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The Trojan Man

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Summary: Buffy get's transported to Troy right when the Trojan war is about to start, sparks start to fly between Paris and Buffy leaving Helen jealous and upset. Read the story to find out what happens.

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The Trojan Man

All right first of all I do not own Buffy the vampire slayer or the story of Troy.

Im basing the parts that are about Troy from the movie and a book called Inside the Walls of Troy.

This is the first chapter, it is nameless.

The name The Trojan Man refers to Paris.

Please review and tell me what you think,

I will try to have the next chapter up as soon as

I can, I've decided to write slow so that the story will

be of better quality, hopefully. Takes place in the fifth
season of Buffy before Buffy's mother dies, but after Riley leaves.

The Trojan Man

Chapter One

~Somewhere between Sparta and the great city of Troy~

Paris, son of Priam, was committing one of the biggest sins, he had stolen another mans wife, which was punishable by death.

As he sat thinking of what was to come, the wind blowing in his hair, he heard footsteps behind him, he spun around to find that it was

Helen, the women he had taken from Menelaus.

She was said to be the most beautiful women in the world, and he had yet to meet someone that would disagree with that.

As the stories went Zeus, a very powerful God, had made love to Helen's mother in the form of a Swan, he wasn't sure how

that could be possible but most people believed it.

Paris knew he loved Helen even before he saw her, and he also knew that she would love him back, the way he knew that was

years before when he was a shepherd still, three goddesses had him judge a contest to see who was the most beautiful, all

of them promising him something, however Aphrodite's promise appealed to him the most, she had said that if he chose her

he would have the love of the most beautiful women in the world. Hearing stories of Helen made him persuade his father to

let him go to Sparta, lying and saying that it was to settle differences and what not. Not that long after Helen had fallen in love

with Paris just as Aphrodite had said she would, they had left on a ship while Menelaus had gone to a far away city for a funeral

of a close friend leaving Helen alone and ready for the taking.

They were on Paris's ship that was painted the color of pomegranates, on their way to Troy, both uncertain of what was to

come in the next few months.

When he looked into Helen's eyes he saw fear, he watched the wind blow her soft golden curls hiding some of her sadness.

She hadn't loved Menelaus but they had been together for near ten years, and they had a daughter named Hermione,

and he knew she had wanted to take her with them but Hessia, Helen's servant, wouldn't let her, she had threatened to wake

the guards if she tryed. Helen didn't say a word to Paris nor did he say anything to her, for the first couple of days sailing.

When she had gotten more used to the fact that she might never see her daughter again they made love and she played

the flute for Paris, and he in turn told her great stories of Troy and it's bronze statues and high walls that no army had ever

been able to breach. They sailed straight to Troy the moonlight guiding them across the sea, none of Troy's people knew

what Paris had done, and he expected many people to object to it, and try to make him take her back, but he would not

listen to anyone.

Somehow he had a feeling that when they arrived his sister Cassandra would have some story about her having a vision

that would give good reason to return Helen to Menelaus, but he wouldn't listen to such nonsense, besides they had a God

on their side.

~Sunnydale, California~

"Buffy you can't fight this demon, one wrong move and you could be sent to the Jurassic period!" screamed an aggravated Giles

to the slayer he was in charge of.

"Giles, we both know you can't stop me, and it's my job to protect people this is just one of the small things that's on my

long, long list of things to do." Buffy replied filling a bag with a various assortment of weapons.

"Buffy you can't, what if," Buffy cut him off before he could finish.

"Giles, im going okay, get used to it, besides if something does happen Willow will find a way to get me back,"

saying this Buffy looked at the nervous red head, who didn't say anything to object, so the slayer finished filling up her

bag and walked out of the Magic Box, that being the last time they would see her in months.

Buffy was walking the dark streets of Sunnydale searching for a demon called Plastooli or what most called him jumper.

The reason they called him that was because of his amazing ability to jump threw time at will, or the less fun thing, being

able to send other objects, or people to another time period of his choosing.

Ten minutes into her search she heard the scream of a women, instantly she was running towards an alley behind The Bronze.

Upon her arrival she saw the demon she was looking for attacking a women a little older than Buffy, the way he normally

killed his victims was by eating their soul, luring them by singing a song, no matter how ugly he was, he still had

a hell of a singing voice. When his victims came to him he would then show them his face, causing them to scream, thus

enabling him to suck their soul out threw their mouths.

When the slayers presence became known he dropped the women he had been feeding off of and charged towards Buffy.

Two minutes later, still well into the fight, neither one winning yet, he pulled out a shiny glass object that put Buffy into a

sort of trance like state, then a beam of light shot out from the center of it hitting Buffy square in the forehead sending

a streak of pain throughout her entire body, luckily she remembered not to scream, but she fainted before anything else happened.

When Buffy awoke she was lying in the sand of a dessert, when she looked up she saw two tall men with shields and spears

looking down at her.

"Who are you?" one of them screamed pointing the spear dangerously close to her.

She just continued to look at her surroundings trying to remember what had happened.

"I said who are you. Answer me!" The tall man screamed again, threatening her with the spear for the second time.

"My name is Buffy." she answered after a few seconds, "but before you impale me on your very, very, sharp

spear, can you tell me where I am?"

"You are outside the walls of the city of Troy, ruled by King Priam." Answered spear man two.

Buffy stood up slowly, hands in the air showing she meant no harm, apparently succeeding seeing how they didn't stab her with

their spears.

"What land are you from, Miss Buffy?" asked spear man two acknowledging the fact that she did not want to hurt them.

She tried to think of a place that was neutral, as to not make them see her as a threat, but she had no clue what to say so she

told the truth.


"Where is this Sunnydale you speak of?" he asked looking at her strangely.

"It's a little village on an island south of Greece, I think," she said hoping he would stop asking her questions.

"What business do you have in the city of Troy?" asked the first guy.

"I, ummm," was all she managed to say before another guard that was standing on a gigantic wall behind her that she hadn't seen before

yelled "Paris and Hector have returned, the ships are pulling onto shore!"

The two guards that had been harassing her with questions earlier had managed to forget about her, running towards the sea.

Buffy quickly ran in the opposite direction, towards the city walls thinking that they would not be able to find her if she was inside of Troy.

Ok that's the first chapter, I hope you liked it

if you didn't than I guess I suck.

Please review.
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