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The Prophecy

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Summary: An ancient prophecy comes into play. BtVS/Ats/Charmed X-over

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Charmed > GeneralAstralAngelFR1322,965032,22521 Feb 0319 Jun 03No

Part 2

The Prophecy

Disclaimer – The characters from Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series belong to Constance M. Burge/Brad Kern, Joss Whedon, and whoever owns Angel. However any characters you don’t recognize belong to me. I am merely borrowing the characters and hoping they’ll stay for a long, long, time….lol.

Part 2

Faith looked out at the city. This was her home, her hell. She shared with thousands of others, but she was completely alone. She supposed she should go find Angel. He had been in the dream, with Cordelia and Wesley, as had been the whole gang from Sunnydale, as well as three other women, and two other guys that she didn’t know. Her latest fling had left early this morning, not wanting to deal with Faith and the mood she had been in ever since the dream.

“Well, Angel…looks like you’re gonna be seeing your old buddy sooner than you thought…” She said out loud, and then jumped off the roof of the two-level building.


“Cordy…what else was in your vision?” Wesley’s voice penetrated the thick fog that her mind had been enveloped in ever since the vision.
“Us…the rest of the Scooby’s…Faith…and some other’s - witches, I think.” Cordelia muttered when she finally processed the request.
“What about the location? Where were we? L.A, Sunnydale, where?” Angel continued the questioning.
“I don’t know. But when I saw us and Faith, I also had flashes of L.A. The same was for Buffy and the others - I saw the Bronze, that coffee place, the Summer’s house. And since we actually live in the places I saw, I’m guessing that the other’s are from San Francisco.” Cordelia was tired, and she was getting pissed at both of her friends.

“How?” Wesley spoke this time.
“I saw the Golden Gate Bridge, the park, a club called P3 and an office for a magazine called 415.” Angel was about to speak when he was cut off by a familiar voice.
“So you saw it too, huh?” Faith walked in, curiosity on her face.

“What - the whole end of the world thingie?” Cordelia asked, brightening. 'Finally - another female to talk to - I mean, jeez! I like both of them, but sometimes Angel and Wesley both need to get a life. Not that having Faith here is anything to be happy about, but still…’
“Yep. So what do you guys say - a trip to the hellmouth?” Faith looked around at them, and then smiled when they all apprehensively nodded. All four of them had their own reasons for not wanting to return, but it looked like that the city of angels wanted them out - so they would go out. An hour later, they were all settled in a van with tinted windows, heading out of L.A, and straight to hell. Or at least the mouth of it.

Prue sat on the small couch that was in their attic and glared at both her mom and grandmother.
“So how exactly are we supposed to go up to her and tell her that we’re her sisters?” Piper asked confused. She still couldn’t believe that she had another sister out there. Prue looked at her, and then narrowed her eyes when she caught the swift, but meaningful, glance that her grandmother gave her mom.

“What else aren’t you telling us?” Prue’s voice was cold and resigned. At the moment, nothing else could surprise her. The world’s hottest guy could probably jump out at her butt naked, and she didn’t think she would blink.
“Uh…she already knows that she’s a witch. And that you girls are her sisters. She’s known for the last couple of years, but she was forbidden from having any contact with you.” Ok, maybe she was wrong. She could be surprised. Prue turned incredulous eyes towards the two spirits and then just got up and walked out, unheeding of the calls that followed her exit.

“She knew…she knew all of that time, and you wouldn’t let us know?” Piper was furious. She ran after her sister, leaving Cole and Leo with the two dead women.
“PRUE!!! Wait.” Piper called after her sister, and then slamming the door to the manor shut, hopped into the passenger seat of Prue’s car.
“Let’s go see our sister.” They were the only words to come out Prue’s mouth during the whole trip to South Bay Social Services. She pulled the car into an empty parking space and then hopped out. Both Halliwell’s strode in, ignoring the protests that they weren’t allowed to go inside. Though they had no idea what Paige looked like, they thought that they would recognize her if they saw her. And they did - she was sitting at her desk, looking at them like she had seen ghosts. Prue walked up to her and then said softly;
“Hey sis.”


They all stared at each other, trying to figure out what to do next.
“G-man…what’s up with the dreams that they all had?” Xander broke the silence, his arm placed comfortingly around Anya.
“I don’t know. You say that Angel and Faith, as well as Cordelia and Wesley were there?” The normally calm Watcher was extremely nervous.
“Yep.” That was the only reply he got, and it came from Willow.
“Looks like the Scooby’s are getting together again. It’ll be one big happy reunion!” Xander’s lame attempt at a joke earned him a glare from Buffy, who was not happy about seeing Angel again. “Well, maybe not a happy reunion,” he amended.

“There were other’s there as well. Three women and two men. I think the women were witches.” Willow spoke again.
“The dark-haired guy was a demon. Belthazor. I used to know him when I was a vengeance demon.”
“You’re kidding me.” This was Spike, and his voice was laced with disbelief.
“You know him?” Giles was interested in this, though he normally loathed the vampire.
“I guess the rumors are true then. Cole did get himself hooked up with a witch.” Spike said mainly to himself, ignoring Giles.
“Cole?” Dawn asked. “I thought his name was Belthazor?”
“He’s a half demon.”
“Well…I know who the three witches must be, then. And the other guy must have been their whitelighter.”
“Who are they? And what’s a whitelighter?” Buffy spoke for the first time, and she shot daggers at Spike.
“A whitelighter’s sort of like a guardian angel to witches. And as for the witches themselves; well let’s just say that however powerful Red and Tara have become, these witches are about ten times that.” Spike reverted to the use of his nickname for Willow, and all of them stared at him in surprise.

“Well…who are they?” Giles asked exasperatedly.
“They’re descended of the Warren line…” Spike was about to say more when Anya gasped.
“You’re kidding me. But…they’re just a legend…a myth!”
“What???? Who???” Xander, as usual, was confused.
“The Charmed One’s. The three most powerful witches the side of good has ever known.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Prophecy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jun 03.

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