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Finding Faith

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Summary: A crossover between US Marshals/The Fugitive and BtVS/Angel. Deputy US Marshal Sam Gerard goes after a very different kind of fugitive...

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Movies > Fugitive, TheMsBrooklynFR1356,3081246,49517 Sep 042 Oct 04No


Chapter 5

Wesley ushered the Marshal into the conference door and flashed him the most apologetic smile he could muster. “Would you excuse Mr. Gunn and I for a moment? We need to discuss a client matter and we’ll be right with you.”

Gerard nodded and Wesley was sure he didn’t buy the flimsy excuse for even a millisecond.

“Fabulous. Really.” He shut the door and leaned against it before turning to Gunn. “This is bad.”

“You want my legal opinion on that, English?”

“Cyvus Vail,” Wesley hissed softly. “Apparently, ours weren’t the only memories that returned.”

“Either that or somebody got wind of the big party going down tomorrow.” Gunn whispered this softly, looking over his shoulder. “We really can’t afford to deal with this now.”

“We should try. Faith deserves that much.” The memories were there, but they didn’t feel completely real. He remembered the breakout, Faith’s valiant ruse to bring in Angelus and then her seemingly impending death, only to see her rise and save Angel yet again. “We should call Andrew, assuming he’ll take the call.”

Gunn seemed to be sifting through his returned memories, too. With a curt nod, he concluded, “Yeah, we owe her that much. Ready?”


“What do you want to know?”

The smile was forced and Gerard was sure that whatever Price told him wasn’t going to be the truth. If even a smidgen of truth were to come out, the lawyer, Gunn, would be all over it. Price looked resigned, grim and above all, weary. There was something else, too, that Gerard couldn’t put his finger on. He opened his copy of the escape report and went to the most interesting fact. “You went out a window, Mr. Price. Four stories.”

“Yes. My fall was broken by a Ford Taurus.”

“No injuries?” And this, Gerard thought, was most impressive. Anyone else would have at least one broken bone. All hospitals were alerted, but Price never checked in.

“No.” Price smiled wanly. “I was….five by five.”

Say what? Five by five what? He decided to ask Cooper to find out what that meant. “Not a scratch?”

“None worth complaining about.”

“And the girl, Faith…” Gerard glanced down at the report, though he could recite it from memory. “She just took off? You never saw her again?”

“That was Mr. Price’s statement to the police, Deputy Gerard,” Gunn cut in smoothly. “Are you accusing him of perjury?”

Gerard flashed a quick smile. “Of course not. But it has been a year since that statement and I was curious.”

“No, I haven’t seen her since last year,” Price said, shooting a look at Gunn.

There was more to this, Gerard was sure, but it was time to change tack and get some background on Sunnydale. As he opened his mouth, the glass wall imploded and a body landed in the conference room.

The strange blue-haired woman, Illyria strode through the broken glass and grabbed the prone figure from the floor.

“Hey! Enough!”

Gerard couldn’t believe the guy could speak, let alone break Illyria’s grip, but the pale bleach-blonde did both and he turned to look at Gerard.

“Who’s the ponce?”

“Spike.” Price’s voice was full of warning. “Not now.”

Spike shrugged and jerked a thumb at Illyria. “Hey, don’t blame me for breaking up your bore-a-thon. Smurfette here didn’t feel like waiting for you anymore.”

“I’m afraid we’ll have to reschedule this, Deputy Gerard,” Gunn told him. “As you can see, we have our hands full.”

Gerard got to his feet. “That’s fine. I’ll have someone from my office set it up. And maybe we can also get Mr. Angel to sit in, since I have some questions for him, too.”

The two exchanged glances before Gunn nodded. “Of course, Deputy. Wolfram and Hart will make certain you have access to everyone you need.”

There was something going on here, Gerard was sure of it, and he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to find out what it was.


A few notes: This story takes place after "Chosen" and through the events of "Not Fade Away" and beyond. I really appreciate the kind feedback and constructive comments.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Finding Faith" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Oct 04.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated Stories