about the gods, and great warriors, then he started to
talk about Helen.

"Helen is the sweetest thing of all, she is truly the most perfect women, I would be willing
to be put to death for just one day with her." Buffy had forgotten about Helen, she pulled
away from Paris quickly not wanting to fall in love with a man who was already taken,
especially since Helen had given Buffy so much trust, spilling all of her worries into the slayers lap.
Besides she wasn't about to start acting like Faith whenever a cute guy came around.
So Buffy thanked him for listening then walked up to her room and fell into a not so peaceful slumber.

[end chapter]

Ok so thats chap. 3 , please review. The next chapter will be up when ever the hell I finish it, god, get off my back
j/k lol.
lurv ya bye.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Trojan Man" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Sep 04.

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