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The Prophecy

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Summary: An ancient prophecy comes into play. BtVS/Ats/Charmed X-over

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The Prophecy

The Prophecy

Disclaimer – The characters from Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series belong to Constance M. Burge/Brad Kern, Joss Whedon, and whoever owns Angel. However any characters you don’t recognize belong to me. I am merely borrowing the characters and hoping they’ll stay for a long, long, time….lol.

Part 1

"It has begun"

"What can we do?"

"Too late...we cannot do anything..."

"The laws of destiny bind us...we waited too long..."

"It will be our downfall..."

"No...we cannot accept that...what about them?"

"They are not bound by law...they are free to fight this battle..."

"But will they want to...?"

"Are you saying that they would refuse to fight?"

"I'm saying that maybe we've gone too far...we've taken too much from them..."

"He speaks the truth...but they will have to fight..."

"There is no other choice?"

"Then it is decided...the messages will be sent...they will meet....they will fight..."

"It will not be enough..."

"Of course it will be will have to be enough..."

"They are too fragile...losses...gains....too much...too soon..."

"But we cannot offer them anything else...the law, remember?"

"There are about a hundred loopholes to every law...haven't they proved that by now?"

"True...but what can we do? What else can we give?"

"New allies..."

"New allies? Surely you don't mean..."

"Yes...I do..."

"Will he accept?"

"He will have them, he has no choice..."

"Will it be enough?"

"Truthfully? Most likely not...they are all too hurt, too pained..."

"So it is a suicide mission?"

"No...not a suicide mission...but maybe some won't make it back alive..."

"They will fight between know that don't you?"

"What else can we expect? What else could we expect? They are the strongest..."

"Personal matters will interfere..."

"We can't stop it..."

"So be it...but it is too late now anyway..."

"The messages have been sent...all we can do is wait until they meet..."

"This is the last time we will be able to is too dangerous..."

"Then till we meet again...farewell..."

"We're pitiful, you know that?"

"How dare you?"

"Here we are...the powers that be...the elders...the ones who make the rules..."

"Your point?"

"We are sending a group of humans to fight our battles..."

"Some are not human..."

"They are more human than we are...that is what is so pitiful..."

*******San Francisco, California*******

"Bring back the power of three..." I spoke out soul crying out to the heavens...I needed my sister back more than anything. My head whipped up as I heard something...and I prayed to anyone who was listening that it was my lost sister.
"What are you doing up here?" My sister's voice was gentle, and though I know that my younger sister didn't mean it, it just twisted the knife in my heart deeper.

"I don't understand it...magick has saved us was magick that got us into this mess...why can't it get us out? Why can't it bring her back?" My voice was shaky, heavy with unshed tears. 'Oh don't's not just Phoebe dying...everything’s fallen apart...and now matter how hard I try, I can't put it back together...'

"Prue...I don't know...I don't know why Phoebe had to sell her soul to save us...I don't know why I have this feeling that it isn't finished yet...that there's something...someone...else out there...and most of all I don't know how we're going to survive this...but one thing I am sure thing I'm sure of is that no matter what happens Prue, you will make it're too strong not to..."

Piper finished speaking and then went to sit next to me. ' sweet have so much faith in me...if I was so strong, then why couldn't I save Phoebe...why couldn't I save my baby girl?'re wrong Piper...if anyone's going to make it's don't know the first thing about me...well you do...but not what matters shouldn't trust me so many secrets...this family will be ripped apart...what's left of it...I'm not your strong older sister...I never was all an act...I's all messed won't make it through...not like this...'

"Prue? Piper? Are you guys up there?" It was my brother-in-law's voice, and his body soon followed, appearing in a glow of blue lights. Leo was followed by Cole. 'Welcome one and all, to the freakshow that is the Halliwell household...two witches, a guardian angel/whitelighter and a half used to be three witches...then the stupid SOB's that call themselves Elders took Phoebe away...she could have come back...there were ways...resurrection spells...time spells...but they wouldn't let us...took every stupid time spell that was in the book and got rid of them...they're back now...but only because the window is closed...her spirit sue me if I'm just a tiny bit pissed off...and why is Cole here? Oh that's right...Phoebe dying was exactly what he needed - it showed him that he had a heart capable of loss...arrogant asshole...I wish that we'd never heard of Belthazor/'s his fault that Phoebe's dead...he is soooo lucky that Piper and Leo are here right now...but next time we're alone....he'll wish that he had never messed with me...well, at least that's what I would have said a couple of months ago...things are different now...I still think he's an arrogant asshole...but I probably wouldn't kill him...'

"Prue....PRUE!" Piper's voice finally broke into my thoughts...they were all looking at me strangely.
"What?" I winced when I heard the tone of my was too defensive...I hate the way they looked at me just then, so full of pity...well I'm not the only one who lost someone.
"Leo just said that Phe...her powers will be split up between us."

'Oh can't even say her's Phoebe...say it Piper...Phoebe...I don't believe those bloody bastards...we buried our younger sister less than a week ago, and they think we want to know about their stupid powers?'
"Why?" My voice was brought out a wistful half smile on Piper's face...her Prue was back...but I wasn't...not really…but it was better that she believe that…for now.

"That part of it will have to wait till your mom gets here...but Prue, since you tuned me out before, I'll say it again; Piper gets the levitation which means you get the premonitions." Leo was still the same. As if he would change.
"Mom? What does she have to do with it?" Piper looked confused; it replaced the little half smile that curved her lips.

"I suppose I should have told you this know I should have told you before..." The voice that spoke was familiar to me - it haunted my nightmares, my dreams.
"Mom?" Piper had a look of a lost little girl on her face, and my heart went out to her.
"Darlings...I'm sorry. Especially you, Prue."

'Me? Why was Mom saying sorry to me?'
"Me? Mom, what happened? What's wrong? Why are you saying sorry to me?" I was just as confused as Piper seemed to be.
"For taking away your memories of your baby sister."
"Well, that was a huge buildup to nothing...Mom, I remember Phoebe when she was a kid. Why wouldn't I?"
"I'm not talking about Phoebe. You would have been 7. I was pregnant again - but it was Sam's baby."

'Wha...wait...if mom had a baby when I was seven, then the baby would be younger than Phoebe...she was born when I was five...'
"Mom? What are you trying to say?" Piper's voice was shaky.
"First, let me restore Prue's memories of her." My mother then said a couple of words under her breath, and all of a sudden I got dizzy.
'Whoa...oh god...I have a baby sister...Paige...fuzzy brown hair...deep brown eyes...I have another sister...'
"Paige? Mom...where is my sister?" My voice was harsh as my head felt.

"Sister? Paige? Prue? Who are you talking about?" Piper was loud and panicky.
"Paige is our baby sister, Piper. Mom gave her up a couple of weeks after she was born."
"She works for South Bay Social Services - under the name of Paige Matthews. You have to find her - she will complete the broken link of the power of three." Mom looked startled when I exploded.

"I can't believe you. You take our sister away from us when we barely remembered her, destroyed my memories of her, and then expect us to find her just so she can complete the stupid power of three! Mom...tell those jerks up there that I don't give a damn about the Power of three anymore...I just want my sister back...both of them back..." 'Those jerks...those stupid baby younger sister...oh god...I have to find her...'

I started to walk out of the attic when my hand brushed the Book of family's curse. Blood...there was so much screaming...the three of them....others...fighting...losing....
"Prue? What is it?" Cole spoke for the first time.
"I had a premonition." I needed to sit down...that had to be wrong.
"Of what?" Leo asked curiously.
"What else? The end of the world."

*******Los Angeles, California*******

Cordelia looked around at the two men sitting in the room with her. Angel & Wesley. Amazing. The two guys she had had romantic fantasies about in high school, and they were like her older brothers. She was about to say something when pain gripped her forehead.
Blood...there was so much screaming...the three of them....others...fighting...losing....
"Cordelia? What's wrong?" Angel had gotten up when he realised that she was having a vision.
"Cordy? What'd you see?" Wesley's voice held concern, which she would have thought was sweet.
"The usual...blood...death...and..."
"And what?" Angel asked quietly.
"The end of the world."

*******Sunnydale, California*******

Willow Rosenberg looked around in large spacious living room of the Summers household and smiled. Her best girl friends and Dawn had decided to hold an impromptu sleepover. They had already had 5 pillowfights and watched sappy movies until they were all crying. Spike, Xander and Giles had agreed to pull patrol and let Buffy have the night off.

"G'night guys." The sentiment was repeated through all 5 girls - Buffy, Dawn, Anya, Tara and Willow.
Less than an hour later, all five girls woke up screaming.
"It's happening again..." Willow's voice was quiet.
"What is?" Dawn asked, her voice entering a high pitch.
The three elder girls who had lived on the hellmouth longer than the other - the slayer, the witch and the ex-demon, all looked at each other and said simultaneously;
"The end of the world."

*******Los Angeles, California*******

Faith looked out of the window in the old apartment she was sleeping in. Her on again, off again boyfriend looked at her and asked;
"Did you have a bad dream?" Normally Faith wouldn't have even bothered looking at him, but tonight she answered.
"What of?"
"The end of the world."
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